Germany is one of the famous destinations, imbued with Europe’s history and culture, captivating visitors by its beauty of architecture, scenery, people and cuisine. This is truly a place to shop that blends tradition and modern trends for what you want to buy. Germany is not only considered a fairyland with majestic castles and magnificent streets, but also known as a bustling shopping paradise that any visitor cannot miss. So, what are good souvenirs from Germany, what should I buy in Germany, what to buy in Germany, what to bring home from Germany and what to buy in Germany souvenir? Let’s check out our Germany shopping guide with +19 best gifts from Germany, best souvenirs from Germany (best German souvenirs to buy, best Germany souvenirs), best things to buy in Germany including things must buy in Germany, top things to buy in Germany as well as where to shop in Germany to find out the answer!

Germany shopping street

What to buy in Germany: Fashion & Accessories

A Hugo Boss store | best things to buy in germany

High-fashion brands are easy to find at KaDeWe Department Store located at Tauentzienstraße 21-24, 10789 Berlin, Germany. Some more popular but no less famous brands such as Kaufhof, Karstadt or Deichmann, etc. will be found quite a lot in Germany for you to enjoy shopping. The F.O.S (Friedensburg-Oberschule) location (Address: Goethestraße 8, 10623 Berlin, Germany/Hours: 8AM–4:30PM; Saturday; Sunday: Closed) in the outskirts of Berlin can be a recommendation for promotions with very cheap items that take place frequently. You can refer some famous German clothing brands such as: MCM, Hugo Boss, Escada, JOOP!, Bruno Banani, Jil Sander, Triumph, Schiesser, Closed, Reusch, Valisere, Jack Wolfskin… Especially, sporting goods come from PUMA or Adidas.

| best things to buy in germany

What are good souvenirs from Germany: Cosmetics

Artdeco cosmetics

Besides fashion and accessories items, cosmetics are a popular choice for tourists considering what to buy among the wide range of beauty products. Although Germany is not so dominant in cosmetic brands like its neighbouring countries such as France, this interesting gift should not be ignored. Most of the good brands are still concentrated in around the Zoologischer Garten and Alexanderplatz areas, but you can also find famous German brands such as Artdeco, Weleda, San Soucis… in big supermarkets like Rossman or DM. These are prominent brands and leading trends in makeup but the prices are also very reasonable.

Best souvenirs from Germany: Original Eau de Perfume 4711

In addition, you should also choose for yourself a perfume bottle of Eau de Cologne, with a signature scent from the branches, leaves and flowers of the famous bitter orange tree in Germany at store 4711, the city of Coglone. Coming to Germany, visitors cannot ignore the signature perfume Eau de Cologne displayed and sold at the famous 4711 store on Glockengasse Street of Cologne.

Original Eau de Perfume 4711 | best things to buy in germany

This perfume was very popular and was introduced to France by a soldier under Napoleon era, and then became famous world wide. Its scent is created from aromas such as musk, rose, rosemary, neroli (a flavor obtained from the flowers of the bitter orange tree), bergamot orange, pettitte grain…

Store 4711, Cologne

The House of 4711
Address: Glockengasse 4, 50667 Köln, Germany
Hours: 11AM–5PM/Sunday: Closed

Best things to buy in Germany: Electronics

| what to buy in germany

It may not be a priority in shopping options, but if you have a need to buy electronics in Germany, you will easily find them at Mediamarkt, Saturn or Alexanderplatz shopping centers. Note that you will receive a partial refund of VAT on these products and can return them within 14 days from the date of purchase.

What to buy in Germany: Alcoholic drinks (whisky, liquor)

Jagermeister means “master hunter”

There are quite a few delicious alcoholic drinks that are popular in Germany so you no longer have to wonder what to buy in Germany? Jagermeister liquor from 56 Alpine herbs and spices for EUR 16-20 or Berliner Luft liquor for only 6 EUR are famous drinks and souvenirs in Germany. Glenfiddich (a Single Malt Whisky) is also a suitable choice because it is quite cheap but very delicious. Besides, those who like the pungent taste of mustard should immediately try typical varieties such as Thomy, Scharfer Thomy or German Super Senf.

