Although the journey of exploring Seoul is not too long, it has brought me a lot of experiences. Below is a super detailed Seoul 6 days 5 nights itinerary that you should definitely refer to, but one thing is for sure, your field trip will depend on a lot of things such as preferences, weather, budget or simply fate. So, what to do and where to go in Seoul for 6 days? Let’s check out my suggested Seoul travel itinerary (Seoul Korea travel itinerary, Seoul solo travel itinerary, Seoul trip itinerary) on how to spend 6 days in Seoul (Seoul itinerary 6 days) perfectly to figure out the answer!

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A peaceful road at Bukchon Hanok Village | seoul travel itinerary
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Seoul street scene
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Seoul street food

6 days in Seoul — Day 1: Saigon – Seoul – Han River – Hongdae Street

That was a rainy day in Saigon, but in Seoul, it was very sweet with gentle golden sunshine, I decided to pick up my suitcase alone and roam across this charming city.

Hunting air tickets for 7 months in advance on a sales promotion of Vietjet Air (a low-cost carrier in Vietnam), so it only costs $129/round-trip (excluding luggage), plus a visa fee of about $21.75, so I had a pretty perfect start for myself.

The plane took off at 2:40 am in Saigon and took 5 hours to get to Seoul, but because Korean timezone is 2 hours faster than Vietnam, so I arrived in Seoul at around 9:40 am.

2-incheon-international-airport-icn-best airports in asia in 2016 by skytrax ratings
Incheon Airport

Slowly got out of the plane, the first thing I did was buy a sim card (27,000 won ~ $23.44) to report to my family, then bought a T-money card to easily explore Seoul by subway.

Super cute T-money card bought at Seoul Airport (Incheon Airport) | seoul itinerary 6 days

Klook Tmoney Card Pick Up and Delivery (ICN/TW/MY/TH/PH)

You can top-up T-money at ticke vending machines at stations.

To getting from the airport to the city center of Seoul, there are many ways to travel such as bus, taxi, Arex, subway.

Arex Express: If you go with a large group, you can take a taxi to share money for cheaper. However, traveling alone, I found traveling by Arex or subway is the most convenient way. Arex is an express train system, you have to buy separate tickets (about $6.53) but the train will running straight to Seoul Station without stop at any station. From here you can look up on the city’s subway map to find way to your hotel.

arex korea
AREX Express
AREX Express Route Map

Book AREX Incheon Airport Express One Way Train Ticket here.

Subway: As for the subway, it will take longer because you have to stop at many stations, but if you’re lucky, your hotel might located near station of this train line, don’t hesitate to jump on it. This Airport Railroad is marked in turquoise color with the departure point at right this airport. It only costs about 4,500 won and takes an hour to get to my hotel without any change another train. Like my hotel, it’s located right next to Hongik University station and this station is also on the Airport Railroad line, so even if it takes a little longer than travel by Arex, it’s still okay!

inside seoul subway train
Inside Seoul subway train
Seoul subway map
The subway line connects Incheon Airport and Seoul Station | seoul trip itinerary
Seoul Central Station – Where you can take the train to Busan.
Seoul Central Station

Korea Rail Pass (2, 3, 4, or 5 Days)

Tips: You should download Subway Korea app (Android, iOS) which is very useful when traveling by Subway in Seoul. You just input your departure and destination points, the app will help you navigate in very detailed way.

| seoul trip itinerary

Referring to the hotel, it can’t help but mention to Moons hostel ( or – where I stayed during my trip to Seoul. I must say that I was very lucky to find this place because everything from the price, location, comfort and friendliness here satisfied me.

Moons Hostel

Because of solo travel, a 6-bed female dormitory room is an optimal choice. The price of about $15/night is absolutely reasonable compared to other common price because the cost of eating and drinking in Seoul is also quite “high”.

In another article, I will share with you the 6 days 5 nights experience at Moon Hostel!

Regarding places to stay, there are 2 areas I think you should consider to stay when planning a trip to Seoul: The first is Myeong-dong, the second is Hongdae.

First of all, let’s talk about Myeong-dong, this area is located in the center and is completely walkable to many attractions nearby, especially this is also an area with a legendary shopping street for any shopaholic. However, the prices of hotels and meals here are also very high.

