Korea is always one of the most attractive destinations in Asia. Referring to Korea, visitors often think of a modern and dynamic Seoul with bustling streets and night markets, many unique museums and ancient charm royal palaces, Busan or Jeonju, where traditional Korean culture values are well-preserved, a romantic and poetic Jeju island. South Korea has too many destinations to go. So, if you only want to visit Seoul then how many days in Seoul is enough? I think 4 days is enough, if you have more time you can make an itinerary for 6 days. So, how to spend 6 days in Seoul (6d5n Seoul itinerary, Seoul Korea itinerary 6 days)? Let’s check out our suggested Seoul itinerary 6 days in winter (Seoul itinerary 6 days winter) to find out the answer!

bukchon hanok village
Bukchon Hanok Village, one of the best places to visit in Seoul. | seoul itinerary 6 days
Gyeongbokgung palace hanbok
Tourists wearing Korean traditional costumes at Gyeongbokgung
Myeongdong | 6d5n seoul itinerary
Street-Food-Stall in seoul
Seoul street food

Seoul itinerary 6 days: Before you go


I stayed in the Triple room (1 double bed, 1 single bed) of Ehwa Hotel in Myeongdong (Agoda.com or Booking.com). I booked on Agoda, right at the promotion programme so the room rates is quite cheap, calculated only about $21.32/person/day. This hotel is very new, with a restroom, elevator, enthusiastic, polite staff, and simple but delicious buffet. Especially, it is very close to Myeongdong – shopping street for cosmetics, clothes and many stores and shopping malls. The hotel is also close to the MRT station, so it will save travel costs for visitors. You can take AREX express train from Incheon Airport to Seoul station and then transfer to line 4 and exit at Exit 10, walk about 5 to go to the hotel, located right on the front.

Ehwa Hotel

Some budget hostels in central Seoul you can refer to here.


From Incheon Airport to the center of Seoul, you can choose AREX Express. This is a fast train, does not stop, it only takes 43 minutes to get to city center. Booking on Klook is only 6 USD, you will pay 12 USD for the round trip. After having the voucher via email, you can redeem your ticket to the hard pass but have to deposit of 500 KWR ($0.41), get out of the station there will be a refund. On the receipt, write clearly the seat position, so you can rest assured not to stand.

arex korea
AREX Express
AREX Express Route Map

Book AREX Incheon Airport Express One Way Train Ticket here.

Getting around Seoul: After arriving at the airport, you can find and buy T-money card at convenient stores such as Emart, GS25 … for about 2.500 KWR. After that, top up right there or at all top up machines located at all MRT stations.

Transportation Cards
Swipe T-money card on bus
T-money card top-up machines

Remember to download the Subway Korea app (Android, iOS), extremely useful when traveling by MRT, you just need to select the departure point (Departs from) and destination (Arrives at) and it will display a guide line to save time and optimize your travel expenses.

Korea subway app screen
inside seoul subway train
Inside Seoul subway train | 6d5n seoul itinerary
Seoul subway map
Seoul Central Station – Where you can take the train to Busan.
Seoul Central Station – Where you can take the train to Busan. | 6d5n seoul itinerary

Wifi & SIM Card

If you traveling in a group like us (3 people or more), our advice to save money is to reserve Klook’s 4G pocket Wifi transmitter. Our trip last 6 days, so we paid 16.8 USD (for 1 day with less than $3), sharing for 3 people, each person only needs to pay $5.6 to unlimited access Wifi 4G, so cheap, can you use everywhere. The inconvenience of Wifi is not suitable for teams with him/her who wants to self-exploring, have to deposit (about 200.000 KWR) and must remember to return the device on time but in return, it will save a lot of money for eating and shopping. Recommend for you is a device with a capacity of about 8 hours when fully charged (connect one device) so when returning to the hotel or other places with free wifi, please disconnect it to take advantage of time to recharge it.

[SALE] South Korea 4G Pocket WiFi (KR Airports Pick Up) from KT Olleh

Ikseon dong | 6d5n seoul itinerary

If you travel alone or need to use data without depending on others, please book and receive 4G SIM card at Incheon Airport of Klook too. This Korea tourist SIM card provides 3 packages: 5/10/30 days for convenient use. The greatest benefit of the SIM is fast, no need to charge as pocket wifi devices, when you returning home, it’s no need to return the SIM. The price is calculated to be much more expensive than pocket wifi devices, this is also considered a small disadvantage (reference price is $23.3/$32.6/$60.5 corresponding to 5/10/30 day packages).

