Tokyo is famous for its countless landscapes, historical sites, monumental architectural works, bustling shopping centers or beautiful peaceful green parks. Besides, Tokyo is also the cultural and historical center of Japan with traditional museums, historical temples, shrines or areas with unique cultural features. So, where should I visit in Tokyo, where to visit in Tokyo? Let’s check out our top rated 15+ famous places to visit in Tokyo, must visit places in Tokyo, top places to visit in Tokyo, best places to visit in Tokyo and beautiful places to visit in Tokyo as follows!

Tokyo downtown with the symbol of Japan – Mount Fuji in the background | best places to visit in tokyo
Shibuya Crossing | best places to visit in tokyo
Cherry blossom, Ueno park, Tokyo | best places to visit in tokyo
street shinjuku,best neighborhoods in tokyo for tourist,best neighbourhoods in tokyo,coolest neighborhoods in tokyo (1)
Shinjuku Tokyo at night.

There are many must-see and interesting places to go hidden inside Tokyo city that not all tourists know about. If you are planning to visit Tokyo city, let’s explore the top 15+ tourist attractions in Tokyo with us. Surely this will be great suggestions to help you fully explore the beauty and culture of Tokyo!

Meiji Shrine (# best places to visit in tokyo)

Meiji Jingu Shrine
Meiji Jingu Shrine | best places to visit in tokyo

Located near Harajuku Station, next to the quiet and peaceful woods is the very sacred land of Meiji Shrine. This is Tokyo’s most famous Shinto shrine. Meiji Shrine is a place dedicated to worshiping Emperor Meiji – the late 19th century emperor of Japan and his wife Empress Shoken. Pass through the large shrine torii gate and walk for about 15 minutes, you will see the main hall. You must wash your hands and mouth before entering the temple and follow the traditional worship ritual “bow twice, clap twice and bow again”. After clapping, you can say your wish. Meiji Shrine is very simple and pure, not colorful or flashy like other temples or shrines in Tokyo. The 12m high entrance gate is made from a 1,500-year-old cypress tree.

Giant Torri Gate | best places to visit in tokyo
| best places to visit in tokyo
Chozuya Purification Trough at Meiji Jingu Shrine | best places to visit in tokyo

If you come here on Sunday morning, you will see a traditional Japanese wedding procession. The bride wears a white kimono and hood, the groom wears a formal black robe. They walked together under red parasols, Shinto priests leading and guests following behind.

Meiji Shrine-tokyo
| best places to visit in tokyo
  • Address: 1-1 Yoyogikamizonocho, Shibuya City, Tokyo 151-8557, Japan
  • Hours: 5:20 AM–5:20 PM

Tsukiji & Toyosu Markets (# must visit places in tokyo)

tsukiji fish market restaurants area
| best places to visit in tokyo

Tsukiji Fish Market along with Toyosu markets are the busiest and largest fish markets in the world. Tsukiji Fish Market with an area of over 220,000 square meters and 1677 stalls, attracting many tourists. You will be able to explore firsthand the giant fish market that provides fresh ingredients for Japanese people who love fish. A variety of fish are brought here from all over Japan. In the area outside the market there are retail stores where you can buy souvenirs and fresh fish.

| best places to visit in tokyo
sushi, Tsukiji, tokyo, japan
Numerous tourists queuing to enjoy sushi here. Photo:

Tsukiji Fish Market (Address: 4 Chome-13 Tsukiji, Chuo City, Tokyo 104-0045, Japan) is also famous for a restaurant open in the morning and lunch with fresh seafood dishes, especially delicious Sushi. Remember to enjoy sushi, Chawanmushi, miso soup… at very reasonable prices right outside the market.

tokyo tsukiji market tour english
| best places to visit in tokyo

If you want to witness a tuna auction, go to Toyosu fish market (Address: 6 Chome-6-1 Toyosu, Koto City, Tokyo 135-0061, Japan/Hours: 5am to 5pm; Wednesday, Sunday: Closed) early in the morning (previously this tuna auction was held at Tsukiji). Look for a sign that says “guest entrance”. Once inside the main market, you will see giant frozen tuna neatly lined up for inspection and sale, then the fish are hooked and dragged away. This is a safe area where you can watch them auction and buy fish live (a process that starts at 6:30 am every day). A clanging bell will signal that an auction has begun. This is an interesting destination that any tourist cannot miss when coming to Toyosu fish market.

| best places to visit in tokyo

Yoyogi Park (# best places to see in tokyo)

Yoyogi Park tokyo4
| best places to visit in tokyo

Right in the heart of the crowded, noisy city of Tokyo, quiet Yoyogi Park is a place where many people love to have fun, meet, organize dancing, play plays… You can also see young women in costumes in very strange styles such as colorful long socks, short skirts, sandals… or groups dressed in Gothic Lolitas and costume play styles (they are fans of comic books and they also dress up as characters that they love)… In general, this is where you can express your ego in every way, it is always encouraged no matter how “crazy”.

Yoyogi Park-Best Places to View Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo1
Cherry blossoms | best places to visit in tokyo
Street performance Yoyogi Park tokyo
Street performance | best places to visit in tokyo
Yoyogi Koen (Yoyogi Park) autumn (1)
| best places to visit in tokyo

If you don’t like noisy, bustling activities, you can go to the north and west areas of Yoyogi Park. To explore the scenery here, you can rent bicycles and horse-drawn carriages for a few hundred yen or enjoy a glass of ice cream or beer in a tent… This park is open from dawn to dusk, welcoming many Japanese and foreign tourists.

  • Address: 2-1 Yoyogikamizonocho, Shibuya City, Tokyo 151-0052, Japan
  • Hours: Open 24 hours

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden (# top places to visit in tokyo)

Shinjuku Gyoen park autumn tokyo (1)
Shinjuku Gyoen in autumn. | must visit places in tokyo

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden is one of Tokyo’s most beautiful green spaces. There are 3 main gardens here: the English garden, the French garden and the traditional Japanese garden, and especially there is a garden named Mother and Child Woods. The most beautiful season in this national park is late March and early April when cherry blossoms bloom everywhere. On this occasion, the national garden not only has Japanese people but also many tourists from all over come here to eat, drink and see cherry blossoms. This is a traditional spring activity in Japan.

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden
Cherry blossoms at Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden | must visit places in tokyo
| must visit places in tokyo
Shinjuku Gyoen park autumn tokyo (1)
Autumn in Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden | must visit places in tokyo

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden is an ideal place for you to sit and relax, temporarily forgetting the busyness and rush of Tokyo city. Going for a walk, having a picnic or finding one of the tea shops or snack shops in the natural space is truly wonderful.

  • Address: 11 Naitomachi, Shinjuku City, Tokyo 160-0014, Japan
  • Hours: 9 AM–4 PM

Ryogoku Kokugikan National Sumo Arena (# best places to see in tokyo)

| must visit places in tokyo

Japan is also famous for its image of Sumo wrestlers. If you visit Tokyo during the sumo tournament (usually lasting 15 days in January, May and September every year), go to Ryogoku Kokugikan – Tokyo National Sumo Arena. Big Sumo tournaments always attract many people to watch. The ticket office opens at 8am, and competitions start from 9am until evening.

Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament, nagoya travel blog (1)
| must visit places in tokyo
Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament, nagoya travel blog (1)
| must visit places in tokyo

If unlucky you don’t come at the right time for the Sumo tournament, you can visit the Sumo trainers and see a bit of the real life of Sumo wrestlers or get some guidance on how to practice sumo. Sumo trainers often gather in the Ryogoku area, Tokyo where wrestlers live and practice. Some training zones are open to the public and visitors can see their morning training session. Not only can you see the dynamic and powerful exercises of sumo wrestlers here, but you can also learn about Japanese traditions and discipline.

Sumo in Japan1
| must visit places in tokyo

Sumo in Japan2

  • Address: 1 Chome-3-28 Yokoami, Sumida City, Tokyo 130-0015, Japan

Yayoi Kusama Museum

National Gallery Singapore
| top places to visit in tokyo

Fans of artist Yayoi Kusama – who is famous for her polka art (polka dots) can enjoy her exhibition at the Yayoi Kusama museum. The museum is a 5-storey white building, where works from her creative journey, as well as her vast artistic legacy over more than seven decades, are kept. Visitors will be able to immerse themselves in a unique, Avant Garde-style space with bizarre pumpkins, endless mirrors and magical polka dots. The museum is extremely popular and it is difficult to get admission tickets, so you must book your tickets before coming.

| top places to visit in tokyo
  • Address: 107 Bentencho, Shinjuku City, Tokyo 162-0851, Japan
  • Hours: 11 AM–5:30 PM/Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: Closed

Tokyo Imperial Palace

Japan palace-tokyo
Tokyo Imperial Palace | top places to visit in tokyo

A popular tourist destination in Tokyo’s Marunouchi district is the Imperial Palace with its beautiful 17th-century gardens surrounded by walls and moats. The Tokyo Imperial Palace is the main residence of the Emperor of Japan. Inside the Palace there are administrative buildings, royal living areas and a historical museum. The Palace’s architecture still bears the traditional style from the Edo period. Next to the Palace is the East Higashi-Gyoen Garden.

| top places to visit in tokyo
The Royal Garden of the Imperial Palace of Tokyo is also an ideal picnic spot with green grounds.
The East Royal Garden of the Imperial Palace of Tokyo is also an ideal picnic spot with green grounds. | top places to visit in tokyo

Except on January 2 (the Emperor wishes a Happy New Year to the public) and December 23 (the Emperor’s Birthday), the palace buildings and inner gardens are not open to the public. Only on both days can visitors enter the inner palace grounds and see members of the Royal Family on the balcony.

| top places to visit in tokyo

The Imperial Palace East Garden -Best Places to View Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo2

  • Address: 1-1 Chiyoda, Chiyoda City, Tokyo 100-8111, Japan
  • Hours: 9–11:15 AM, 1:30–2:45 PM/Monday, Sunday: Closed

National Museum of Nature and Science

National Museum of Nature and Science, exploring Japan
National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo | top places to visit in tokyo

Located in Tokyo’s Ueno Park, the National Museum of Nature and Science (Kokuritsu Kagaku Hakubutsukan) was established in 1871 and is one of Japan’s oldest museums. Currently, the museum has been completely renovated and modernized. It is home to a huge collection of documents related to natural history and science, including many fascinating interactive displays on space development, nuclear energy and transportation, allowing visitors to unique insight into Japan’s culture, history, nature, and latest scientific and technological advances.

National Museum of Nature and Science Tokyo
Mammal collection inside the National Museum of Nature and Science Tokyo | top places to visit in tokyo
Explore the Wonders of Japan's National Museum of Nature and Science in Ueno
Check-in at the gallery of the National Museum of Nature and Science | top places to visit in tokyo

A prominent tourist attraction is the Japan Gallery (Nihonkan) which includes many exhibits on prehistoric creatures and the history of the Japanese people, including traditional customs and costumes, while the Global Gallery (Chikyūkan) has many cool science and technology displays, including robots and vintage cars. There will certainly be many new and interesting things that you will experience when visiting this National Museum of Science and Nature.

| top places to visit in tokyo

  • Address: 7-20 Uenokoen, Taito City, Tokyo 110-8718, Japan
  • Hours: 9 AM–5 PM/Monday: Closed

Ueno Park and Zoo

Uneo park-Best Places to View Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo4
Ueno Park