Single Malt Whisky Glenfiddich | what to buy in germany

Best German souvenirs to buy: Cuckoo clock

Besides famous landmarks in Berlin, cuckoo clocks are the spiritual food in the Black Forest mountainous region in the southwestern mountains of Germany. A special feature of these clocks is that the “cuckoo” sound is defaulted to signal the new time thanks to the time-correcting pendulum system. Most interestingly, the music emitted with the tinkling percussion creates its own distinctive ensemble. The cuckoo clock gives us a sense of the classic look and interesting sounds that come out of the watch. You can use this item to decorate the spaces in your house and if you give it as a gift, it will definitely help you make a good impression of yourself on the recipient.

Swiss cukcoo clocks | what to buy in germany

The cuckoo clock is a popular souvenir chosen by many tourists when coming to Germany. Because this item is meticulously made entirely by hand with various details, images, and different cuckoo sounds in each product. You can find these unique and distinctive clocks at Schildergasse shopping street or the Black Forest in a variety of designs and sizes. Under the skillful hands of the artisan, this is definitely a valuable gift to give as a gift to bring back.

Traditional German costumes: Dirndl or Lederhosen

Dirndl dress | best gifts from germany

While not the most logical choice, a gift from Germany will be a souvenir and one of the most unique symbols that you can think of when it comes to Germany. Dirndl, Lederhosen are traditional costumes in Bavaria, a state in southern Germany. A silk dress Dirndl for about 800 Euros or a Lederhosen leather for around 400 Euros. These costumes often appear in festivals, to show the national pride as well as the unique culture of this country.

If you love traditional costumes, go to the markets to choose for yourself Dirndl (for women) and Lederhosen (for men), they are quite unique and often appear at ethnic festivals. | best gifts from germany

Things must buy in Germany: German sausage

Germany is inherently the home of the world famous sausage. Those who have been to Germany are “fallen down” by the fragrant smoke emanating from the sausage grills, eating a piece of sausage will feel the irresistible deliciousness. Therefore, buying sausages after a trip is bringing the taste of Germany home.

| best germany souvenirs

German sausage is probably the first food that comes to mind when you consider what to buy in Germany as a gift. Not only owning a famous sausage production method, it has gradually become a traditional dish and the soul of German cuisine. In addition, they are easy to store and have a long expiration date, so you can rest assured to bring them back as gifts while still ensuring the product’s taste.

What to buy in Germany: Berliner Luft Liquor

| what to buy in germany

Germans also love to drink. If you have been to Germany, you must definitely try Berliner Luft, this liquor is not too strong, you can take a sip to enjoy the characteristic taste. What’s even better is that this famous drink costs around only 6 Euros and you can buy them as gifts and are sure to get rave reviews from your friends when they try this authentic German alcoholic drink.

What should I buy in Germany: Wine and Vodka

Germany is also one of the most famous countries for wine and vodka. We can know vodka like Eskalony Golden Spirit, also known as gold flake Vodka of the premium Vodka line produced and bottled in Germany.

Eskalony Golden Spirit | best germany souvenirs

Moreover, German wine has a pure, harmonious taste, a very unique charm that no other country has, especially for its excellent white wines. To bring out such attractive wines, the recipe and technique must be extremely professional. Grapes must be grown in a special cultivation area, converging the weather factors that only the grape-growing regions in Germany have. Buying wine as a gift not only shows your luxury, shows your esteemed attitude to the recipient, but is also very meaningful. Some best German wines brands you can try are: Riesling, Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir), Müller-Thurgau, Grauburgunder (Pinot Gris), Silvaner, Eiswein, Frühburgunder (Pinot Noir Précoce). You will easily buy a variety of savory wines at major shopping chains such as Rossman, DM or Zeil.

German wines

What should I buy in Germany: Mozartkugel Chocolate

Chocolate is also a must-have item when you want to seek an advice on what to buy in Germany. You can buy a variety of chocolate flavors, different designs modeled after the famous monuments at the Rausch House Chocolate. But typically, Mozartkugel chocolate is a famous specialty in the Salzburg region close to the German border. Enjoy the ball-shaped chocolate balls wrapped in yellow and white paper, featuring the popular blue wallpaper with Mozart portrait print.

This chocolate is more than a hundred years old and is a popular souvenir among tourists because of its distinct taste and convenience. | what to buy in germany

This is one of the oldest chocolates and is chosen by many tourists. With a delicious taste, classic design exterior, Chocolate Mozartkugel consists of a layer of marzipan powder with a peach flavor inside, a layer of nuga candy on the outside and a layer of bitter chocolate on the surface. All create a very delicate and different Mozartkugel chocolate product. Really, this is one of the special and attractive German gifts for friends and relatives.