[SALE] South Korea 4G Prepaid SIM Card (KR Airports Pick Up) from KT Olleh

I Seoul U in front of Dongdaemun Design Plaza | seoul itinerary 6 days

Detailed itinerary

Seoul itinerary 6 days — Day 1: Myeongdong Street and Namsan Tower

Myeongdong Street

From Incheon airport, you take AREX Express to Seoul Station, then change to line 4 and exit at Exit 10 to reach Myeongdong shopping street. This area is literally the shopping street of cosmetics, full of snacks, street food as well as Korean restaurants. The recommended dishes are fish cake (odeng), Korean Tornado Potatoes, Pomegranate juice and strawberry red with bean mochi, teokbokki is not very good. When you passing by the cosmetics shop, there will be a staff giving a sample mask, if you buy it, they will give it away or they may be required return. Full of the Face Shop, Innisfree, Laneige, Missha … freely to choose. In during my trip have 50% sales promotion, so one mask is only about $0.43/sheet, you can grab and bring back to Vietnam to sell.

Myeongdong night market
Myeongdong Street | 6d5n seoul itinerary
Myeongdong Street food1
Myeongdong street food | seoul itinerary 6 days
Pomegranate Juice,myeongdong food blog,myeongdong food guide,myeongdong must eat,what to eat in myeongdong (1)
Pomegranate Juice. Very satisfying: delicious, excellent value
Strawberry Red Bean Mochi,myeongdong food blog,myeongdong food guide,myeongdong must eat,what to eat in myeongdong (1)
Strawberry Red Bean Mochi | seoul itinerary 6 days
Odeng (fish cake) stall

Tips: Note that here you get a direct tax refund, so remember to bring your passport and buy more, the higher the refund rate. There is a sample gift when buying more, so if the employee forgets, just ask for it, don’t hesitate.

Namsan Tower

Address: 105 Namsangongwon-gil, Yongsan 2(i)ga-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Hours: 10AM–11PM

I purchased tickets via Klook, only $6/ticket. From Myeongdong Station (Line 4, Exit 3), walk for about 10 minutes to the cable car station. Walking along Toegye-ro 18-gil road, turn left at Pacific hotel, go along Toegye-ro 20 gil, meet Ministop then turn right, at the end of the road you will see the stairs leading to the cable car. This cable car is a big one, not the usual small one that I often see, with transparent glass, the maximum capacity of up to 48 people. If you go by cable, you should find a foothold outside, near the glass to see the scenery.

N seoul tower

N Seoul tower
Love locks fence

N Seoul Tower Ticket in Seoul

Cable car information

+ Operating hours: 10AM ~ 11PM
+ Ticket price:

  • Round trip: Adults: 8,500 KWR/ticket; children (under 36 months) 5,500 KWR/ticket
  • One way: Adults 6,000 KWR/ticket; children (under 36 months) 3,500 KWR/ticket.

In my opinion, basically, one-way tickets are not much cheaper, so unless you have a lot of time, want to see the scenery, take photos along the way, you should buy a one-way ticket or walk both up and down. As lazy as our team, simple choose the roundtrip tickets and go ahead.

Autumn view of Namsan Seoul Tower
Autumn view of Namsan Seoul Tower
N Seoul Tower
Night View

Tips: After reaching the tower by cable car, you do not redeem tickets at the ticket counter at the entrance. You continue go to deep inside, stepping down on the stairs, there will be a souvenir shop there. To the right of this shop will be the ticket exchange.

6D5N Seoul itinerary — Day 2: Changdeokgung Palace – Bukchon Hanok Village

Changdeokgung Palace

Changdeokgung, one of the 5 grand palaces in Seoul

Address: 99 Yulgok-ro, Waryong-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Hours: 9AM–5PM / Monday: Closed
Getting there: You take the MRT to Anguk station (line 3, exit 3). Entrance fee is 3.000 KWR/adult.

Tips: Free entrance fee if you wearing hanbok (Korean traditional costume), when you come to the palace, let’s across the street, next to a ceramic shop there is a house of about 3-4 floors, the bottom has standee for hanbok rental (10,000 KWR/1 set/3 hours). The shop owner is very enthusiastic, likable, help me try each set hanbok and lend accessories. Please note that if it is snowy or rainy, they will not lease hanbok. On that day I had come, it was light rain, so I had to go around and come back, you can rent a hanbok.

