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When it comes to the mysterious and poetic, the name Greece will often appear if you regularly learn about interesting destinations in the world. It seems that all the beauty of Europe is concentrated in Greece. There are so many interesting things here to explore. The majestic historical sites, the beautiful islands… along with rich history, culture and cuisine, all have created such an ecstatically beautiful Greece. If you are traveling in Greece but do not know what gift to choose for your loved ones, in this article, we will answer all your questions as well as suggest meaningful gifts that you can choose in this country to bring back.

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Parthenon temple with spring flowers on the hill of Acropolis.
The paradise island of Santorini | best things to buy in greece
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So, what to buy in Greece for souvenirs, what are the best things to buy in Greece, what should I buy in Greece and what’s cheap to buy in Greece? Let’s check out our suggested top 13 meanngful Greece gifts and Greece souvenirs including best gifts from Greece, best souvenirs to buy in Greece (best souvenirs from Greece), top things to buy in Greece, must buy in Greece as well as where to buy them to help you choose the most suitable gifts for relatives and friends before return home!

Greece ceramics

Right in Greece, visitors have many options for shopping gifts for relatives, family and friends. You can go to shopping centers in Syntagma square or Plaka district in Athens where gathering countless Greece souvenirs and gifts shops. In addition to gifts or souvenirs such as Greek mythological statues or models of the Trojan horse, the goddess Hellen or exquisite ceramics, the ancient jewelry crafted with ingenuity is innumerable, there are countless other great gifts. Here are some unique gifts that visitors can refer to when visiting Greece.

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Plaka Neighborhood
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What to buy in Greece for souvenirs: Nazars Greek Evil Eye Charm (Amulet)

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The Greek Evil Eye Charms (Amulets) are also known as blue amulets. This souvenir is very typical everywhere in Greece, so visitors can find them everywhere in souvenir shops, markets, tourist places… They are very popular not only because they are eye-catching souvenirs because we can also see them on bracelets, earrings, necklaces of women, or they are hung in the homes of locals, offices and even in cars, accessories on children’s clothes… To explain this, it is said that these amulets when carried with them will bring good luck and protect the owner from bad luck.

Evil eye amulets are usually dark blue in color with many different sizes, mainly round shapes, attached to keychains, necklaces, earrings, etc. for convenient carrying.


Best things to buy in Greece: Greek Wine and Ouzo

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Maybe you didn’t know, wine is an important ingredient that makes a strong impression on Greek dishes and its cuisine. Appeared for the first time several thousand years BC, because of possessing many diverse climates, it also produces its own unique, aromatic wines.

It can be said that wine is one of the characteristics of Greek cuisine and even its culture. From ancient time, wine has been one of the main ingredients of Greek cuisine. According to some records, wine was born in Greece as early as 4000 BC. Today in Greece there are many wineries that produce a wide variety of quality wines for visitors to choose from comfortably. The most famous is the wine of Retsina (a Greek white (or rosé) resinated wine), which originally had its distinctive flavor and aroma from being stored in oak barrels. Therefore, the price is quite expensive for connoisseurs to enjoy. Today, the wine still retains its attractive taste, when sipped with seafood, or used to prepare dishes as an ingredient, it will create an irresistible attraction.

Greek wines
Greek Retsina white wine
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Besides, Ouzo is an equally famous drink in Greece (an anise-flavored liquor produced from grape must (the remnants of wine-making)), both of these drinks are famous specialties and are chosen by tourists to buy for their loved ones after their journey to discover this country.

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Top things to buy in Greece: Natural & Organic Cosmetics

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If you want to buy a gift for your girlfriend, cosmetics is the most meaningful gift. Cosmetics in Greece are produced according to organic method to ensure the health of consumers. You can buy facial cleansers, hand sanitizers, soaps, body lotions, balms and a wide range of cosmetic products at shopping centers and pharmacies in Athens. The brands that are trusted in Greece include Korres and Apivita, Forget Me Not,… Visitors can try these products as well as get advice before buying. Natural and organic cosmetics from Greece are made from olive oil or other beneficial plants for the skin.

Evergetikon Greek Natural cosmetics and natural face care set with Olive Oil and Aloe.
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As a country with a long-standing traditional civilization, the cosmetics in this country are made according to green, clean and organic standards. Both non-toxic, health effects and refined very good for the skin. So, it should also be selected on the list of Greek souvenirs that you must buy.

Besides the above-mentioned olive oil ingredients, some plants grown in Greece are also selected as cosmetics because of their great uses. There are many different types of products to choose from such as: lip balm, body lotion, facial cleanser, soap, etc. Just go to local stores, drugstores or commercial centers to buy.

Sephora store in Santorini.

What to buy in Greece: Greek Spices and Herbs

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One of the coolest gifts to bring back from your Greece trip is local herbs and spices. In markets and shops you’ll find herbs and spices like oregano, saffron, thyme, and more. And you shouldn’t skip the feta cheese herb. Feta cheese marinated with olive oil, chilli add a few slices of tomato,… will give you a wonderful dish.