Top things to buy in Germany: Wooden carvings

| best germany souvenirs

In addition to foods and drinks with very typical German flavors, if you are still what should I buy in Germany compact and convenient gifts, then wooden toys, lovely wooden souvenirs are not bad options. They are sold throughout the street shops in Germany, such as Holzschnitzereien woodcarvings, even Nymphenburg porcelain, etc.

What to buy in Germany cheap: Ampelmännchen

| what to buy in germany

The Ampelmännchen is a symbol created by Karl Peglau on pedestrian signals in East Germany, in the form of a boy holding a light, also known as the little traffic light man. This is a quite interesting souvenir in Germany, you can buy it at the Ampelmännchen shop near the Konzerthaus Berlin.

What to buy in Germany souvenir: Stein/Mug Beer Glasses

In addition to being famous for alcoholic drinks, wine, the beer industry in Germany is no less competitive with many unique German beer lines and is one of 19 meaningful gifts in Europe. However, if you don’t feel comfortable bringing home delicious German beer mugs, you should own and bring home unique Steins beer mugs as a gift.

| what should i buy in germany

Different from ordinary mugs, this mug can be considered as a work of art. This is also considered a symbol of beer drinking culture in Germany. Materials to make these Stein mugs are quite diverse, can be made from stone, porcelain, glass to tin… Some versions also have tin lids that you can open with just one finger. Surely this will be a great souvenir from Germany for you and your loved ones, especially for gentlemen.

What to bring home from Germany: Sauerkraut juice

| what to buy in germany

Sauerkraut juice, also known as cabbage juice, is a popular German stomach remedy. This type of juice can be a little difficult to drink, but it will feel like an original German gift that you can easily bring back as it is available in almost every grocery store in Germany.

What to buy in Germany: Haribo Chamallows & Marshmallows

| what should i buy in germany

One of the specialties in Germany that is bought the most as a gift is Haribo marshmallows. With many different flavors, Haribo is suitable for everyone from children to adults. Enjoying chewy candies will be an enjoyable experience in your spare time.

Best gifts from Germany: German Beer

| what are good souvenirs from germany

This is a specialty of Germany that is very popular with gentlemen. German beer has a particularly delicious taste and special brewing process, famous world wide. German beer has become one of the best beers in the world. It can be said that in Germany, there is no one who does not drink beer.

Things to bring back from Germany: Porcelain

Tea set | what are good souvenirs from germany

This is one of the few things in Germany that can be found cheaper than in other European countries. You can find some of the best porcelain products for as little as 30 to 40 Euros. If you want to buy a collection of dishes as souvenirs for your loved one, then this is the best German gift, they will surely be excited!

Things must buy in Germany: Birkenstock Shoes

| best gifts from germany

The rather stiff Birkenstock footwear model has become a fashion trend throughout European streets since 2021. Because of its high applicability, along with its slim design and variety of colors, this German footwear brand makes many women fashionistas cannot be ignored. Choosing a pair of Birkenstock as a gift will surely make your friends or loved ones feel excited!


| best gifts from germany

Germany is famous for its Christmas markets with countless decorative products, one of which is a nutcracker doll, or Nut Cracker. This item is carved and painted to resemble a man dressed in European carnival clothes. With the meaning of bringing good luck and the characteristic of decorative culture from Germany, Nutcracker is a very beautiful artistic gift to give as a souvenir item.

What are good souvenirs from Germany: Ship model in a glass bottle

| best souvenirs from germany

If you are a lover of small vintage glass bottles with small delicate ship models in them, and want to put them in your living room, then this is a great souvenir. You can find diverse models in Hamburg of various sizes and prices. This is hailed as one of the top souvenirs here. So, you are free to choose for yourself a model you like the most.

What to buy in Germany: Frankfurt 3D Fridge Magnet

| best souvenirs from germany

3D Magnet Frankfurt Magnet is a gift to buy when traveling to Germany. You can bring it home to attach to your refrigerator, books or car. The 3D Magnet Frankfurt magnetic badges are often typical architectural works of the city of Frankfurt, completely handmade, very meticulous and careful to make visitors fall in love. You can find this unique gift at supermarkets, souvenir shops in Frankfurt city, Germany.

Best Germany souvenirs: Original Souvenir Piece of the Berlin Wall

If you have learned about the history of Germany, you probably know that the Berlin Wall is a symbol of the painful past and many ups and downs of the capital Berlin and Germany. The importance of this work in terms of history makes many tourists hunt for wall pieces as an unmatched souvenir when coming to Germany.

| best souvenirs from germany

Then you can also buy these pieces of the wall to make really meaningful souvenirs for your friends and relatives. To buy the original pieces, try looking in the souvenir shops near the Berlin Wall Memorial, and if the price is not too expensive plus the paint on the wall piece is to your liking, then decide to buy.