Changdeokgung Palace - Secret Garden 2_j
Tranquil and peaceful in autumn
Interiro of Huijeongdang | seoul korea itinerary 6 days
Changdeokgung Palace seoul
A quiet corner of the Changdeokgung palace. | seoul itinerary 6 days

Bukchon Bukchon Village

Address: South Korea, Seoul, Jongno-gu, Gahoe-dong, 계동길 37
Hours: 9AM–6PM

Bukchon Hanok Village is located between Changdeokgung and Gyeongbokgung Palace so it’s the most convenient you can go like me, it is to go to Changdeokgung first then walk about 7 minutes to reach Bukchon Hanok.

A very romantic scene in Bukchon's ancient village
A very romantic scene in Bukchon’s ancient village | seoul itinerary 6 days
Small House Cafe in Bukchon Hanok Village
Small House Cafe in Bukchon Hanok Village
bukchon hanok village bukchon village bukchon village seoul (1)
The peaceful way at Bukchon Hanok | seoul itinerary 6 days

bukchon hanok village bukchon village bukchon village seoul (1)

Bukchon Oneday Hanbok Rental Experience (4/24 Hrs)

Tips: This area is quite a lot of visitors but there are many local living in houses around so you should not make noise and take photos quickly so anyone here has the opportunity to live virtual.

Korea itinerary 6 days 5 nights — Day 3: Digital Media City (DMC) – Haneul Park – Ewha Woman’s University


Address: 366 World cup buk-ro, Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Hours: 10AM–5:30PM
Sunday: Closed
Getting there: MRT Line 6, Exit 2

Digital Media City (DMC)
Digital Media City (DMC) | seoul itinerary 6 days

Tips: This is the technology city of Korea, there are many high-rise buildings and high-tech parks that you can freely live virtual when visiting.

Haneul Park

Address: 487-48 Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Hours: 9AM–6PM
Getting there: Take the MRT to World Cup Stadium Station (Line 6, Exit 1). From there, walk for about 15 minutes, cross the street, walk a little when you see the high stairs, this is the path to Hanuel Park.

| seoul korea itinerary 6 days
Haneul Park
Field of Reeds at Haneul Park
haneul-park-autumn seoul
| seoul korea itinerary 6 days

Tips: Here there are many field of reeds, appearing in many Korean movies.

Ewha Woman’s University

Address: 52 Ewhayeodae-gil, Daehyeon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Getting there: Take MRT Line 2, Exit 2 or 3, walk about 300 meters to reach.

ewha womans university
Ewha Woman’s University | seoul korea itinerary 6 days

Tips: Along the way to this school there are many cosmetic shops, similar to Myeongdong but cheap and give more samples. The campus has an architecture quite similar to universities in the US, with both church and trees on both sides to live virtual.

6 days in Seoul — Day 4: Gangnam – YG Family – Kstar Road (SM Town, JYP Nation)


Getting there: Take the MRT to Sinsa Station (Line 3, Exit 8).

Tips: In this area, there is a very cute Line cafe, please remember to visit.

| seoul korea itinerary 6 days
Gangnam district (1)
Gangnam, one of the most bustling district in Seoul

YG Entertainment

Address: 397-5 Hapjeong-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Getting there: You take the MRT, Line 6 to Hapjeong station, Exit 8. After crossing 2 SK gas stations, turn right until you see GS25 store, then turn left to see the YG building.

New YG Entertainment Building | 6 days in seoul

Kstar Road (SM Town, JYP Nation)

Getting there: You choose Line Bundang, go to Apgujeong Rodeo station and exit at Exit 2. From Exit 2, you go straight ahead, until you see the colorful road, you are already there. Follow K-star Road, you will see Citibank office, turn left and walking to Citibank until you see Baskin Robbins ice cream shop, look across to see JYP Entertainment immediately. Then keep going until you see the Sulbing Dessert Cafe, continue through Gallerie PICI, turn left at Dosan-daero 99-gil until you reach the last block of court # 42 CJ Villa. After turning right, you will pass through Egosposa and Chungdam Gallery. You go straight until the end of the road meets a parking lot, then turn right. After turning right, walk straight until you see SM’s name board.

| 6 days in seoul

Seoul itinerary 6 days — Day 5: Lotte World – Pojongmacha (roadside tent)

Lotte World

How to get there: Take the MRT to Jamsil Station Exit 4 on line 2 and 8

Tips: You should buy tickets in advance at Klook to get discounted tickets. Lotte has 2 indoor and outdoor areas, there are many games, rides and shows so you should spend a whole day to explore. Please download the Lotte World Magicpass app (iOS, Android) and then scan your ticket will be exempted from the queue 3 times for quick access.



