Barracuda Lake

I had 6 days in the Philippines, of which 5 days I explored Coron island. Although the weather was not very favorable, Coron was still beautiful. This trip mainly involved diving activities so I still experienced almost the entire trip. So, what to do and where to do for 5 days in Coron? Let’s check out our suggested Coron itinerary 5 days to find out the answer!

Paradise island of Coron, Philippines | coron itinerary 5 days
| coron itinerary 5 days
| coron itinerary 5 days
| coron itinerary 5 days
Coron location on the Philippines map | coron itinerary 5 days

How to get to Coron? (#coron itinerary 5 days)

Coron airport | coron itinerary 5 days

I flew 2 flights from Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) to Manila and flew with Cebu Pacific. I arrived at about 6:00 a.m., sat down to have breakfast and waited until about 10:00 a.m., then flew the next flight to Coron. I flew 2 separate flights and did not book a connecting flight.

To find out how to get to Coron and getting around it, plz read the very detailed article.

Getting around Coron | coron itinerary 5 days
| coron itinerary 5 days

Coron itinerary 5 days: How to spend 5 days in Coron island?

Day 1: Explore Coron (#5 days in coron)

San Agustin Parish Church in Coron town | coron itinerary 5 days

After taking the flight and landing in Coron, I spent the first 4 hours exploring the unique features of this place. In the afternoon, I board the boat to Sunlight Ecotourism Island Resort (Agoda, Booking), where I spent the first 2 nights of the journey. This resort in Coron is really impressive with beautiful beaches, there are many activities here such as kayaking, paddle boarding or scuba diving.

Sunlight Resort is a high-end resort for those who want to travel to Coron in luxury way | coron itinerary 5 days
| coron itinerary 5 days
| coron itinerary 5 days

Day 2: Take Tour B, Coron’s special island tour (#coron itinerary 5 days)

When traveling to Coron or other islands of the Philippines, you must definitely go on an island tour. The tour I took was Tour B. Below are the places I went on this tour. If you want to experience more, you should equip yourself with snorkeling or free-diving skills.

| coron itinerary 5 days
If you compare which place is more beautiful, Coron and El Nido are really incomparable, because each of the two places has its own beauty.
Coron island hopping tour | coron itinerary 5 days

Twin Lagoon

| coron itinerary 5 days

Here, you will mainly snorkeling and kayaking. During the tour, they will suggest that you kayak to explore the surroundings. Each boat has its own kayak, so when you arrive, you just need to take the paddle and row. When I went there, it was raining but the sea water was still turquoise and very tempting. I didn’t know how beautiful the sunny weather was.

Twin lagoon | 5 days in coron
Photos can be taken in many places but Twin Lagoons will take your photos to new heights @shutterstock | 5 days in coron
Coron island twin lagoon
Kayaking on Twin lagoon, Coron | 5 days in coron
| 5 days in coron
Paddle boarding is an interesting experience when traveling to Coron | 5 days in coron

Skeleton Wreck

Skeleton Wreck | 5 days in coron

This is a Coron diving spot where you can dive to see shipwrecks. If you have a little freediving skill, you will experience more. This shipwreck is a Japanese ship, although it is only partially intact, but when I dive down to look at it, I still feel a bit scared. There are a lot of fish and other marine life around the ship, so you can dive to see the shipwreck and see marine life at the same time.

Shipwreck diving is a ‘specialty’ during your Coron trip | 5 days in coron

Kayangan Lake

| 5 days in coron

This is a brackish water lake where you can mainly dive to see the huge rocks. The water here is quite warm and there are no waves so it will be easier to dive. To get here, you need to walk uphill and downhill. Note that diving with fins is only allowed for short periods of time. During the tour, you will also go to Barracuda Lake. However, the day I went there was a storm so I couldn’t visit, but I heard that this lake is even more beautiful.

Kayangan lake, Coron | 5 days in coron
| 5 days in coron
Immersing yourself in the clear water and gazing at the clouds and sky is enough to make you get lost in this picture @shutterstock
| 5 days in coron
| 5 days in coron
This lake is a brackish water lake and I love diving
Barracuda Lake
Barracuda Point is one of the famous diving spots. @chiang.1993

Atwayan Beach

This is also a place to have lunch and a place for you to swim. About the beach, I probably won’t say much because everywhere is beautiful. I’m only talking about food, as in previous posts I said the food on the tour is all prepared on the boat, there are no restaurants or shops on the Coron tour. This helps best preserve the marine environment to avoid waste from cooking being discharged into the sea. The food cooked on the boat is very simple, mostly grilled and salad served with rice. The preparation is simple but full of quality and quite suitable for my taste.

Food includes in the Coron tour

Day 3: Relaxed at the resort and move to another place

The resort where I stay is also a place with very beautiful snorkeling spot, in addition there are many beautiful beaches and activities such as kayaking and paddle boarding. I spent half a day playing here and then checked out and moved to another resort.

On the day 3, I stayed at the Resort with many activities

Day 4 – Scuba Diving at Club Paradise Palawan resort

This is a beautiful resort located on an isolated island. Just take 2 steps and you can see coral reefs right in front of you. Birds keep flying to the table to beg for food like it’s a deserted place. There are both free-diving and scuba diving here. I don’t have a license yet so I only do scuba diving here. This is also my first time scuba diving. Even though I was my first, I was diving in a very beautiful place. After learning theory and practicing in the swimming pool, I was able to hold the oxygen cylinder and go to the ocean.

While traveling to Coron this time, I was lucky enough to dive and meet sea turtles

And I was very lucky to have mastered the basics so I was able to dive quite well and was even luckier to meet a very large turtle and a large school of fish. Basically, the resort preserves the marine environment very well, so just diving around the shore is enough to feel good.

Day 5: Spend the whole morning relaxing at the resort

If the weather was nice, I would be able to go more, but I went during the rainy season, so in the morning I just relaxed at the resort, then checked out at noon and flew back to Manila to end the Coron tour.

Club Paradise Palawan is a resort is very suitable for those who want to relax and explore the ocean

Day 6: Explore the capital Manila

I spent a day mainly walking around the capital and eating. Last time I visited Intramuros (an ancient city), so this time I explored Chinatown. Late on the day 6, I flew back to Vietnam to end the 6 days. (including Coron itinerary 5 days).

Chinatown, Malina

So, what should you note before go ing to Coron?

This trip to Coron was both fortunate and unfortunate. Unfortunately, it was during the rainy season. Luckily, most of my experiences were underwater so it wasn’t much affected by the weather. If it was sunny, the view will be more beautiful, and there will be more experiences. So please save this Coron itinerary 5 days, so that when the beautiful season comes, you can go, not like I went once and now have to plan to come back.

In particular, you should learn more about free diving so that when you travel to Coron, you will experience more.

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