Myeongdong night market
The bustling street of Myeongdong.
Myeongdong Street food1
Myeongdong street food | seoul travel itinerary

The second is Hongdae – the area I choose to stay is equally bustling with vibrant streets and bustling shops and restaurants. According to many reviewers, Hongdae is a more local area than Myeong-dong where too crowded with tourists. So if you want to feel the real life of Seoul people, I would highly recommend Moon Hostel in Hongdae.

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Hongdae is more local than Myeongdong | seoul travel itinerary

Due to my hostel only allowed to check-in at 3pm, so when I found it, I just sent my luggage and walked around the area where I stayed, having lunch with Hangover Soup (Haejang-guk is a soup to chase a hangover) which is also quite famous in Korea. Although, I ate at a fairly popular restaurant, the cost for that set lunch was also around 7,000 won, enough to know the living cost here is not cheap at all.

Hangover soup – The Korean’s famous soup. | 6 days in seoul

After returning to the hotel to resting for 2 hours, I decided to go to Han River to strolling and check-in with the famous words “I Seoul You” which is a perfect spot to take virtual living photos. Because in Korea it was still bright at 5pm, I was very confident to walking around a big park nearby called Yeouido Park.

Visiting Yeouido Park you remember to take photos with the legendary I.Seoul.U symbol | seoul itinerary 6 days

It must be said that Korean student life is really diverse, dynamic, bustling and somewhat romantic. They often cooking instant noodles and spreading carpets on the banks of Han River to enjoy and have fun together. Couples also walk around the park under the chilly weather, the cold that just holding hands is warm without wearing many layers of coats. Although it was a bit sad, but the beautiful scenery and fresh air really couldn’t hold the sadness longer.

Hongdae Street
hongdae travel blog,hongdae blog (4)
Performance in Hongdae

Hongdae Seoul

On the first day, because of flying, I felt quite tired, I took advantage of returning to the hotel early, but still did not forget to take a walk around Hongdae area.

Hongdae at night was more vibrant and bustling, especially there is a road dedicated to young people who want to express their personality. From piano, singing, dancing, dancing, magic, .. all seem to be more attractive when performed for audience only with passion and nothing in return.

Although tired legs but with a good mood, I closed an interesting day. The following days I believe it will be even more wonderful and it is not wrong.

Following the quite “smooth” first day in Seoul, I “jumped forward” to explore other landmarks in this beautiful city!

Seoul travel itinerary — Day 2: Namsangol Hanok Village – N Seoul Tower – Myeong-dong

On the second day, I decided to choose Namsan area as my place to visit. Because today’s weather forecast will rain, so I brought an umbrella. In Seoul, I was told by a local friend that it is essential to check the weather forecast before planning outings.

Please note that because all of my trips are by subway, I already have bought a T-money card at the airport.

Get off at Chungmuro ​​Station (LINE 3-4) and find the exit 3 to get to Namsangol Hanok Village. This is one of the traditional ancient villages of Korea that is likened to the “land of fairies” and is considered one of the five most beautiful places in Seoul. Admission is completely free, so it is a must-visit place, right?!

Namsangol Hanok Village is one of the most beautiful traditional ancient villages of Korea. | seoul trip itinerary
Hanok Namsangol village
A peaceful corner of the ancient village. | seoul travel itinerary

After taking 1001 virtual living photos, I walked out to Namsan cable car to go up to the famous Seoul TV tower (N Seoul Tower). It was past noon, so I stopped by at a Korean restaurant, immediately ordered a super big cheese Tobokki dish for only 5000 won.

| seoul trip itinerary

After finding for a while, I finally got to the ticket counter, the price of 8,500 won for the round-trip cable car is also reasonable. It’s a cable car, but it’s not a small cable car type like going up to Ba Na Hill but it can accommodate up to 20 people and you must stand.

After reaching the top of the mountain, the first thing to do is take a picture with N Seoul Tower – which is marked as the tallest point in Seoul. It is also famous for its love locks fence, it must be said that there are countless, more than the love bridge in Penang, but the “sacred index” is unknown, haha.

N Seoul Tower Ticket in Seoul

| seoul trip itinerary

The last place for the day 2 in Seoul is the famous shopping district of Myeongdong. It must be said that girls should be very careful to keep their wallets tight when coming here because there are countless Korean cosmetic stores gathering here from strange to familiar with countless attractive promotions. Although I tried to stay calm, but I still have to spent a little bit.

