Boracay is the most famous of the famous islands in the Philippines, it attracts tourists in the region as well as around the world with its towering coconut trees, fine white beaches sand and beautiful turquoise seas. So, is Boracay worth visiting, how to visit Boracay, what to do in Boracay? Let’s check out our Boracay blog (Boracay travel blog, Boracay travel guide blog) with the fullest Boracay travel guide (Boracay city guide, Boracay guide) from how to get to Boracay, best places to visit as well as top things to do in Boracay to help you maximize your trip as follows!

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Boracay Island is super beautiful, the water is turquoise and clear with white sand stretching along the coast. The island is known as one of the places you should visit once in your life. | boracay travel blog
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Located more than 300km south of the capital Manila, the “pearl of the Philippines” has a total of 13 long beaches. With tall coconut trees, swaying in the wind, gentle waves, gently rippling, fine white sand and blue water seem to blend into one with the sky in the distance, Boracay is like a beautiful girl, captivating any tourist who has ever set foot here.

Overview of Boracay (# boracay travel blog)

Boracay location on the Philippines map | boracay travel blog

Boracay is a small island with a total length of 7km, an area of approximately more than 10km2, located in Aklan province and more than 300km south of the Philippine capital Manila. Come to Boracay on sunny days, calm sea and gentle breeze to feel how dreamy and lyrical nature is! The simple but not at all ordinary beauty is hidden behind the vast coconut groves, smooth white sand beach and clear turquoise sea water that can be seen at the bottom. Welcoming the sunrise every morning or sunset every afternoon is brilliant and full of vitality, making your travel experiences more authentic and lively.

Boracay is the most famous island in the Philippines with exciting beach activities, white sand beaches, vibrant nightlife parties and luxury resorts. | boracay travel blog

This island is divided into 2 main areas. If the Station 1, 2, 3 areas located in the West is always bustling and crowded with tourists, the Eastern and Northern areas of Bulabog have a more peaceful and quiet atmosphere.

Another impressive thing about Boracay that many people love is that environmental protection here is always a top priority. On long beaches, it is truly difficult to find a single piece of trash. That’s because all people on the island are always aware of the importance of the environmental protection and always comply with strict regulations. Things that can cause pollution such as eating, smoking, littering, bringing pets or simply building sandcastles on the beach are also prohibited. Those are the things that make anyone who comes to Boracay unforgettable.

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When to visit Boracay? (# boracay blog)

The best time to visit Boracay is from October to May next year. During this time the average temperature ranges from 25° to 32°C, and it is the dry season in the Philippines. The Philippines’ climate is heavily influenced by the sea, with storms often coming and going all year round, so you need to monitor the weather forecast regularly and carefully before you go.

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The weather is still nice in September, but unfortunately it can rain. October – December has more storms and rain. The best time to go to the Philippines is from February to early June.

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Getting to Boracay (# boracay travel guide blog)

By air

There are currently no direct flights from Vietnam to Boracay, you have to transit to Manila and Singapore.

Traveling from Manila to Boracay can be done by plane or boat. Of course, you should choose to fly, the boat takes a long time at sea and is tiring. There are 2 options if flying (Philippines airlines or low-cost airline Cebu Pacific).

Boracay/Caticalan airport | boracay travel blog

Boracay Island is a small island located next to the large island of Aklan. On Aklan island there are 2 airports, the closest to Boracay is Caticlan airport and another airport in Kalibo city. From Caticlan airport to the pier is very close, and from the airport in Kalibo it takes 2 hours by bus to get to the pier.

Manila – Caticlan:

  • The advantage is that this airport is only 10 minutes from the port to Boracay island by trycicle.
  • The downside is that tickets for this route are often very expensive and with less promotions.

From Caticlan airport to the ferry port for 50 PHP/vehicle/3 people, note that you can leave the airport yourself and catch a Tricycle. Be careful not to buy the full package service to the island because they often say it’s double the challenge.

Caticlan street | boracay travel blog
Caticlan Port, where to buy tickets to Boracay. From here to the island it takes about 15 minutes by boat | boracay travel blog

Manila – Kalibo

  • Kalibo is a small city about 90km south of Boracay. The advantage of this option is that tickets are cheap and often have promotions.
  • Disadvantage: It takes another 1.5 hours to catch the bus to Caticlan port.

