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Koh Rong Island is now so popular with travelers, so it will not strange and wild to travelers anymore.

koh tonsay island cambodia travel guides
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What is Paradise Beach about to take “position” of Koh Rong Island?

Map locating the Kep Province. Photo: Instagram

Koh Tonsay is an island located off the southern coast of Cambodia in the Gulf of Thailand, 4.6 kilometers to the south of the Kep town. Koh Tonsay in Khmer means Rabbit Island.

The island is open for visitors and tourists, who value white sandy beaches and the marine scenery. The surrounding sea is shallow, the sea bed gradually sloping, excellent for recreational activities. All of these make up the uniqueness of Koh Tonsay, turning this place into a funny swimming spot.

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Koh Tonsay Island looks like the setting for the film Robinson in a deserted island. Photo: Instagram.

How to get to Koh Tonsay?

welcome to kep cambodia travel guides
The symbol of the Kep city – blue crabs. Photo: Instagram.

From Phnom Penh, you can come to the Kep city by bus or taxi .

By Bus

Sorya Bus Company in the central bus station, No. 168; or start the trip directly at the national road No. 2. Both options are priced at $ 4 / person / way (near 16,000 riels). It takes about from 4 to 5 hours to get to Kep city.

By Taxi

If you travel in groups of from 4 to 5 people and want to travel by taxi, let’s come to Phsar Dumkor to find a taxi. The price ranges from 26 to 32 dollars / taxi/ trip (about 104,000 – 128,000 riels).

kep coast cambodia travel guides
Kep coast also has many interesting things to do. Photo: Instagram.

From the Kep city harbor, there are boats to reach the Koh Tonsay islands, it takes about 30 minutes, the first trip starts at 9 am. If you want to return from the Koh Tonsay island, the last train leaves at 4pm. Ticket price at $ 11 / way (approximately 44,000 riels).

koh tonsay kep town cambodia travel guides
Simple boats take you “escape” to the bustling life to come to the peaceful island. Photo: Instagram.
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Things to do?

Koh Tonsay island is fairly small, it takes only about 2-3 hours of walking, you can explore all the island. In addition, this island has not been put into operation for tourism, so underwater sports or recreation activities are hardly found here. Because Koh Tonsay island is very quiet, it is only suitable for gentle relaxation activities. Let’s see a number of activities you can do in Koh Tonsay island:


There is nothing better than lying on massage chairs placed along the beach and enjoying the whispering wave and the cool wind. You will spend approximately $ 5 / hour (20,000 riels) for foot massage and $ 7 / hour (about 28,000 riels) for massage with coconut oil service.

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There is a way around the island leading to all the beaches and fishing villages, it takes about 2-3 hours to complete the journey and there are a lot of pristine scenery await you here.

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It is so strange if you take a trip to an island without enlisting swimming in cool water. Blue water, yellow sunshine, and rustling green coconut trees will take you to the Wonderland immediately.

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Boating or ferrying to the neighboring small islands. The rent of a small boat (accompanied with lunch) is 7 dollars (about 28,000 riels).

koh tonsay cambodia travel tips
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Here is also a spectacular spot for campfire toward young group traveling together, but let ensure safety to not cause widespread fires.

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The seats placed along the white sand offer visitors a look to the bright green beach.

koh rong cambodia travel tips
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… Or simply lounging by the sea all day to be embraced by nature.

What to eat? Where to eat?

On the Koh Tonsay island, there are bungalows (small chalets for groups of 3-4 people) at $ 7 dollars (about 28,000 riels / night). The houses are simple, only equipped with anti- mosquito nets, of course, there is no wifi here, but thanks to that, you will have the opportunity to experience a perfect vacation with a real sense of adventure.

koh tonsay travel things to do in cambodia
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You do not need to make reservations in advance because Koh Tonsay is quite deserted, bungalows are always available.

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The must thing to do when coming to an island is obviously eating seafood. There is no such thing as must-eat specialties right away, but fresh seafood is probably enough to satisfy you.  Photo: Instagram.

Similar to Koh Rong island or the majority of island destinations in Vietnam, seafood has been caught and sold right at the coast with prices quite reasonable. If you take a little bit difficult to reach to coast, you can enjoy a full seafood meal without spending too much money. But overall, foods in Koh Tonsay island are not too expensive.

breakfast in koh tonsay island cambodia
A simple breakfast in Koh Thonsáy island. Photo: Instagram.
seafood in koh tonsay cambodia travel guides
Seafood is always fresh and attractive. Photo: Instagram.

If you still hesitate to take a trip to this island, the shimmering images about Koh Tonsay island below will urge your wanderlust :

sunset in koh tonsay
Koh Tonsay island is contemplating in the sunset. Photo: Instagram.
wooden bridge in koh tonsay cambodia
Wooden bridge leading to the sea will be an ideal place for visitors to take the stunning photos. Photo: Instagram.
koh tonsay crystal clear water
Have you believed in the crystal clear water in Koh Tonsay island yet? Photo: Instagram.
wild coner in koh tonsay cambodia travel tips
Koh Tonsay island has pristine and wild small corners like that. Photo: Instagram.
koh tonsay paradise cambodia tips
Crystal clear water exposes colorful rocks at the bottom. Photo: Instagram.
koh tonsay travel things to do cambodia
From any angle, Koh Tonsay island is peaceful in the cool blue beach. Photo: Instagram.

Here are more photos about Koh Tonsay Island: