Dong Van Rock Highland Geopark attracts tourists not only because of its dangerous meander but also mysterious mist covered mountains everywhere from trees to rocks all year round.

Ha Giang town

During the harvest, once can be completely attracted by sunlight yellowing the endless terraced rice fields on the rolling hills in Ha Giang Town.

dong van rock plateau clouds

ha giang terraced rice field

The clouds are surrounding mountain ranges at 7 am on the way to Dong Van rock plateau.


Threadlike streets get through the interconnecting rocky mountains.

ethnic minority children dong van

Ha Giang little girls are smiling to visitors.


Villages and trees are surrounded by endless mountains ranges.

terraced rice field

dong van rocky plateau

Young people who have accustomed to the rush rhythm of urban life and the sounds split on the keyboard, now it’s time for them to open their soul to embrace the immense mountain ranges and the captivating natural landscapes.

meander in Ha Giang Town

Coming To Ha Giang, you will get the feeling of ecstasy when conquering the challenging meander.

rock plateau dong van

Life is surrounded by rocky mountains.

ethnic minority children in Ha Giang

Children in Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark help their parents at an early age.

woman work Dong Van

An ethnic minority woman is working.

buckwheat dong van rock plateau
The sharp triangular flower blooming circuit

United triangular circuit. This is a beautiful flower in the Korean voice. The vast endless field of flower brings visitors a delightful experience here. If guests want to admire the beauty of this flower the most suitable time for traveling here is from October to September.

King Cat Mansion
Meo’s King Mansion

monuments the king cat in Ha Giang

Located in Sa Phin valley, Meo’s King mansion is the most powerful house in Ha Giang Town for a while. The building has a magnificent architecture, it’s built in the early 20th century .

It was modeled on traditional Chinese architecture with sophisticated curves, gliding, engraving within 9 years with the expense up to 150000 piastres, equivalent to VND 150 billion. In addition, Mansion “King Cat” has a blockhouse used as a defensive fortress.

backpacker in Ha Giang Town

With all these above things, Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark has recently become an interesting destination for backpackers.

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