I chose this way because the ticket is about half cheaper, moreover, the 1.5 hour bus ride is not too long, and the view of the mountains and forests along the road is also very beautiful.

From Kalibo, you can buy bus tickets from Southwest Tour Boracay and also buy ferry tickets to the island, and pick up buses to the hotel are also available.

Take a boat to the island (# boracay travel blog)

No matter which way you go, you still need to go to Caticlan port to buy a boat ticket to get to the island. In addition to the ticket price, you also have to pay an environmental protection fee and something else.

But when I returned, I took a small boat and the ticket was almost half cheaper (when I went, I didn’t know where to buy a small boat ticket, so it was a bit expensive).

Boracay Island’s port (Cagban Jetty Port) | boracay travel blog

It takes about 15 minutes by boat to reach the island, and what you will see will be the most beautiful island you have ever seen in your life, with clear, turquoise water that makes you want to jump right in.

From Boracay, you will take the trycicle to get to the hotel (you should book before going).

Be careful not to confuse the trycicle with an electric car, the price of an electric car is up to 200php, while a trycicle is only around 20-50php (the price to get to White Beach, just give driver money when you get off as if you already know the price, don’t ask the price).

Getting around Boracay Island (# boracay guide)

You can take a taxi, but it’s cheaper and more convenient to take a Tricycle. The price is also quite cheap, from 30 – 50 PHP/person.

On Boracay Island, there are also public transportation for tourists to get around.

Tricycle (a 3-wheeled motorbike similar to a rickshaw in Vietnam). This is the most popular means of transportation and is present everywhere on the island. When you go, you have to bargain price, it can carry a maximum of 4 people.

Tricycles | boracay travel blog

Motorbike: You can rent a motorbike to explore the island on your own. The roads on the island are not very wide and flat, so you should be careful when driving.

Taxi: Taxi in Boracay is not like a car but is also type of a rickshaw but will be larger and more beautiful, can carry a maximum of 10 people.

Rent a boat: If you go in a large group, you can rent a boat to visit the islands in Boracay or go on a paraw sailboat to watch the sunset.

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Where to go and what to do in Boracay? (# boracay travel blog)

Not only does it have charming, picturesque scenery with white sand, golden sunshine and blue sea, Boracay is also known as an ideal place to participate in adventure sports. Therefore, when you come to this paradise island, you cannot help but do the following.

Top things to do in Boracay | boracay travel blog

Explore breathtakingly beautiful beaches

Of the total 13 beaches, White Beach and Bulabog are the most famous ones. Not only is the water level shallow and the waves gentle, but the poetic beauty here also attracts visitors. Especially when the sun gradually falls to the West, the color of the sea water will slowly change color to blend with the color of the sky, creating an extremely romantic sunset at sea. How wonderful is the feeling of sitting on a boat, floating on the sea and immersing yourself in the vast nature!

White Beach

Surely you have seen many images of White Beach in the mass media, right? If you see White Beach in real life, you will be amazed by the increasingly upgraded appearance of this island. Boracay has two stretches of coastline, the east side is Bulabog and the west side is White Beach for you to freely experience.

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White Beach occupies more than half of Boracay’s west coast and is the most vibrant, bustling and popular beach on the island. This beach stretching over 4 km is the ideal place to admire the beautiful sunset over the sea.

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White Beach is considered the main area of Boracay island, occupying about 4km in length. Only a short 4km but divided into three quite attractive areas: Station 1, Station 2 and Station 3. Each Station has its own characteristics and special attraction, there are symbols that only White Beach can have.

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If Station 1 is located isolated in the calm waters of the North, it contains a gentle, seductive beauty with a long coastline, white sand and clear water that is quite peaceful and pristine, then Station 2 includes markets, crowded and bustling restaurants and eateries and peaceful, Station 3 with a quiet space and beautiful natural scenery.

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Bulabog Beach

The weather in Boracay is quite cool, sunny and dry from February to May, this time there are no storms, so this is also a suitable time to visit Bulabog Beach. The main sport here is windsurfing, this is the most favorite sport of all tourists.