A special thing here is that familiar brands like Innisfree, The Faceshop, Natural Republic, etc. you will see a store every few steps, so if you miss something, you don’t have to go back.

Also, don’t forget to check in at the divine Line Friends store, you will cry like a river because of its “cuteness overload” and also its very expensive. But if you don’t buy, you still get some shimmering pictures with the great Brown bear, so why not stop by. I ended the 2nd day with super spicy Korean noodles, so the next day I got pimples right away.

| 6 days in seoul
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Pomegranate Juice at Myeongdong | 6 days in seoul

Myeongdong night market

Seoul itinerary 6 days — Day 3: Bukchon Hanok Village – Gyeongbokgung Palace – Seoul City Hall – Cheonggyecheon Artificial Stream

After 2 days of getting used to walking, my legs are much stronger. I decided to make a long list of places to go for today because Seoul has so many interesting places to visit.

To get to Bukchon Hanok Village, you can get off at Anguk station (LINE 3), Exit 2.

bukchon hanok village
| 6 days in seoul
Small House Cafe in Bukchon Hanok Village
Small House Cafe in Bukchon Hanok Village
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| 6 days in seoul

Along the way I found a cute Hanbok rental shop. Only 15,000 won for 3 hours. Because this old town is quite close to Gyeongbokgung palace, it takes about 10 minutes to walk, so if you rent a hanbok to take pictures here and then go to the palace, you can enter for free (the palace is free for visitors who wear traditional Korean costumes) and also have costumes to live virtual. And this combination couldn’t be more lucid.

Wearing hanbok and walking around these two places, I felt like I was transported back in time to the past several thousand years ago. Play the role of a lady and immerse myself in the unique ancient space of Korea. This is probably the most enjoyable experience the whole trip has brought me.

Hanbok, the traditional costume of South Korea | 6 days in seoul

Bukchon Oneday Hanbok Rental Experience (4/24 Hrs)

Gyeongbokgung palace hanbok
Tourists wearing Korean traditional costumes at Gyeongbokgung Palace.

After regretfully returning the hanbok, I continued to get on the subway, got off at City Hall station to visit Seoul City Hall, a unique architectural work with both modern and classic features of Korean culture.

Seoul City Hall | 6 days in seoul

And this place is also very close to the famous man-made stream called Cheongyecheon, so I couldn’t miss it even though I was already exhausted. Cheonggyecheon, also known as Cheonggye Stream, is a modern public recreation area nearly 6km long, flowing from west to east through the northern half of central Seoul. It is very cool and fresh is also a place where many fun activities for young people are concentrated.

Cheonggyecheon stream
Cheonggyecheon stream | seoul itinerary 6 days

Returning to the Hongdae area near my hotel, I tried a dish that has an eye-catching appearance but still has good quality. It is a Korean-style steak that is delicious and satisfying with a big glass of water that can’t be better.

Hongdae Seoul

Another full day and tired feet, put on a Korean mask and recharge for the next days in Seoul.

The first three days in Korea went by quite quickly and a bit rushed, so I want to spend the remaining 3 days to slow down, relax, immerse in the romantic atmosphere of this city of love songs and romantic films.

Seoul solo travel itinerary — Day 4: Nami Island – Myeong-dong Street

Starting the next new day in Seoul is quite late because today my plans will only for Nami Island. This is considered one of the attractive attractions that no tourist to be miss because of the romantic, poetic scenery and peaceful atmosphere associated with many famous romantic Korean movies.

Many day tours are organized to lead visitors to visit. But still maintaining the spirit of “Self-Sufficiency Of Happiness”, I believe that we can absolutely go anywhere if we want. Rest assured, I had a very detailed guide on how to go to Nami Island without having to pay for any tour, you can refer here.

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| seoul itinerary 6 days
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Happy together

nami island one day trip,nami island travel blog,nami island travel guide

After a day of exploring Nami, I decided to stop by the Myeong-dong area again to buy more paper masks for my relatives before returning. Because it was dusk, my stomach rumbled loudly, so I decided to try the street food in this area even though I anticipated that the price would not be acceptable. And yes, a bag of orange juice costs 4,000 won and a skewer of grilled meat is the same price. But fortunately, the skewers is very tasty, mouth-watering and the salesman’s demeanor is also “super-quality”. Feeling completely satisfied (a bit in love with boys hihi).