Other souvenir items

In addition to the German gifts mentioned above, you can also choose other unique gifts depending on your preferences and needs. Some other suggestions such as macaroons, beer, porcelain cups, T-shirts, canvas shoes… are also interesting options. Remember, no matter what gift it is, just showing your heart is already very respectful!

Where to buy?

Munich Old Town

Kaufingerstrasse | what should i buy in germany

To be able to buy many gifts, you should choose compact but “German” items when coming here. You should not miss souvenir shopping paradises like Neuhauserstrasse or Kaufingerstrasse in Munich Old Town with more than hundreds of stalls and department stores of different sizes.

Hohe Strasse, Schildergasse shopping streets in Cologne

Hohe Strasse

These shopping places are especially suitable for those who love walking and shopping. They have a variety of shops selling clothes, shoes, jewelry… And there are also shopping malls that visitors can visit here such as Galeria Kaufhof, Peek & Cloppenburg… You can also buy meaningful souvenirs when coming to these famous shopping streets. Especially celebrate Christmas with many attractive promotions from famous brands.

Schildergasse is also as busy and bustling as Hohe with a series of fashion, cosmetic and souvenir shops. Shops here will have jubilant promotions in the time before Carnival or Christmas. If you travel to Germany at this time, you will surely be “fascinated” by the attractive sale-off signs. You can buy a shirt for only $9 – $29.

Schildergasse Street

Kurfurstendamm fashion shopping street, Berlin

The capital Berlin is famous for its busy fashion streets like Tauentzien or Friedrich. Kurfürstendamm is a whole 4km long shopping street covered with brands like Esprit, Mango, Zara, H&M… extremely familiar to mid-range brands like Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger… and indispensable famous luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Valentino or Hermes.

| what to buy in germany

KaDeWe Department Store, Berlin

Address: Tauentzienstraße 21-24, 10789 Berlin, Germany
Hours: 10AM–8PM/Sunday: 1–8PM

| what to buy in germany

Berlin is the most ideal destination for shopping activities. KaDeWe is considered the most famous center of the 25 ideal places to visit in Berlin as voted by The Rough Guide to Berlin (John Gawthrop). KaDeWe is designed in a luxurious style, creating a feeling of overwhelming for customers because of the impressive layouts of thousands of brands. The leading fashion brands that are indispensable here are Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Valentino, Dior or Gucci…

Galeries Lafayette

In addition, if you have come to Berlin, you should also stop by to visit and shop at Galeries Lafayette. This is also a shopping mall worth the money because of the most luxurious and expensive in Germany at the moment.

Peek & Cloppenburg Department Store

Address: Zeil 71-75, 60313 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Hours: 10AM–8PM/Sunday: Closed

This is a famous department store brand with high-end designs located in the city of Frankfurt, Germany. This place also regularly has clothing discounts for different customers such as women, men and children. Especially if you are a person who is passionate about electronic music, DJ should not miss this shopping place on Saturday afternoons because they often host music parties with the participation of DJs.

Kleinmarkthalle Market

| what to buy in germany

Address: Hasengasse 5-7, 60311 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Hours: 8AM–6PM/Saturday: 8AM–4PM/Sunday: Closed

The shopping destination for food items is rich and bustling in Germany must mention Kleinmarkthalle Market. It has a wide variety of items such as fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and German sausages. There are also baked foods and a variety of prepared foods ready to serve diners when visiting this market.

Germany shopping guide: A few notes when shopping in Germany

There are too many suggestions for souvenir items in Germany as mentioned above and the ideal shopping places for you to choose from, but to have a meaningful trip and buy the right items, you also need to note a few things are as follows:

  • The best time to go shopping in Germany would be between mid-July and mid-January every year. Do you know why? Because these are the two biggest sales seasons of the year in Germany. At this time, you will buy valuable and meaningful items at extremely favorable prices.
  • To buy goods in Germany, you need to exchange money to Euro. You can exchange at banks or many places that still accept payment via Visa or Master Card.
  • Only holders of foreign passports and short-term German visas of less than 90 days are eligible for a tax refund when shopping in Germany. Therefore, we should pay attention to balance the price when buying so that it is reasonable.

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