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The weather in Boracay is quite cool, sunny and dry from February to May, this time there are no storms, so this is also a suitable time to visit Bulabog Beach. The main sport here is windsurfing, this is the most favorite sport of all tourists.

Puka Shell Beach

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Located at the northern tip of Boracay Island, Puka Shell is surrounded by dense forests so it has a cool climate all year round. Coming to Puka Shell beach, visitors can participate in many exciting activities such as kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, swimming, volleyball and experience massage services on the beach.

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Tambisaan Beach

Are you a surfing enthusiast and love adventure sports? If so, then Tambisaan Beach is paradise just for you. Thanks to possessing the best natural conditions, Tambisaan Beach creates its own mark in the hearts of tourists. This place is not only the best diving location on Boracay island but also extremely famous throughout the Philippines.

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Located in the southeast of Boracay island, Tambisaan beach is not heavily exploited for tourism. Although there are still a few resorts and restaurants nearby, this beach is not too noisy or crowded like White Beach.

The waves are neither too strong nor too weak, plus the wind conditions are quite ideal for successful surfing. Professional riders also come to Tambisaan Beach many times to practice, improve their skills, and if you come here, you can also organize a small-scale surfing competition!

Balinghai Beach

Located on a cove between Diniwid and Punta Bunga beaches, Balinghai is a semi-private beach and the only way to get there is through the Banglihai Beach resort. Designed in a simple and rustic style, this 3-star resort is an ideal place to stop when visiting Balinghai beach.

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This small bay area is owned by Balinghai Beach Resort so it is extremely private and deserted. Although this place does not fully exploit tourism in some areas, if you want to go inside you will have to pay a fee of 500 pesos to enter. At Balinghai Beach, there are very wild and majestic vertical rock crevices in the middle of the vast coastline. The waves crashing against the shore create rumbling sounds that are very pleasant and relaxing. Balinghai Beach is suitable for you to find as a “private space” for yourself, relax and relax your soul to feel the sound of ocean waves, the sound of freedom!

Diniwid Beach

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Located not far north of White Beach, Diniwid is a lovely, peaceful small beach. There is a Spider bar with a very unique design, a great place to rest, swim and watch the sunset.

Where to stay?

Boracay has 2 sides facing the sea: Bulabog (East Coast) and White Beach (West Coast). If you love quietness and want to relax, you should choose a hotel in the Bulabog area. If you want the hustle and bustle, choose the White Beach area and the hotel price here is cheaper than Bulabog.

Because it is a tourist place that welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors each month (mainly Chinese and Korean), the room prices are not cheap. The average hotel price is around 2,500-4,000php/night. There are also many cheap homestays around 1,000-1,600php/night, but they are usually located a bit deep in the alleys, making traveling a bit tiring.

If you like to go backpacking, you can research at Couchsurfing or dorm (shared accommodation) which will only cost about 2-600php/night.

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If your budget is good, you should stay near the beaches, so you can comfortably go to the beach because the beach hotels are built close to each other without leaving any alleys to go to the beach… So if you choose an inconvenient place, you will have to walk a long way to get to the beach.


Advantages: Beautiful, luxurious, suitable if you want to relax and love quietness. Disadvantages: Quiet and high price.

  • Fridays Boracay Resort (Agoda, Booking)
  • Henann Regency Resort And Spa (Agoda, Booking)
  • Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort and Spa Philippines (Agoda, Booking)
  • Movenpick Resort & Spa Boracay (Agoda, Booking)
  • Crimson Resort and Spa Boracay (Agoda, Booking)
  • The Piccolo Hotel of Boracay: The price is not too expensive – about $45-$90/night but I saw good reviews, very popular. (Agoda, Booking)

Homestay/Cheap hotels

Advantages: Cheap. Disadvantages: Some places have to walk quite far and are ugly and dirty. (Just a few. And the cheap criterion here is $45 and down)

Hotels at White Beach – Station 2

White Beach – Station 2 is a paradise for young people and those who love a joyful and bustling atmosphere. Every night, tourists flock to Station 2 for entertainment because this place has countless bars, restaurants and shopping centers. Below are some highly rated hotels in this area:

