Jeju island in this season is very beautiful, cool weather and suitable for sea and island activities. If you are planning to go to Seoul, then I recommend you should extend the itinerary to explore the romantic Jeju Island because once applying for Korean VISA is a difficult one, why don’t we play for worth the money. Are you worrying that the cost of going to Jeju will exceed the budget? Do not worry, I will suggest you a self-sufficient travel itinerary to explore Seoul and Jeju Island in 5 days at an affordable cost. The cost issue will no longer be a problem.

bukchon hanok village
Bukchon Hanok Village, one of the best places to visit in Seoul.
Myeongdong night market
The bustling street of Myeongdong.
Street-Food-Stall in seoul
Seoul street food

So, are you planning to travel to Seoul and Jeju but not sure the itinerary and trip costs? Let’s explore the Seoul and Jeju with Living Nomads in 5 days (Seoul and Jeju itinerary 5 days, Seoul Jeju itinerary for 5 days) with the detailed estimate costs below to to help you have a great trip without burnt your wallet.

Jeju, one of the most romantic destinations in Korea.
Jeju, one of the most romantic places in Korea.
bomnal cafe
Bomnal cafe, Jeju

Seoul and Jeju itinerary 5 days: The preparing costs for the trip

Transportation Cards
T-money card
  • Korean VISA, you can self apply or ask for service. I recommend you choose the Klook’s quick and convenient VISA application service, I am a loyal customer because every time I go to Korea is ask the help from Klook. Cost of applying for VISA by service: $95 (discounted 10% from $105).
  • Air tickets from Vietnam to South Korea: Remember to watch the time to hunt cheap airline tickets of airlines like Vietjet, T’way, Asiana or Korean Air… The cost of buying tickets at a good price is $260/round trip.
  • Of course, 4G SIM card is necessary for survival in Korea, LOL. Without “Google sister,” we’d be so lonely, haha. Buying a 4G sim card at Klook costs $5. If you traveling in a group, you should rent a pocket wifi device with unlimited data access, only $2.16/day. With a Seoul and Jeju itinerary 5 days costs only $10.81 and surfing the web smoothly.
  • T-money multi-function card to paying for tickets when taking the subway, bus, … or shopping at convenience stores. Price of $2.51. You can also top-up at the subway stations or convenience stores.
  • Accommodation: I recommend you to stay in hostel to save the cost. Rest assured that the hostel is still good to stay and comfortable. The estimated cost of 2 nights in Seoul is $35, 3 nights in Jeju is $45. A list of great hostels and dorms in Seoul you can refer to.
  • The cost of eating and drinking is estimated at $25/day. If you spend 5 days in Seoul Jeju itinerary, the cost of eating is about $130. I think with this money, eating is already quite comfortable. This cost may be lower or higher depending on your choice. See more the list of delicious food that you should try in Seoul.
  • The cost of taking the subway to getting to other tourist attractions (except for the costs listed in the article), estimated: $65.
| seoul and jeju itinerary 5 days

Seoul Jeju itinerary: Day 1

Wearing Hanbok at Gyeongbokgung
  • Take a flight in the early morning and getting to the hotel to check in. The cost of moving from the airport to downtown Seoul by AREX train is $6.85, buying the AREX train ticket at Klook discount 14%, only $5.6 only.
  • Renting Hanbok and visit the Gyeongbokgung Palace. If you wear the traditional Hanbok costume, you will be free entrance to visit Gyeongbokgung. Hanbok rental cost $6.79/day.
  • Visit Namsan tower (N Seoul Tower). Combo tickets to visit Namsan tower purchased at Klook have discounted 25% is $4.85.
  • Walking, playing and eating street food in Myeongdong. This place is a paradise for playing and shopping for young people, if you want to shopping, you should prepare more money, LPL.
Gyeongbokgung palace hanbok
Tourists wearing Korean traditional costumes at Gyeongbokgung | seoul and jeju itinerary 5 days
Combo N Seoul Tower Observatory + N Burger
Combo N Seoul Tower: Observatory + N Burger
N Seoul tower
Love locks fence at N Seoul Tower
Myeongdong Street shopping
Myeongdong Street
Paradise treet food at Myeongdong
Holy banana milk at 7-eleven convenience store
grilled lobster,myeongdong food blog,myeongdong food guide,myeongdong must eat,what to eat in myeongdong (1)
Grilled lobster at Myeongdong | seoul jeju itinerary
Buy 3CE lipstick at a store on Myeongdong Street