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Best things to buy in Greece: Olive Oil

Best Greek olive oils | greece gifts

From the past until now, chefs always put this ingredient in the menu when cooking. Olive oil used in most Greek recipes. It will be remiss when you forget this “soul” of Greek cuisine. Almost all dishes here are flavored with olive oil. Olives in Greece is not only tree associated with the history and culture of this country. The oil products extracted from this tree also bring great economic value. Many other countries also grow olives, but for connoisseurs, olive oil from this country is still the number 1 choice with high confidence.

The world’s most famous olive oils are also produced here. For that reason, visitors to Greece often buy bottles of olive oil or pickled olives as gifts. However, it is very difficult to transport these oil bottles, so instead, tourists also often choose to buy products made from olive oil such as cosmetics instead.

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Tourists not only buy to use as an ingredient for cooking but also a meaningful Greek souvenir. Because in addition to being used in healthy cooking, olive oil also plays an important role in the beauty process. An important ingredient in many types of cosmetics, skin care, skin care, anti-aging…

What should I buy in Greece: Olive Soap

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Not only olive oil, there is also a handmade soap made from olives with a very seductive fragrance. Buy it for home use or as a gift, after using it for a while, it will make the skin much softer and whiter.

Best souvenirs to buy in Greece: Worry Beads or Kombolói

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Admire the variety and color of komboloi, if you’re looking for an interesting souvenir that can only be found in Greece, this is what you’re looking for. Worry Beads (or Komboloi in Greek) is a number of beads joined together in a chain. To practice komboloi, you move beads between your fingers, making a sound when the beads collide. Today, komboloi are mainly used for decoration and as a souvenir reminiscent of the old days. There are different types of komboloi depending on the material and size of the beads. Usually, beads are made from amber or coral.

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Greek olives bead jewelry

Best things to buy in Greece: Handmade leather shoes and sandals

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Foreign tourists love this type of sandal because it made from soft leather material. These footwear are entirely hand crafted and feature unique patterns that are highly culturally relevant. You can find these products at souvenir shops near historical sites in Athens, especially in Plaka and Monastiraki neighborhoods.

The famous leather sandals shop Melissinos Sandal Shop (Address: Tzireon 16, Athina 117 42, Greece/Hours: 10AM–5PM/Sunday: Closed) in Monastiraki has been known since 1920. This shop not only sells sandals but also sells bags, leather belts,… for visitors comfortably to choose from. These leather sandals are reminiscent of classic Greek style, available in a variety of designs and colors to suit your preference and style.

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For those who love the liberal and free Bohemian fashion style, you will definitely like it. Besides, leather goods are also one of the very meaningful Greek souvenirs to give to relatives or friends and colleagues. In terms of both meaning and spiritual value is very great.

What to buy in Greece: Greek Silk Scarves

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Not surprisingly, silk products are also meaningful souvenirs that you should buy. Because Greece is also one of the countries located on the famous legendary Silk Road in history. Today, silk is still a typical cultural product that many tourists choose to buy when coming to this ancient country.

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In particular, silk scarf is a unique Greek souvenir because it is not only a fashion accessory but also brings a culture and history of this country. The scarves are uniquely designed with meaningful images. Therefore, you can not only buy it as a gift but also see it as a picture to decorate your house. You can buy it when you come to the capital of Athens and use it for many different purposes.

Best gifts from Greece: Greek honey

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Honey products in Greece are considered a premium gift, not only organic but also have a flavor that is hard to find anywhere else. You can find them in Crete island with unique and strange flavors that are rarely found in other places. The most popular is still thyme honey, but you can also find them on the island of Crete such as chestnut honey, pine honey, hazelnut honey, etc.

Crete honey | best souvenirs to buy in greece

The Crete island possesses rich nature that attracts tourists to visit all year round. On the way here to explore, don’t forget to stop to buy jars of pure honey to buy as Greece souvenirs. As well as enjoy the products made with its famous delicious honey.

Best things to buy in Greece: Eye-catching ceramics

Greece ceramic is one of the most popular products among tourists, available in almost all souvenir shops in Greece. You will easily find a lot of hand painted ceramic plates and cups. Talented artisans have recreated many ancient Greek stories through these ceramic products. This will definitely be a souvenir that will make you regret if you miss it. The most special feature is that almost all of these products are hand-painted, so it is difficult to come across two identical products.

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Coming to the famous Greek islands, especially Sifnos, do not forget to visit the shops selling eye-catching ceramics. From plates, cups, to beautiful figurines, you will be fascinated to see and have to buy them as Greece souvenirs.

Sophisticated design with distinctive patterns of all kinds of different shapes. Not only embellishing your kitchen, meals and gifts for loved ones. It is said that when serving dishes on ceramics, it also helps to increase the delicious taste.

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What to buy in Greece for souvenirs: Flokati Rugs

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These woolen rugs are produced using a unique method that dates back centuries. Traditionally, flokati rugs are treasured as family treasures, and are also used as a dowry when the bride returns to her husband’s house. Today, flakati rugs are used as a decoration in the home. When you own a flokati rug, you not only own a beautiful floor covering, but it is also meant to represent the beauty of ancient traditions. Buy a flokati rug as a gift for friends and family, it’s sure to be a unique souvenir!

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