Cheap hotels

Mid-range hotels

  • Villa Sunset Resort: price from 4100 pesos (Agoda, Booking)
  • Beach Chalets: 50 USD in low season and 100 USD in peak season (Agoda, Booking)
| boracay blog

Hotel at White Beach – Station 1

White Beach – Station 1 is chosen by many couples as well as well-off tourists or those traveling with families because it is quiet and not too crowded. The beach in this area is very spacious and clean, the water is quite shallow, suitable for children. However, there are not many options left for dining and nightlife activities. Some of the best hotels on this beach are:

Cheap hotel

Mid-range hotels

| boracay blog

Hotels at White Beach – Station 3

With beautiful scenery and a peaceful atmosphere, White Beach – Station 3 is a great place for tourists who love nature. This place also concentrates many budget hotels as well as bars and clubs with prices that are not too high.

Cheap hotels

Mid-range hotels

Hotels at Bulabog beach

Bulabog Beach is suitable for couples, tourists traveling with families or simply loving the quietness here. This beach has many restaurants, bars, and many accommodation options with hotels and resorts with standards from 2 to 5 stars.

Cheap hotels

Mid-range hotels

High-end hotels and resorts

| boracay blog

Hotels in Balabag beach and other areas

Cheap hotel


  • Boracay Holiday Resort: price from 2200 pesos (Agoda, Booking)
  • Gran Prix Boracay Hideaway: price from 3500 pesos

Below we recommend more best budget, mid-range and upscale hotels with good ratings and reviews you can refer to.

Henann Regency Resort and Spa (Agoda, Booking)

  • Location: Beachfront, Station 2, Boracay Island, Balabag, Station 2, Boracay Island
  • Price: from $70/room/night

Advantages: It can be said that the service quality of Henann Regency Resort and Spa is unquestionable compared to the price that customers have to spend.

| boracay blog

With a location that can be said to be “favorable”, the resort not only has a romantic sea view but is also very close to famous attractions and amusement parks on the island. Besides, all rooms of the resort have a luxurious and spacious design with an area of up to 54 square meters.

The resort is also very worthy of 5-star status when fully equipped with basic room services along with full common services: from swimming pool, gym, to bar or spa area for guests to relax. relaxing roof.

Shangri-La Boracay (Agoda, Booking)

Advantages: It can be said that this is a suitable choice for vacationers with the most classy services and amenities. With a complex of villas up to 266 square meters, with a private swimming pool, overlooking Punta Bunga beach with picturesque scenery.

Shangri La | boracay blog

Every detail in each room exudes luxury. With sophisticated design, elegant colors and wide open space, the rooms at Shangri-La Boracay bring paradise closer to guests.

It can be seen that the service quality is completely worth the cost that tourists have to spend. However, it can be seen that the room rates is relatively high compared to other hotels in the area.

The Lind Boracay (Agoda, Booking)

The Lind Boracay | boracay blog

Advantages: The first outstanding impression when coming here is the extremely unique design, which cannot help but make customers admire from the first moment they enter. Along with that is a rare prime location, 0.31 km from Air Juan Boracay Seaplane Terminal Seaplane Base. That’s why the hotel has a free airport pick-up and drop-off service for guests.

Besides, the entertainment activities here are also very diverse. The Lind Boracay hotel has a sunbathing area, spa, gym, tennis court, etc. Tourists can find almost everything right at the hotel they are staying at.

Check out more top and best hotels in Boracay on or

Island hopping

| boracay blog

This is the tour most loved by tourists in Boracay. Just rent a small boat or go on a group tour for half a day and you can freely visit Boracay’s most beautiful beaches such as Puka Beach, Crocodile Beach, and Tambisaan Beach. These tours usually include a buffet lunch.

You must definitely spend a day to take an island hopping tour to explore around the island.

Around 8:00 a.m., going to Station 2 (White Beach is divided into 3 beaches: Station 1, 2, 3, Station 1 is the most beautiful), there are many tour sellers there.

| boracay blog

Usually the Boracay tour price is about 700~800php/person depending on what you bargain for. The above price includes a lunch so I think it is very cheap. If you go in a group, book a private tour (the whole boat is yours) and the price per person is much cheaper.

