If you don’t want to waste money in useless something, pay attention to mistakes in your trip below

1. Eat the same food at home foods-at-home-error-familiar-but-burning-money-when-traveling

The one dish you crave a dish similar at home while traveling is very normal, especially when you must eat strange food for many consecutive days. However, most people usually are disappointed after deciding to eat t because the taste of the dish is often not better and the prices are more expensive than eating other local special foods.

2. T-shirts


Many tourist sites often sell many kinds of T-shirts with a fairly cheap price. You can see the shirt looks nice and trendy when going out, but when you go home, it can look quite silly, and people often do not know how to wear in which occasion and having tended to throw it. So when you want to buy a T-shirt, please consider or buy more useful souvenirs instead, such as a few cups.

3. Fake Toys


On the way to travel, you may encounter the fake affable items, and of course, the price is much more pleasant than expensive branded items. However, the quality of these items is often quite bad, and you come back home, most people do not see it as beautiful as when it is in store. As a result, the item is hung a long time in the closet. What a prodigality!

4. Exchange money via ATM


ATM which don’t have good exchange rates anytime. Some ATM machines have charge very high when using foreign cards, so you can prepare money from home, or check out some ATM machines to find out which have the best exchange rates prior to the transaction.

5. Buy food in tourist centers


Foods near the tourist centers are often sold at high prices (which are not always high quality) partly because they are in a beautiful location to rent expensive accommodation. So if you want to save, and enjoy the delicious dishes true to their cash value of money, please take the time to walk farther, eat at a restaurant which local usually eat.

6. Taxi


Of course, the taxi becomes an easy and quick expediency while traveling, but its price is usually quite expensive. Not to mention in some unlucky places, you can meet cheat drivers may, leading you to go away in order to earn more money. Therefore, let think about using public transport to save costs.

7. Wifi

Sounds funny, but not all places have free wifi, some cafes, even some hotels often charge more if guests use wifi. So please check services carefully to avoid losing money unnecessarily.

8. Handbook


Handbook is so suitable when you use to plan for a trip, but buying a guide book and take it when traveling around, so it’s not a great idea. In addition to a waste of money, it also hinders you from visiting and exploring the beautiful surrounding landscape.