Seoul and Jeju itinerary 5 days: Day 2

Everland theme park | seoul jeju itinerary

everland seoul blog,everland korea blog1

Check-in Everland
Buy a nice banana-shaped hat in Everland | seoul jeju itinerary

Super delicious barbecue in Hongdae
Hongdae Street Performance | seoul jeju itinerary

Seoul and Jeju itinerary 5 days: Day 3

  • Traveling from Seoul to Jeju: There are many ways from Seoul to Jeju, such as airplanes, ferry… I have hunted one-way air tickets from Seoul to Jeju for only about $45.
  • Sightseeing and taking photos at Camellia Hill. Tickets to visit Camellia Hill at KKday are only VND 123,000, cheaper than buying directly, without having to stand in line.
  • Visiting O’sulloc tea plantations and museum. Free entrance fee, prepare money if you plan to shop here.
  • Evening: Strolling the Seogwipo Maeil Olle Market at night.

Camellia Hill jeju,best places to visit in jeju island,jeju must go places,must see places in jeju,must go places in jeju (5)
Camellia Hill | seoul jeju itinerary
O’sulloc tea plantations
Enjoy dishes made from pure green tea | seoul jeju itinerary
A full meal at Seogwipo Maeil Olle Market at night. | seoul and jeju itinerary 5 days

Seoul and Jeju itinerary 5 days: Day 4

  • Watch the sunrise at Seongsan Ilchulbong peak.
  • Visit the Teddy Bear Museum. Tickets to visit Teddy Bear Museum purchased at Klook are only $8.
  • Experience Zorbing rolling downhill. The cost of buying game tickets $22.5. It’s really fun to play, once you play, you want to play again.
  • Walking and watching the sunset on the sea.
  • Shopping at Tapdong Street in the evening. For details about this neighborhood, see here.
Take a picture for your “best friend” with the sun rising over Seongsan Ilchulbong. | seoul and jeju itinerary 5 days
Climb together to Seongsan Ilchulbong
jeju Big Ball Land Zorbing (1)
| seoul and jeju itinerary 5 days
Drink together by the beach
Catching sunset on the sea | seoul and jeju itinerary 5 days

Seoul Jeju itinerary: Day 5

Mount Hallasan | seoul and jeju itinerary 5 days
Aqua Planet Jeju | seoul and jeju itinerary 5 days

We have finished the 5-day trip to explore Seoul and Jeju Island with a total cost of $825 for each person. For me, the cost of such an “enjoy” trip is worth it, because we eat and play a lot. But there are some valuable experiences that we have learned after the trip, hope you do not make.

If you are going to visit many famous places, you will have to spend much money to buy entrance tickets, so we recommend you should buy Discover Seoul Pass (a multifunction card) because with this card, you will get free entrance tickets to many famous tourist attractions. Find out more about free and discounted attractions with the Discover Seoul Pass card here.

Jeju east coast | seoul and jeju itinerary 5 days

On Jeju Island, places to visit and play are often far apart, transportation can only be by bus or taxi but it takes a long time. So you can refer to the one-day tours to discover Jeju East Coast or Jeju West Coast based on the places you want to go, so there will be a shuttle bus pick up you, avoid waiting and headache for traveling but convenient and saving more time. At Klook, there are many interesting one day tours, you can refer here. Or if you do not like tour, you can rent a private car within 8 hours to be able to freely explore Jeju Island as you want.

Wish you have a happy trip with friends and relatives, take lots of memorial pictures and sharing with Living Nomads. Happy traveling!

| insadong guide
Insadong old town, Seoul

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hanbok korea3

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