Tours will depart from 9am. The tours are usually the same, the difference is that they offer 2 spots for guests to choose from: Ariels Point to jump off cliffs into the sea or Cristal Cove island – this is an island with many stunning photo spots.

You can only choose 1 of 2. Wherever you want to go, they take you there and then take the remaining guests to the remaining spots.

Rest assured that they will schedule a time to come back to pick you up, so keep an eye out.

I recommend renting a separate boat because that way you can reach both spots above.

If you like jumping off cliffs, choose Ariels Point. If you like taking photos, choose Crystal Cove.

| boracay blog

After visiting one of these two spots, you will be able to go snorkeling to see fish and coral nearby. (Don’t be foolish enough to step on or break coral or you will be fined). Next, go have lunch on a nearby island.

| boracay blog

| boracay blog
Crystal Cove | boracay blog

After eating and resting, we will go to Puka Beach (this beach is very beautiful and is an ideal spot to watch the sunrise on the island).

Puka beach
| boracay blog
| boracay travel guide

After exploring here, you will depart for the starting point and end the tour at around 3-4pm. And you can continue swimming at White Beach to watch the sunset near Willys Rock at Station 1 to end the day, or if you want more, you can rent a sailboat to go out to watch the sunset.

The sunset in Boracay is very beautiful. You should rent a sailboat to go out to sea to watch the beautiful sunset | boracay travel guide

You go to Station 1, 2 to play a lot of rides, activities: Scuba diving (diving to see coral with an air tank for about 30-45 minutes) with average price is 3,000php, there are places to bargain down to 2,700 pesos.

Diving will take about 3 hours, I think you will enjoy diving. This diving requires you to have a license. If you don’t have one, you will be guided and taught quite carefully so you don’t have to worry about it.

I scuba dived at Free Willy Diving for a fairly cheap price: 2,700php/time | boracay travel guide
| boracay travel guide

In addition, there are many other activities that I have not tried and do not like (because there are also in Vietnam) such as canoe surfing, parasailing, diving with a helmet (if you have Scuba diving, you don’t need to try this).

And there’s SUP boating as shown below…

| boracay travel guide
Island Foot Spa (There are also many foot massage shops along the coast for tourists who walk a lot) | boracay travel guide

Scuba diving and snorkeling

Rihiveli by Castaway Hotels & Escapes,best affordable maldives resorts,best budget hotels in maldives,best budget resorts in maldives (1)
Scuba diving | boracay travel guide

There are a total of 15 diving spots for you to choose from to explore the underwater world in Boracay. Often visitors will be surprised and delighted when they see with their own eyes the colorful coral reefs and underground cave systems under the sea.

Snorkeling | boracay travel guide


| boracay travel guide

You will definitely enjoy being able to admire the natural beauty from above and feel the thrill of being pulled through the sky off the coast of Bulabog by canoes. Don’t forget to bring your camera because the staff on the boat will dedicatedly help you capture these wonderful moments.

Paraw sailing

| boracay travel guide

Paraw is a traditional Philippine boat with two oars on both sides of the boat. Get on the boat and get used to controlling it, then let the wind take you to wonderful places around the island in the brilliant sunset.

Cliff jumping

| boracay travel guide

Cliff jumping is a sport for those who love adventure and conquest. Maybe for those who are new to trying it, jumping down from a steep cliff and then plunging into the ocean looks very scary, so at Ariel’s Point resort, they designed 5 jumping platforms from low to high so that visitors can test their courage.

Fly Fish

This is a ride for those who love sensory games. Imagine how much fun it would be if you were able to climb a giant inflatable fish and then be pulled along by a canoe.

Zorb and Zipline

| boracay travel guide

With the Zorb game, visitors will get into a large transparent ball and will be released from a hill. If you are more courageous, you can try ziplining by swinging from a height of 80 feet and falling into the sea.