Largest indoor playground | 6 days in seoul


Getting there: Pojangmacha is like an affordable but fast food stall that makes it an ideal stop for not only Koreans but also tourists, it appears a lot in crowded places, such as Yongsan Station, Hyehwa Area, Jongno District or the 3-ga Jongno center in North Seoul and the area near the city’s universities.

| 6 days in seoul

Seoul Korea itinerary 6 days — Day 6: Checkout hotel – Go to the Airport to return Ho Chi Minh City


We fly early (9:30 AM) so 6:00 AM get up early and checkout. This property only has a receptionist at 7:00 AM so when you check out early, you only need to leave the key in the drawer at the reception desk. Extremely simple procedure, friendly staff, English speaking, clean room, delicious breakfast, strong wifi, that’s all you can expect at Ehwa Myeongdong Hotel. I will stop by this hotel on my next trip.

Go to airport

2-incheon-international-airport-icn-best airports in asia in 2016 by skytrax ratings
Incheon Airport | 6d5n seoul itinerary

From the hotel, I walk about 5 minutes to MRT staton, Line 4, Exit 10. Then I go to Seoul Station and go to Incheon Airport by AREX Express train to Incheon Airport (train tickets have been booked in advance on Klook – see section 4 again). When I arrived at Incheon Airport, I found a service counter that for rent the Wifi device to return it and then check-in. In the airport there are many duty-free shops, which you can buy as gifts.

Gangwon skiing
Nami Island, the setting of “Winter Sonata”

Nami Island, Petite France, Garden of Morning Calm, and Gangchon Rail Bike Day Tour from Seoul

If you have more time you can make a day trip to visit Nami Island, French Village via Klook. A romantic and poetic island located on Han river, beautiful all year round.

So the end of the self-sufficient travel journey for 5 days in Korea to explore many corners of Seoul in 6 days 5 nights. Thanks to Klook, I have saved a lot of money and time on the trip. See you in the next trips. Happy traveling!

Ikseon-dong | 6d5n seoul itinerary

Where to stay?

the western chosun
The Westin Chosun

Depending on budget you can choose a lot of areas to stay. Here are some areas:

Budget: Dorm rooms in Hongdae and Myeongdong areas.
Medium: Hotels in Bukchon Ancient Village, or hotels in Hongdae and Myeongdong areas.
Luxury: Hotels in Gangnam area.

The hotel with the city view

Below are some best cheap, budget, mid-range and upscale hotels with good ratings and reviews you can refer to.

Lotte Hotel Seoul
Lotte Hotel Seoul
  • GLAD Mapo, 4-star hotel with room rates from $88/night. (Check rates and reviews on Agoda.com or Booking.com).
  • L7 Hotel Myeongdong, 4-star hotel with room rates from $124/night. (Check rates and reviews on Agoda.com or Booking.com).
  • Lotte Hotel Seoul, 5-star hotel with room rates from $181/night. (Check rates and reviews on Agoda.com or Booking.com).
  • Hotel Skypark Kingstown Dongdaemun, 4-star hotel with room rates from $94/night. (Check rates and reviews on Agoda.com or Booking.com).
  • Hotel PJ Myeongdong, 4-star hotel with room rates from $71/night. (Check rates and reviews on Agoda.com or Booking.com).
  • Nine Tree Hotel Myeong-dong, 3-star hotel with room rates from $50/night. (Check rates and reviews on Agoda.com or Booking.com).
  • The Grand Hotel Myeongdong, 3-star hotel with room rates from $89/night. (Check rates and reviews on Agoda.com or Booking.com).
  • Metro Hotel, 3-star hotel with room rates from $78/night. (Check rates and reviews on Agoda.com or Booking.com).
  • Sunbee Hotel, 3-star hotel with room rates from $92/night. (Check rates and reviews on Agoda.com or Booking.com).
  • Ibis Ambassador Seoul Insadong, 3-star hotel with room rates from $54/night. (Check rates and reviews on Agoda.com or Booking.com).
  • Hotel Skypark Myeongdong III, 3-star hotel with room rates from $87/night. (Check rates and reviews on Agoda.com or Booking.com).
Hotel Skypark Kingstown Dongdaemun
Hotel Skypark Kingstown Dongdaemun

You can find more, check rates, availability & booking for Seoul hotels on Agoda.com or Booking.com.

C1 Apartment

Some best day tours, trips, activities and transfer services, tickets in and from Seoul you can refer to

Myeongdong night market
The bustling street of Myeongdong.

Are you looking for more Seoul travel guide and top things to do in Seoul: Tours, activities, attractions and other things? Read more: Seoul travel blog — The fullest Seoul travel guide blog for a wonderful budget trip to Seoul for the first time.