Korea is beautiful in every season, all year round. It’s the truth not controversial. But believe me, if you travel to South Korea in the winter, you will definitely have unforgettable experiences because the Korean winter is exceptionally beautiful. Coming to Korea in winter, you will be able to see the snow covered with white streets like in the Korean movies and countless special winter festivals waiting for you to explore. So, are you looking for some best South Korea winter festivals? Let’s check out our suggested Korea winter festival 2023 with top 3 winter festival in Korea you definitely must attend once in your lifetime below.

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Korea in winter

korea winter travel (1)

korea winter travel (1)
Ice fishing | winter festival in korea
Skiing in winter Korea


Winter festival in Korea: Viva Ski Festival 2019

This festival is held at the high-class ski resort of Vivaldi Park, which is the filming location of the famous Winter Sonata movie. The festival will host an extremely challenging competition, when participating in the competition, you will have to go through a race of 13 long ramps in Vivaldi Park to find the bravest and most professional skiers in the festival of this year. Besides, there are many interesting games such as snowmobiling, snow rafting, snow tubing, … You can freely experience the activities in the snow extremely interesting. Do not forget to take lots of photos and share with friends on social networks. Buy a 4G tourist sim card or rent a pocket wifi transmitter so you can check-in Korea at anytime, anywhere.

How to learn to ski | korea winter festival 2019
So cool!
Skateboarding competition in the snow | korea winter festival 2019

Period: Session 3: Jan. 13(Sun) ~ Jan. 15(Tue), 2019 / Session 4: Jan. 27(Sun) ~ Jan. 29(Tue), 2019 (The festival schedule is subject to change).
Venue: 262 Hanchigol-gil, Seo-myeon, Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do, South Korea
Inquiries: Vivaldi Park +82-1588-4888
Url: www.daemyungresort.com/vp

When you book a tour to join the festival through Klook, you will be provided with a full set of skiing equipment, a dedicated guide to teach, just study hard for more than 1 hour, you can already ski on your skiboarding. So cool!

Vivaldi Park | korea winter festival 2019
Vivaldi Ski Resort
Vivaldi Park Ski World at night.

Korea winter festival 2019: Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival (Hwacheon-gun)

Decorate the streets to welcome the festival | winter festival in korea

This is an ice fishing festival in Hwacheon Sancheoneo stream in Gangwon Province. This festival is one of Korea’s “seven winter wonders”, so it attracts a lot of participants from indigenous people to foreign visitors, so make sure to book in advance to ensure have a ticket. When you buy a ticket to attend the festival, you will be given a set of “tools” including items such as fishing rods, buckets of fish, bait, … Our job is to find a hole that has been drilled on the glacier surface to drop the fishing rods and wait for the trout to bite. With the trout that have just caught we can bring to the processing area of ​​the organizers to have them bake foil and enjoy immediately. In addition to fishing on the glacier, there are other games such as skiing, making snow sculptures, … also equally interesting so do not be afraid of lack of games.

Going to Korea in the winter to join the ice fishing festival | winter festival in korea
Wait for the fish to bite

go fishing-in-winter-korea1

go fishing-in-winter-korea3
The ‘trophy’
Fragrant grilled trout

Period: January 4–26, 2020
Venue: 137, Sancheoneo-gil, Hwacheon-gun, Gangwon-do

Guaranteed reservation for the festival here: Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival Tour from Seoul.

South Korea winter festivals: Taebaeksan Mountain Snow Festival

Welcome gate is made of snow | winter festival in korea

The Taebaeksan Mountain Snow Festival takes place in Gangwon Province with a series of unique events throughout the festival such as art performances, centers that display exquisite snow sculptures as well as outdoor activities like skiing or climbing to see the beautiful Taebaeksan mountain covered in white snow at the dawn.

Sculpture statue of Elsa of snow | south korea winter festivals
Float on the snow | south korea winter festivals
Taebaeksan mountain covered in white snow
White snow road | south korea winter festivals

Period: January 10-19, 2020
Venued: 162, Cheonjedan-gil, Taebaek-si, Gangwon-do

| korea winter festival 2019

There are countless special festivals and experiences you can take part in when you go to Korea in the winter. Do not be afraid of the cold winter, but skip the trip to Korea. Traveling to Korea in the winter is a very rewarding experience to try. Please share with Living Nomads your memories and experiences in Korea in winter. See you in the jubilant winter in Korea.

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