Helmet diving

| boracay travel guide

In addition, when you come to Boracay, you will have the opportunity to participate in Helmet diving – walking under the sea with the help of scuba diving equipment to see extremely brilliant corals and marine species. A Helmet diving tour costs about 1,500 pesos. You can also take commemorative photos as a gift. Another equally interesting activity is Hoping Island Tour including visiting Crocodile Island, visiting Puka beach, diving to see coral, swimming…

Drive an ATV

Koh samui
ATV riding | boracay travel guide

You can participate in off-road driving to the top of Mount Luho, the highest peak of Boracay Island. Although the terrain here is not as great as Mayon volcano, if you have never tried this type of entertainment, you will definitely have interesting experiences.

Mermaid swimming

Mermaid Swimming School Philippines offers tail swimming courses. If you don’t want to learn, you can rent a mermaid costume to take super unique photos.

Sports on the beach

Bring a ball when traveling to Boracay because whether you are a volleyball or soccer fan, you can play on the wonderful white sand here.

Baclayon Church

| boracay travel guide

Baclayon Church is a Roman Catholic church built in 1596 and upgraded to a parish in 1717. In 2010, it was recognized as a national cultural treasure. In 2013, this church was seriously damaged by a 7.2-magnitude earthquake and was forced to be rebuilt from 2014 to 2018. However, the renovation process kept the ancient architecture intact.

Visitors can visit this place easily by bus or jeep. So if you love the atmosphere of the church and want to admire the ancient beauty here, don’t forget to visit!

Camogao Waterfall

Looking down from above, Camogao Waterfall looks like a long white hair, draped over the mountainside, suddenly appearing in the wild dense forest, creating an extremely mysterious beauty.

Tourists coming here can not only see its external beauty but can also immerse themselves in the fresh, cool water. All the previous worries and discomforts seemed to be washed away and flowed away with the flow of water. Maybe that’s why more and more people come here to relax.

Neighboring islands of Boracay

Crystal Cove Island

Crystal Cove is true to its name, this island has crystal clear water and white sand. To come here, you have to take a boat tour, the tour will take you to visit many islands in 1 day. There are many activities on Crystal Cove Island such as: trekking, exploring & swimming caves, sunbathing, diving to see coral, and kayaking.

Crocodile Island

| boracay travel guide

Located southeast of Boracay Island, Crocodile Island is only about 500 meters from Tambisaan beach. The island was named as above because its shape looks like a crocodile lying waiting for prey. Crocodile Island is considered one of the most beautiful diving places in the Philippines with its rich and diverse marine flora and fauna. Island tours often visit this island to snorkel and see the coral.

Panay Island

| boracay travel guide blog

Panay Island is a popular day trip destination from Boracay. Especially at the resort called Ariel’s Point located in the northwest of this island, visitors can participate in many recreational activities such as cliff diving, kayaking, etc.

Magic Island

Located south of Crystal Cove Island, Magic Island is a place not to be missed if you want to challenge yourself with the thrilling game of cliff jumping on the Visayan Sea. There are 5 rocky shores with different heights, from 3, 5, 8, 9 and even 10 meters above sea level.

Carabao Island

| boracay travel guide blog

8km north of Boracay, Carabao has not been developed much for tourism, so it still retains its inherent wildness. On Carabao Island there are two main beaches: Lanas in the west and San Jose in the east. Diving centers and travel companies in Boracay regularly organize day trips by speedboat to the island.


At night in Boracay it is very busy, walking along Station 1, 2, 3 there are countless restaurants, bars, fire dancing, etc.

| boracay travel guide blog

There are some quite famous bars: The Hobbit (in Dmall with the style of the Lord of the Rings movie, only dwarves serve here).

Exit bar (this bar is luxurious), Cocomangas, Club Paraw, Coco bar,… when I went, I went to each bar to sit for a while.

You can buy a bar tour will be able to go with a group to enter about 4 or 6 bars, free admission + drinks, and also receive a tour shirt.