If you have the opportunity, please visit the street food paradise of Myeong dong to try, there are countless food to taste and it is certainly not too bad.

Very bustling at Myeongdong street | seoul itinerary 6 days
grilled lobster,myeongdong food blog,myeongdong food guide,myeongdong must eat,what to eat in myeongdong (1)
Grilled lobster with cheese at Myeongdong

myeongdong food blog,myeongdong food guide,myeongdong must eat,myeongdong street food,what to eat in myeongdong

After comfortably shopping but I still has a little money because here most of the shops have Tax Refund for tourists with bills from 30,000 won or more, so before you buy anything you can think about it in advance and then collect it once to get enough money to get a tax refund. Especially, it is possible to get it immediately without having to wait to go to the airport for tax refund, so you will have more money to shopping more.

Myeongdong | seoul itinerary 6 days

Another day passed with less money remaining, but got more knowledge and experience.

6 days in Seoul — Day 5: Siloam Sauna Jjimjilbang

Because I spent a whole week playing and walking, so on the day 5 I decided to awarded myself a Jjim Jil Bang bath experience to recharge my battery.

Because I have experienced and love this form of Korean sauna in Vietnam, I am even more determined to experience Jjim Jil Bang (traditional Korean bathhouse) in its motherland to see what is different.

Of course, there are a lot of spas in Seoul that doing this type of service, but after researching some of the most popular ones online I decided to go to Siloam Spa. From my hotel, take the subway and get off at Chungjeongno station, take exit 5, walking about 10 minutes to come.

Siloam Sauna Jjimjilbang - Slight Slope up to Siloam Sauna Building

Nightlife in Seoul jjimjilbang siloam
Nightlife in Seoul Jjimjilbang Siloam | seoul itinerary 6 days

Like Jjim Jil Bang in Vietnam, you will pay first and then receive the uniform and towel. Surprisingly, the fare here is quite cheap, only 10,000 won that is equivalent 3 cups of Korean coffee, while in Vietnam it costs about $15. In particular, Jjim Jil Bang here is open overnight, so you can sleep here with a little higher price.

Stepping inside, the space is quite spacious, a bit dark but not as bright and luxurious as in Vietnam. I think maybe this is the true popular style of Jjim Jil Bang because it originally to be a traditional public bath and sauna, so the atmosphere is appropriate. Only Vietnam is more beautiful, more luxurious, so the price is more expensive.

The most impressive is probably the “nude bath” area at downstairs, where there are also hot/cold pools like in Vietnam, but more diverse and more bustling with aunts and uncles.

review jjimjilbang siloam sauna seoul south korea

review jjimjilbang siloam sauna seoul south korea

After relaxing from the feeling of hot to cold and sauna in a small room, I went upstairs and bought the “divine” boiled egg + Korean rice drink combo. It is so delicious that I just want to buy another basket to eat. After recharging, I did the same bathing process as done before in Vietnam. The saunas are quite similar to Vietnam so I was not impressed.

review jjimjilbang siloam sauna seoul south korea

review jjimjilbang siloam sauna seoul south korea

At the end of a leisurely vacation, I walked around the streets one last time and went hotel early to pack up for tomorrow’s flight.

Seoul itinerary 6 days — Day 6: Seoul – Saigon

According to my schedule, I would fly at 11:40 am, but because I knew Incheon Airport was quite big, I took advantage of getting up early, caught the train on Airport Railroad to get to the airport.

If you still lack gifts to buy for your family, don’t worry, Incheon airport has “1001” stores for you to shop. I’m just afraid that you will not have time like me. Remember not to stick with shopping but forget time to boarding, because the proof is that when I returned, I saw a lot of people who missed that flight. It’s really bad to cry and laugh.

Ending the journey of traveling alone, I did not feel lonely because Seoul is so wonderful from the scenery, the people to the clear and cool climate, delectable food. I will definitely come back again to explore other unique cities like Busan, Jeju Island, to know that out there, the world is always waiting for us to embrace.

Ikseon dong

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