A green paradise in the heart of bustling Tokyo, Ueno Park is the city’s largest green space and one of Tokyo’s most popular tourist attractions. In addition to the peaceful atmosphere and beautiful landscape here, Ueno Park also has countless temples and museums for you to visit and explore. You can rent a small boat across Shinobazu pond to a small island with Bentendo Temple; Visit the ancient Toshogu Shrine built in the 17th century, with 256 unique bronze and stone lanterns or walk around Ueno Park Zoo. This is Japan’s oldest zoo, famous for its pandas imported from China. There is also the Aqua-Zoo aquarium, one of the largest aquariums in Asia, which is also a very interesting place worth visiting.

  • Address: 9-83 Uenokoen, Taito City, Tokyo 110-8711, Japan
  • Hours: (Ueno Zoo): 9:30 AM–5 PM/Monday: Closed

Tokyo Skytree

One of Tokyo’s famous landmarks and new attractions is the 634-meter-tall Tokyo Skytree, the tallest tower in Japan and the tallest freestanding tower in the world. This is the main observation and communication tower for the Kanto area, Sumida district of Minato city. The image of the tower resembles a giant rocket and spacecraft.

Tokyo Skytree opened in 2012 and quickly became one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions thanks to its incredible panoramic views from its restaurant and observation deck. The tower’s base is designed in the form of a massive tripod. The tower has two observation decks, Tembo Deck and Tembo Gallery, which have breathtaking views of the Tokyo skyline. One observatory is at an altitude of 350 meters, and another is at an altitude of 450 meters. On the observatory there is a unique glass spiral walkway and transparent glass floor for the brave and strong.

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Tokyo skytree

Below Tokyo Skytree is a shopping mall, with many restaurants, cafes and unique souvenir shops that you can visit.

  • Address: 1 Chome-1-2 Oshiage, Sumida City, Tokyo 131-0045, Japan
  • Hours: 10 AM–9 PM

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo tower in the downtown

With a height of 332.5 meters (1,091 ft), Tokyo Tower is the second tallest man-made structure in Japan, right after the Tokyo Skytree tower mentioned above. Known as the Eiffel Tower of Asia – Tokyo Tower in Japan is one of the tallest steel structure towers in the world, where you can admire the complete and splendid panoramic view of the sunrise city. This tower was completed in 1958 as a symbol of the rebirth of Japan’s economic power.

Tokyo tower2
Fuji Mount seen from the downtown of Tokyo.

Tokyo Tower is also the main observation and communications tower. There are 3 observatories. Large observatory on the first floor, located at an altitude of 145m, visitors can relax at the coffee shop “Café La Tour” while admiring the scenery outside. Observation deck 2 is at a height of 150m with many shops selling products of “Noppon”, the mascot of Tokyo Tower, and also has an observation guide board. There is a special private observatory at an altitude of 250 meters, which can be accessed by purchasing a ticket at the large observatory on the 2nd floor. At this observatory, you can zoom in to observe the surrounding skyscrapers and views of Tokyo city.

Tokyo-Tower-Japan-Night 2
Tokyo Tower at night.
  • Address: 4 Chome-2-8 Shibakoen, Minato City, Tokyo 105-0011, Japan
  • Hours: 9 AM–10:30 PM

Kabuki-za Theater, Ginza

The exterior and space outside Kabukiza Theater. @Japan

When talking about traditional Japanese theatre art, we think of Kabuki. The Kabukiza Theater in Ginza is famous and widely known as a typical Kabuki theater in Japan. Indeed, only here in Kabukiza can you enjoy Kabuki theater during a year in Japan. Based on medieval theatrical forms, with high drama and burlesque including song and dance, the theater’s performances are popular with tourists and Japanese alike.