What do you think about fun and entertainment activities on the beach, typically beach clubs, to satisfy your passion for conquering and watching the ocean with a cool drink in hand. In Boracay, there are 5 beach clubs that you must try to have a dream trip: Epic Boracay, Aplaya Beach Bar, Cha Cha’s Beach Cafe, Red Coconut Beach Hotel Boracay and Al Fresco.

boracay night party 2
| boracay travel guide blog

The exciting “Night life” parties on Boracay island come from bustling sounds and lights, celebratory tunes from top DJs, bringing an extremely wonderful experience. Continue your Boracay island travel experiences when stopping at Willy’s Rock. This place is the ultimate virtual living spot of the beautiful island. Relax on the large and small islands that appear when the tide recedes, leaving behind a negligible amount of water. Willy’s Rock has a statue of the Virgin Mary and classical stairs carved directly into the rock. Indigenous people say this is a symbolic Christian place, attracting Catholics to visit.

boracay night party 2
| boracay travel guide blog

At Cocomangas Shooter Bar there is a challenge of drinking 15 different cups of wine mixed by the owner. Anyone who can still stand after drinking will be given a gift, honored with their name and national flag on the shop. If you go in winter, you should try it.

Here are some of the coolest bars and nightclubs in Boracay:

  • Epic Boracay (Station 2)
  • Boracay PubCrawl (Station 2)
  • Club Paraw (Station 1)
  • Red Pirates Pub (Station 3)
  • Guilly’s Island (Station 1)
  • Summer Place (Station 2)
  • Boracay Star (Station 3)
boracay night party 2
Beach party | boracay travel guide blog

What to eat?

Coming to Boracay, you have the opportunity to enjoy delicious dishes made from the most delicious seafood, prepared in a unique Filipino way.

Boracay cuisine can be summarized through this Menu! Everything is available. | boracay travel guide blog

The food is very diverse and rich here, with a variety of European and Asian cuisines.
I also don’t know what to advise people to eat because there are so many strange dishes that I can’t remember the names. But you can try the buffet here (price is about 450php). You ask for directions to D talipapa to buy seafood (remember to bargain) and then go to a store to hire someone to cook it.

In addition, eating and drinking in D mall will be cheaper than outside on the beach.

Entrance gate to D’mall. D’Mall: a Small mall for dining and shopping near Station 2 | boracay travel guide blog

Especially when going to Philippines, you should eat a lot of fruit. The fruit here is very fresh and delicious. Mango shake with coconut water are my two favorite dishes.

In Boracay you can find many restaurants along the beach in D’mall area – the central area of the island. Some delicious dishes you should try like crepes, seafood, fruits like mango, banana, pineapple…

Hamburger – Bite Club Grilled Burgers: If you want to enjoy this delicious Hamburger, you should go to Station 1 neighborhood of White Beach. You just need to step foot into this neighborhood and you will smell the fragrant aroma.

Hamburger and burrito | boracay travel guide blog

Burrito: This is a roll dish and is for two people. Because for one person to enjoy this dish, it would be impossible to eat it.

Deep Fried Pork Trotters with Salt and Pepper: This dish is considered quite unique in Boracay. This dish will be served with a very special sauce. Mayonnaise is the main ingredient of this sauce.

Nachos: This is one of the dishes that is considered the easiest for everyone to eat. You can use this dish with meat and then add a little specially prepared sauce.

Seafood restaurant

There are many fresh seafood restaurants to suit all different tastes and preferences of diners. Some highly rated seafood restaurants in Boracay include:

  • D’Talipapa Market (Tambisaan Jetty Port Road in Boracay)
  • Dos Mestizos (located between Stations 2 and 3)
  • Tilapia ’n Chip (Tambisaan Jetty Port Road in Boracay)
  • Mama’s Fish House (Diniwid Beach)
  • Nami Boracay Restaurant (Diniwid Beach)
  • Sea Breeze Café (Station 2)
  • Local restaurant
D’Talipapa Market | boracay travel guide blog

For visitors who want to enjoy local dishes, there are many options from high-end to affordable. Here are some of Boracay’s best Filipino restaurants:

  • Smoke Restaurant (At the market in D’mall)
  • D’Talipapa Market (Tambisaan Jetty Port Road in Boracay)
  • Cha Cha’s Beach Café (Station 2)
  • Hoy Panga Boracay (Station 2)
  • Subo Boracay (Station 3)

What to buy?

If you want to shop for souvenirs, you should go to the E’mall at Station 3 which has a lot of items and extremely cheap prices. If you want to find more high-end items, you can go to stores in the D’mall.

