The peace and quiet in Con Dao Islands, Vietnam make it be an ideal destination for those who want to relax in a green-clean-nice space, experience a slow life and leave noise, chaos of routine behind.


Located in the southeast coast of Vietnam and belonging to the province of Ba Ria – Vung Tau, Con Dao is an archipelago with a total area of 72 km, composed of 16 small islands, the largest of this chain is called Con Dao and also known as Con Son Island. Photo: Solewalker


Contrary to the overload of tourists in Vung Tau, Nha Trang, Mui Ne and Phu Quoc… When visiting here, you will catch the blue sea, white sand, picturesque streets which are almost none of people. On the other hand, it also carries exoticism with relics from Vietnam War period. Photo: Joachim


The beauty of Con Dao can be said as natural perfection for its luck to converge all the best required of a beautiful beach. Photo: Paul Arps

con-dao-island-5If you are driving along the coast of Con Dao, surely that you will be enthralled by the wonderful scenery here, with one side of the vastly blue sea and the mountain overwhelmed in green of mangrove leaves on the other side, which forms fascinating scenery. Photo: Duncan Jefferies.


Most of tourists coming to Con Dao have common sense that it has an extremely pristine beauty, natural and fresh atmosphere, a place with great view and well-preserved. Photo: Nguyen Viet Dung


Surrounding Con Dao are many differently small islands such as Hon Bay Canh, Hon Tai, Hon Tre, Hon Trung, Hon Trac or Hon Cau… where is a convergence of coral reefs with the superlatively highest density in Vietnam and ideal choice for discovering the amazingly underwater world. Photo: Mechelle

con-dao-island-8 Moreover, you will easily encounter wild animals and rare birds. Only about 6000 inhabitants live on the island, so the environment here is greatly clean. In particular, each year hundreds of turtles immigrate to Hon Bay Canh of Con Dao to lay eggs and this is where owns the largest number of sea turtles laying eggs in Vietnam. Photo: ST

Riding among stunning sea sights of Con Dao to enjoy the feeling of being immersed in nature. Photo: Duncan Jefferies
Riding among stunning sea sights of Con Dao to enjoy the feeling of being immersed in nature. Photo: Duncan Jefferies
Shark nose horns in Con Dao. Photo: Lexthuy2004
Shark nose horns in Con Dao. Photo: Lexthuy2004

con-dao-island-11From 1862 to 1975, Con Dao was known as a brutal prison for those who struggled against French colonialism and former Saigon regime. To learn more about Con Dao at that time as well as feel the loss of revolutionaries going through in the past, you should visit Con Dao Museum, Tiger Booths Ruins (France and America), Hang Duong cemetery,… Photo: Paul Arps


Dam Trau Beach is considered as the most beautiful site in 20 wonderful beaches of Con Dao. It strikes with the beauty of smoothly white sand, deeply blue sea, colorful coral reefs and pristine forests. Visiting Dam Trau Beach, you not only freely swim, sunbathe and dive in pleasure but also enjoy a magical and miraculous sunset scenes which few places have. Photo: David Meenagh.

Glamorous sunset over the sea. Photo: Martin Zemlicka
Glamorous sunset over the sea. Photo: Martin Zemlicka


Here, nowhere more appropriate for procurement than Con Dao Markets, where the earliest start a new day on the island. Daily market’s session consists of two sessions: in morning from 4am or 5am to 11am and 3pm until nightfall. Photo: Frenchydiary

 Line of centennial eagle trees in Con Dao. Photo: ST
Line of centennial eagle trees in Con Dao. Photo: ST

More Information

If you take the train, you can bring your motorcycle along to ride in the island. Pier departs at Cat Lo-Vung Tau port. You should drive to Vung Tau and send vehicles to the island. Don’t forget to additionally ask for passenger’s vehicles services when buying a ticket. Journey will start from Cat Lo – Vung Tau to Ben Dem Port – Con Dao and vice versa. You should prepare for dinner because they usually sell boiled eggs, instant noodles until to midnight is the end. Fares: 150.000 – 200.000 VND/ turn.

If you want to save time and stay healthy, you should select airplane. There has currently only Vietnam Airlines operating routes to Con Dao and comes from Ho Chi Minh City at cost ranging from 900.000 VND. From Co Ong airport to the center of Con Dao will take approximately 12 km. You can travel by taxi or the hotel you book before that. In case of no commission, you can order at the counter of airport.

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