Kabuki performance. @SAMURAI TOUR

Kabukiza is the only dedicated Kabuki theater in the world. The auditorium has 4 floors and 1,964 seats. There are also many accompanying services for enjoying Kabuki theater. There are headphones that give instructions on props, costumes, plot summaries and role introductions for each scene on stage. With subtitle instructions, you can read the dialogue in the play through a dedicated screen. There are also on-site dining services, where you can enjoy sushi or boxed lunches behind the curtain while the play is on.

  • Address: 4 Chome-12-15 Ginza, Chuo City, Tokyo 104-0061, Japan


Odaiba is a small neighborhood located on a large artificial island in Tokyo Bay, Japan, across the Rainbow Bridge from central Tokyo. This is the center of great entertainment, architecture and cuisine in the city. You can find everything you like here, from museums to beaches, the Statue of Liberty, and amusement parks. Whether you are traveling with children, family or friends, there are sure to be many fun experiences here.

header-tokyo travel blog tokyo blog
Central Tokyo seen from Odaiba Bay

There are many attractions in Odaiba. Nippon Kagaku Mirai-kan Museum, which introduces pioneering techniques through exhibitions, gives visitors exposure and the opportunity to learn more about science and technology. Lego Land Discovery Tokyo Center is a place for the whole family to enjoy countless fascinating projects made from Lego toy blocks. Odaiba-kaihin Park has a model of the American Statue of Liberty and is also considered a symbol of Odaiba. Madame Tussauds Tokyo wax museum displays many life-sized wax statues, images of world famous figures such as Hollywood stars and sports players.

In addition, on the island there is also the Divercity Tokyo Plaza commercial complex, Decks Tokyo Beach shopping mall, and Daiba Itchome Shotengai shopping complex to help visitors freely visit and shop for anything they want.

odaiba bay3
Rainbow Bridge and the small version of the Statue of Liberty.
Fuji TV Building

Ferris wheel of odaiba

If you want to relax with exciting games, come to Palette Town, a large entertainment center with many areas such as: shopping area designed in the style of 18th century European townhouses “Venus Fort”, Indoor game center “Tokyo Leisureland”, theme park driving experience “MEGA WEB”…

Isn’t it wonderful? Whatever you want to do, you will find it when you visit Odaiba. Make sure this place is on your trip!

Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea

Mysterious island, Tokyo Disney Sea
Mysterious island, Tokyo Disney Sea

Tokyo Disneyland is a 115-acre park based on the films produced by Walt Disney. Inspired by the myths and legends of the sea, Tokyo DisneySea is made up of seven themed ports: Mediterranean Harbour, Mysterious Island, Mermaid Lagoon, Arabian Coast, Lost River Delta, Port Discovery and American Waterfront. You will find yourself lost in cartoon paradise with familiar characters from childhood. This is definitely the most popular destination for children when coming to Tokyo as well as those who want a ticket to return to their childhood.

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tokyo disneysea blog,disneyland tokyo blog,disneysea tokyo blog,tokyo disney blog13
Tokyo Disneyland is always hot no matter which season it is.

Address: 1-13 Maihama, Urayasu, Chiba 279-8511, Japan

Akihabara Electric Town

Akihabara is the largest town that collects all kinds of electronic devices in the world. You will find the world’s leading technology products here.

Famous Akihabara Electronics neighborhood

The sales staff here are fluent in many languages and are always enthusiastic to advise tourists. You can find any type of electronic parts and accessories you want or even watch employees assemble a smartphone right in front of you. If you are knowledgeable and love technology, this will be a very interesting destination for you in Tokyo.

Yodobashi Akiba – Large shopping mall in Akihabara.@Wikimedia Commons
March – May are ideal time to travel to Akihabara.@Unsplash
LAOX Akihabara Main Shop11
LAOX Akihabara Main Shop
The streets are lit with colorful lights.@Unsplash

The above places are extremely interesting and attractive in Tokyo. If you are planning to travel to Tokyo in the near future, try to visit and experience them. Surely these places will bring you a great time!

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