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Cycling around Tuscany

Visiting Italy in autumn is such a good chance to enjoy the amazing landscape and weather of this elegant country, and cycling through grape gardens in the sparkling sunshine of Tuscany is just icing on the cake.


We started in Chianti that situated 45 minutes by cars from Florence and went through the picture-postcard suburban area of the city where, said our guide Angelo, only rich people could afford to have a plot of land.


This cycling tour brought us a golden chance to get to know the culture, architecture and cuisine of the land. In the beginning, we dropped into the castle Guicciardini. Here came the root of the most celebrated wine and olive oil production of Italy.


The wine cellar filled the air with the special smell of oak of the wine barrels.


We had a quick meal with wine, bread, olive oil and salt here.


From the top of the castle, we could see the whole view of Tuscany lowland. Grape and olive hills spread over the horizon are so marvelous under the dazzling sunlight and cloudless sky.


The owner of this adorable little house seemed to be green and nature lover.


In the autumn sunlight, the grape and olive gardens brought about a sense of solitude.


The gift of October in Tuscany is these little fruits.


A colorful salad for lunch brought to us in a tiny green restaurant.


The trip is much more exciting with new friends halfway.


Is this just Tuscany lowland or heaven garden?


It was so surprising to see something of Vietnam here.


Coming back is little tricky because we may get tired of a long way. Why don’t we just walk our bicycles instead of riding them up the challenging slope? It is still worthwhile to slow down and enjoy this heavenly land in the last minutes.

Pieces of advice for a visit to Tuscany

  • The cycling tour is popular in Florence but there are only 20 people per tour. Thus, it is necessary to book about 2 months in advance. Booking is available online and you don’t have to give any money in advance. You can also use this to make the getting of visa easier.
  • 2 kinds day tour in Tuscany: one by motorbike (120 euros), the other by bicycle (80 euros), consisting of breakfast and lunch. The motorbike tour is less tricky and it is possible to visit more attractions.
  • Travel agency often asks to meet you at 9h30 a.m and then take you to the castle by car. It is better not to be late because the guide has only 10 minutes to wait when needed otherwise you will lose your chance to have this amazing trip. At 17h p.m, the car picks you back to the center of Florence.
  • Every bicycle has a name and is equipped with a leather bag behind. You can put the necessary things into it.
  • If your health is not good enough to take this cycling trip, consider seeing Tuscany by car.
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