Suzhou cuisine is famous for fresh local ingredients such as seasonal vegetables or specialty freshwater fish along with elaborate and sophisticated preparation. Along with the development of the tourism industry, Suzhou cuisine has been enhanced with much greater diversity and variety. Visitors coming here can comfortably enjoy typical local dishes or European-style restaurants, Muslim, vegetarian cuisine… all of which can be easily found in the central districts of the city. So, where to eat in Suzhou? Let’s check out our top rated 11+ best restaurants in Suzhou (Suzhou best restaurants) as follows!

Taihu lake white fish, must-eat in Suzhou.
Suzhou cuisine | best restaurants in suzhou
Suzhou mooncake

In this article, we will introduce to you some unique and tourist-friendly places to eat in Suzhou to make it easier for you to experience when traveling to Suzhou.

The restaurants serve local specialties (# best restaurants in suzhou)

Suzhou dimsum

Any tourist traveling to a new land wants to enjoy the typical cuisine of that locality. This is not simply a dish but also a cultural and traditional characteristic of that land. For Suzhou, traditional cuisine is many times more proud because of its rich history, food quality and elaborate, healthy preparation. Emperor Qianlong loved Suzhou cuisine so much that he asked a Suzhou chef to serve him at the Forbidden City. Because of that tradition, today restaurants in Suzhou serve not only delicious but also extremely beautiful dishes made from the products of this land.

Wansan Braised Pig’s Trotters | best restaurants in suzhou

Deyuelou (# best restaurants in suzhou)

Established during the reign of Emperor Jiajing of the Ming Dynasty, Deyuelou restaurant has a history of more than 400 years. This ancient restaurant specializes in serving local Suzhou cuisine with a menu of more than 300 dishes.

| best restaurants in suzhou
| best restaurants in suzhou

The most famous dish here is the freshwater fish dish, which is prepared quite elaborately by filleting into small pieces still attached to the bones and then covered with sweet and sour sauce. This beautiful and delicious dish was once loved by Emperor Qianlong. Other traditional dishes such as braised pork, peeled shrimp or typical cakes are served here. The restaurant still retains its ancient architecture and spacious, comfortable space.

| best restaurants in suzhou

| best restaurants in suzhou
  • Address: No. 43 Taijian Lane, Guanqian Road, Pingjiang District
  • Reference price: about 135 RMB/person


| best restaurants in suzhou

Another famous restaurant in Suzhou to enjoy traditional local cuisine is Songhelou restaurant. This restaurant is located in the busiest area of Suzhou and is also considered one of the four most famous restaurants in China. Established in 1737, this restaurant rich in tradition still retains its characteristics from the old days, ensuring the use of the best seasonal ingredients.

| best restaurants in suzhou

Currently this restaurant has 17 branches across the country and 8 branches in Suzhou with the oldest branch located on Guanqian Road.

  • Address: No. 28 Yunhe Street, Yongli Square
  • Reference price: 105 RMB/person

Xiehe (# suzhou best restaurants)

| best restaurants in suzhou

This is also a quite ancient restaurant in Suzhou. Just like other restaurants serving local dishes, Xiehe offers almost a full range of traditional Suzhou dishes, from seasonal mixed vegetables to peeled shrimp and stir-fried eel… at much more affordable prices. This is also a favorite place to eat of local people for their daily meals, making this place an interesting experience for visitors who want to learn more about the dining culture or chat with the people here.

  • Address: No. 15 Phoenix Street, Suzhou
  • Reference price: about 80RMB/person

Tongdexing noodle restaurant

| best restaurants in suzhou

Suzhou noodles have been famous for a long time because of their unique flavor and lot of number of toppings. In 2018, Suzhou noodles set a world record with 518 types of toppings, being honored as the original noodle dish with the most toppings in the world. Therefore, visitors to Suzhou cannot miss this impressive dish. However, there are few restaurants that serve a variety of noodles like Tongdexing restaurant, from the broth to the noodles, there are many options. The cozy space is also a plus point for the restaurant. This will be an ideal place for tourists who want a quick but still filling meal in Suzhou.

| best restaurants in suzhou
  • Address: 624 Shiquan Street, Canglang District
  • Reference price: 38RMB/person

Western restaurants

For many tourists visiting Suzhou, it is difficult for them to enjoy local cuisine during their entire stay here because most tourists comment that the dishes here are quite sweet for their taste. Therefore, while exploring Suzhou, you also need a few more places serving familiar dishes. Below is a list of some restaurants serving Western cuisine you can refer to.