You can shop for souvenirs or necessities at the largest shopping center on Boracay island – D’mall. This center is located near beach 2, White Beach. Or you can go to D’talipapa at beach 3 to buy fresh food or seafood. Prices for necessities here are often cheaper than at D’mall and are often discounted up to 25%.

In addition to these 2 shopping centers, you can also go to the night market. And this is also the favorite shopping place of tourists. You can look, try and buy or not buy anything without worrying about the seller’s attitude, solicitation or price gouging at Boracay night market. Especially here you also have the opportunity to enjoy rich and unique street food.

Souvenirs and decorations: Souvenir keychains are small, beautiful, simple but extremely unique and eye-catching items with all shapes and sizes, if bought as gifts for loved ones, it is extremely meaningful.

Kaycee Shoes: A typical souvenir that every tourist must have when visiting Boracay Island in the Philippines. Kaycee sandals come in all different sizes, patterns and colors, so visitors can easily buy a suitable pair of sandals as a gift.

Must buy in Philippines Kaycee Slippers (1)
| cheap things to buy in philippines

Jewelry: Pearl jewelry is a quite luxurious gift that tourists often buy to give to their loved ones. Visitors can buy raw, shiny pearls or buy jewelry made from pearls.

Handicrafts: The island nation of the Philippines is a land famous for its traditional craft of weaving. Items that tourists can buy are: Fabric bags, woven clothes, scarves, wallets, etc. With beautiful fabrics and rich designs.

Before buying anything, remember to ask the price first. Because in Boracay, like many other tourist destinations, the sellers always say overpriced for foreign tourists. So be careful!

Boracay itinerary 4 days

Day 1: Hanoi – Manila, Manila – Kalibo/Caticlan. If traveling from Kalibo, take the bus to Caticlan which takes 1.5 hours

Caticlan: Take the boat to the island -> return to the hotel. In the evening, go to D mall to have dinner and then walk along the beach to have fun

Day 2: Go on Hopping tour -> return in the evening to buy seafood at D talipapa and have dinner then play at White Beach.

Day 3: Morning stroll, sightseeing, and rest at White beach. In the afternoon, go Scuba Diving. Let’s have a buffet dinner then hang out along the beach and go bars.

Day 4: Depending on the flight you booked, you can check out at any time, because the flight from Manila to Hanoi is around 10pm, so returning from Caticlan/Kalibo in the afternoon is OK. But coming back from the morning wandering around the airport is also boring. When return, I thought I should fly from Caticlan quickly, and return to Kalibo is tired.

Travel costs

I summarize as I remember, there may be errors but not much.

  • Bus Kalibo -> Caticlan: $2.5
  • Boat + environmental protection fee Caticlan -> Boracay: $5.7
  • Breakfast: $10
  • Average meal for lunch and dinner: $6/meal -> 5 meals = $30.5 (eat comfortably)
  • Drinking beer for a few days: $12.20
  • Miscellaneous expenses: snacks, water: $13
  • Hotel for about 4 days and 3 nights (choose a room around $21.55/night, there are cheaper rooms depending on you): $82
  • Hoping island: $15
  • Travel: $5
  • Return boat ticket: $2.5
  • If you want to scuba diving, it’s about $61. Otherwise, the TOTAL cost for the reference trip will be about $175 (with diving, it’s $236).

Please note that the price also changes over time. When I went, it might have been this price, but now you go, it might be more expensive or cheaper. The above price is just for reference. If you save money, you can still get it cheaper.

Airplane costs, if you can find cheap tickets, will be about $163 per person.

Total damage is about $325~$365 for a trip like this, in my opinion it is equivalent to going to Thailand.

Some tips before you go

  • When exchanging money, crumpled, folded, or discolored bills will have a low exchange rate and sometimes they won’t even accept them.
  • On Boracay Island, there are many means of transportation. A typical example is the Tricycle vehicle. One thing to note is that there are no taxis in Boracay.
  • If the car has a passenger compartment at the back, it will be able to carry more people. When traveling by this means, you need to negotiate the price in advance with the driver.
  • The cuisine here is very diverse so you need to pay attention to food safety. Pay attention to the locations of the counter and take a quick look at the cooking tools before eating.

Some best day tours, trips, activities and transfer services, tickets in, from and to Boracay you can refer to

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