The tear-drop shaped island in the Indian ocean-Sri Lanka has seen an upsurge in luxury travel and emerge to be a new luxury travel destination. So, I thought to share with you guys, top luxury experiences to enjoy in Sri Lanka. If you are someone travels on a luxury budget(lucky you!) and someone who look for new luxury destinations this post is for you!

Nine Arches Bridge
Damro tea plantations
Ella Rock
Esala Perahera is the biggest and most important festival in Sri Lanka.

1. Royal stay

luxury hotels in Sri Lanka
Eden hotel Beruwala Photo

Enjoy a world class luxury stay in ultimate Sri Lankan ambience. Opulent accommodations with breathtaking views of beaches, mountains and landscapes will definitely add unforgettable memories to your trip in Sri Lanka.

A range of luxury accommodation such as imperial hotels, exclusive resorts and delightful villas are common near almost every attraction in Sri Lanka.Delicious international and traditional dishes, spas, gym, outdoor and indoor sports are always among the options with in these properties.

2. Luxury spa

Luxury spa experiance in Sri lanka
Phot Credit-Spa in Amaya lake hotel kandalama

Find your inner peace while enjoying the ripples of the water in the tub full of water lilies.

Luxury spa treatments are done with 100% organic Ayurvedic products embracing most trending spa techniques. This is something you should not miss if you are willing to catch the full luxury experience in Sri Lanka.

You can even arrange these authentic treatments under a cool shed of a palm tree or next to majestic waves of the sea or watching a lush greenery making sure of your privacy.(options differ from place to place)

3.Luxury yacht experience

Sri Lanka luxury yacht

Enjoy a private trip along the beautiful coastal belt arround Sri Lanka.Go fishing, snorkeling, whale and dolphin watching while enjoying in liveabroad experience in a luxury yacht.

Spend hours gazing at the choppy blue waves enjoying the refreshing wind and the soothing sea breeze. Guests can stopover the sailing yachts in picturesque places and go swimming.

You can turn your sail to an opulence romantic evening or a perfect group party with one request.

4. Luxury camping

luxuary tented camping in Sri Lanka

If you are someone who wanted camp for like…forever and never get the chance for it, because you don’t like to leave your comfort zone, these luxury tented camps are for you.

Camping in a dense tropical rain forest is no more a nightmare as you are pampered with everything to make you comfort in these tented camps.The tent includes deluxe bedding, fine bathroom amenities and lot more luxury features.

Luxuary tented camping in Sri Lanka (2)

If you are a nature lover don’t miss this luxury experience, where you can go on safaris and get immersed in nature. Also, you can enjoy nights around a roaring camp fire and barbeque.

You can find such Luxury tented camps in places like yala, Udawalawa, Wilpaththu, Dambana and Bundala.

5. Luxury wedding destination experience

Luxury destination wedding in Sri Lanka
Photo Credit-Magical moments

A destination wedding with Sri Lankan cultural grandeur is another luxury experience you can encounter in Sri Lanka. Don’t worry if you’ve already married make it over to your special anniversary celebration.

You can celebrate your romantic event with Sri Lankan royalty ,traditional glamour,stunning decorations, exotic fresh flowers and majestic elephants.

destination weddiong in Sri LANKAOn a lavishly decorated pavilion,outdoors in nature or in a stunning beach spot…?.Just request where and what you like to have in the event, leaving the rest to a wedding/event planner.

A private romantic dining setting is also another feature that a lot of wedding planners offer, which is something you must not miss.

Here I dropped some links of famous wedding planning services in Sri Lanka to make things easy for you.

6. Hot air balloon ride

This is on my bucket list. A ride in a hot air balloon!

One of the most magical experience you can enjoy in Sri Lanka-Float over tree tops!

Endless green lush, panoramic landscapes, countryside, curvy rivers, massive lakes, roaming elephants and famous landmarks in Sri Lanka are common views throughout the ride.

This absolutely luxurious adventure -floating over picturesque scenery, takes off at Kandalama,Sigiriya, Habarana and Dambulla.This is a blissful luxurious morning ride ideal for nature lovers, peace seekers and photographers.

7. Seaplane tour

Sea plane tours in Sri Lanka

If you want to reach destinations quickly and cozily, this is the best way -Seaplane tours.

You can enjoy the scenic Sri Lanka throughout the journey. The endless lavish greeneries, silvery lines of rivers below the puff of clouds and mist..!Wow!

These planes with luxurious settings are accessible to many parts of the country because of its capability to land in both water and land. And more importantly, no harsh sound-Just you and peaceful nature.

8. Helicopter tour

Helicopter tours in Sri

This is another way to witness the beauty of Sri Lanka from a bird-eye-view.And, to save time waste on the road.

Travel across the country in minutes with ultimate comfort and enjoy the passing scenery below. All you need is a space to ground. This is a great experience you can add to your trip to enjoy your time more comfy and privately.

9. Infinity pools

Eraeliya villas and gardens Photo

If you are someone like me…

I mean if you too check the pool of the hotel before everything, you’ll love this.

Swimming pools are a one of the main attraction of luxury hotels -especially edge designed pools with breathtaking views. In Sri Lanka, you’ll find amazing infinity pools with jaw-dropping views.

Laying by the pool and an occasional dip is everyone needs when you are under the tropical sun. The pool framed by lush tropical hills or endless greenery or a spectacular view of the horizon is an ideal spot to enjoy your LUX holidaying.

10. Luxury train experience

jf-tours-travels-day.jpg trip advisor
Photo Credit-Trip Advisor

Love old steam trains?

The luxury train trips operated across Sri Lanka enriched in comfort and class are perfect getaways to witness the beauty country. Relax and enjoy your way to your destination while catching amazing views passed by.

A worthy experience when the train passing through the tea plantations.

11. Floating restaurant

Who look for an amazing and odd place to throw your party? How about a floating restaurant?

This luxury experience floats in Beira lake, Colombo offering the most special settings from a banquet to a cocktail party.

Phot Credit-Cinnamon hotels

‘8 degrees on the lake’ is a luxury floating spot that offers you exotic settings for wedding events, parties, cocktail evenings in a delightful atmosphere. The restaurant rich in elegance can accommodate 100 people onboard with 50 for a sit-down dinner.

Phot Credit-Cinnamon hotels

12. Jem and jewelry

gems-and-jewellery-3 (1)

This is a must in a trip to the ‘land of gems’ aka Sri Lanka.

Most precious gems in the world have found in the Sri Lankan soil including the sapphire of princess Diana’s engagement ring which now belongs to Princess Kate and the world largest blue sapphire.

If you are in a luxury budget, this is a precious piece you must own when you leave Sri Lanka. Finding a good place to buy your gem and jewelry in Sri Lanka won’t be hard. But always make sure to go to a trusted shop if you have no idea about gems.

Chris Langley
Hope this post will inspire you to add Sri Lanka to your luxury destination list..

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Nine Arches Bridge

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