Wang Steak Restaurant

| suzhou best restaurants

Wang Steak Restaurant has been famous for many years in Suzhou for serving excellent, carefully selected steaks. They choose ribs according to a very strict rule: the rib is 17cm long and weighs nearly 500g, meaning there are only six standard ribs per cow. Therefore, the taste of the dishes here is really impressive in both taste and presentation. The restaurant space is also very elegant, the polite and enthusiastic staff will help you have a perfect meal.

credit: jerry tng
| suzhou best restaurants

| suzhou best restaurants
| suzhou best restaurants
  • Address: 158-116 Xinggang Street, Industrial Park
  • Reference price: about 320 RMB/person

Alto Vino Suzhou

| suzhou best restaurants

The luxurious and cozy restaurant located in the Marriott hotel in Suzhou is highly rated on TripAdvisor. This Italian restaurant serves many typical Italian dishes, from pizza to steak, vegetables, seafood and pasta… all presented very delicately and attractively. The wine list here is also very diverse with good quality. If you’re lucky, you may be given homemade lemon liqueur while dining here.

  • Address: 1296 Ganjiang West Road, Suzhou District

Danny’s Kitchen

| suzhou best restaurants

A luxurious restaurant located in a beautiful space by Suzhou’s Jinji Lake will definitely impress you. With a rich menu combining French, Mediterranean and a little Asian cuisine, it will be a great choice for you and your family. You can enjoy a romantic dinner while admiring the view of Jinji Lake at night, or simply have a light meal on the terrace and enjoy panoramic views of this beautiful area.

  • Address: 168 Xinggang Street, Suzhou Industrial Park
  • Reference price: 160 RMB-332 RMB

Muslim restaurants

In fact, Muslim dishes are not only favored by Muslims but also attract many food lovers because of the novelty in the way they are prepared. Below are a few addresses in Suzhou that you can refer to.


| where to eat in suzhou

Beijiang is a famous restaurant in Suzhou specializing in serving halal cuisine to guests. Here, diners can enjoy authentic Xinjiang dishes, such as grilled lamb, stir-fried chicken, and noodles. The space here is decorated in Mongolian style, bright and spacious. The restaurant has two floors, guests can dine on the 1st floor, the 2nd floor will be reserved to serve large groups.

| where to eat in suzhou

| where to eat in suzhou
  • Address: 428 Gangjiang East Road, Pingjiang District

Xiyu Diyipan

| where to eat in suzhou

This is one of the first restaurants serving halal cuisine in Suzhou and is located in a very convenient location. Customers can easily find it by the blue sign and prominent white letters. Like Beijiang restaurant, most halal dishes originate from Xinjiang such as grilled lamb skewers, stewed lamb or stir-fried chicken…

| where to eat in suzhou

  • Address: 416 Shizi Street, Canglang District

Vegetarian restaurants (# suzhou best restaurants)

Nowadays, many people choose vegetarianism as a good way to stay healthy in addition to exercising. Of course, ordering a vegetarian dish in a normal restaurant is not impossible, but having dishes in a vegan restaurant is still much more enjoyable, regardless of whether you are a vegetarian or not.

Lotus Veg Cafe (# where to eat in suzhou)

| where to eat in suzhou

The dishes at Lotus Veg are prepared in a very unique way. They only use pure water and organic vegetables to serve their customers. Dishes here are served seasonally with a very diverse menu. Guests can try fresh fruit ice cream and jelly in the summer, weight loss herbal hot pot in winter and a number of other vegetarian dishes with Taiwanese culinary flavors.

| where to eat in suzhou

  • Address: 121, store B1, Xindu square, Suzhou industrial park
  • Reference price: 60 RMB


A quite elegant vegetarian restaurant for your dinner with the philosophy: no carbonated drinks, no fried foods, no MSG and no fake meat dishes. Therefore, the way the food is presented is sometimes not eye-catching, but in return, the owner will enthusiastically advise you on dishes that suit your taste and you will certainly be impressed with the dishes that are good for you. health here.

  • Address: building 15, Ligongdi, Suzhou Industrial Park
  • Reference price: 70 RMB/person

With some restaurants in Suzhou that we introduce above, hopefully you will have a perfect visit to Suzhou without having to worry about what to eat today and spend all your time visiting the city. this beautiful street. Wishing you a happy trip with your loved ones.

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