Yellowstone is the first American national park. It is also considered one of the largest national parks in an area of 810,000 hectares, wider than Rhode Island combined with Delaware. This is truly a masterpiece of nature with a geographical structure which makes everyone surprised.

Yellowstone has groundwater, the hot springs, fumaroles (from the mouth of the volcano), gorges, spectacular waterfalls …


Another remarkable point in Yellowstone is the sanctuary wildlife with many precious animals such as bison, deer bear, mountain lions, eagles, trumpeter swans and other parasites. Yellowstone is especially famous for its beautiful waterfall as Kepler-storey waterfall with a height of nearly 45 meters, three-story Crystal waterfall nearly 40 meters high …. and hundreds of other waterfalls, and creates a very majestic scenery national park.

For a trip to discover the perfect, note some following experience from

1. Current Condition


Yellowstone is located on the northwest corner of Wyoming, the north is Montana State, the west is Idaho State on a higher plateau Yellowstone 2,400m. Visitors can come to Yellowstone through many different doors. You can go west entrance, or north entrance, northeast entrance, south entrance, depending on the state you come from. The park is open all day, so guests can come visit anytime.



If you like camping, Yellowstone is the ideal destination with 12 campsites, possible for more than 2,000 different tents.

– Xanterra Parks and Resorts have five campsites, including Madison, Fishing Bridge RV Park, Bridge Bay, Canyon, and Grant Village. You can reserve by phone or email, postal mail (phone number and address listed at the bottom of the page).


– National Park Service has 7 campgrounds, include: Mammoth, Norris, Tower Fall, Indian Creek, Pebble Creek, Slough Creek, and Lewis Lake. During the peak period in July and August, all of the campsites were booked, so if you intend to spend the holiday here, please book in advance planning.



In autumn, the weather changes and you should prepare in advance to adapt to this change. The temperature dropped rapidly, the night can be dropped below 0 degrees. This is a time you have to wear many layers, both for insulation, avoid the sun and rain. Before traveling, check the weather and warnings of the national weather forecasts Centre to prepare the necessary items.

2. The exciting activities at Yellowstone


Yellowstone is a destination for everyone. Whether you prefer adventurous activities challenging or simple, relaxing sunset …, National Park meets all the needs of travelers with lots of variety activities, plentiful. You will be very difficult in selecting the activities: Hiking and camping in remote places, boating, cycling, skiing, fishing, horse riding, ski origin, watching wildlife skin…


3. Make Plan


Annually, Yellowstone attracts millions of tourists to visit, to explore the defile like walls are stained with red color and natural inspirational wonders like Old Faithful or Mammoth Hot Spring. Guests also can not miss the opportunity to explore the trails and basin of waterfalls, forests, and alpine lakes. Here, you can enjoy almost all the pleasures, from horseback riding to fishing, make plans to enjoy the most exciting things for you. An expedition to Yellowstone Lake on a boat with opportunities to observe wildlife, or go to the north to experience Mammoth village. And if having anything, do not forget to take the time to watch the sunrise in the morning or at sunset – these are an ideal time to catch array amazing wildlife here, including osprey, moose, and grizzly bears.

Basic information

Finding the information you need for your trip, including information related to the weather, road fees, current conditions, or license, reservation …


Check in the way first, prepare the map already, so you can discover all the beauty of Yellowstone Park


Visiting sites

3 most amazing places can’t be missed when visiting Yellowstone.

Old Faithful


Located in the Geyser Country, west of Yellowstone Lake, Old Faithful – the most famous geysers world where any visitor to Yellowstone also can not be ignored. Although this is not the biggest geyser in the world, Old Faithful erupting at an average altitude of 130 feet, sometimes up to 180 feet.


There are many ways for you to witness this country vessels effusive: you can join the group gathered around the traveler or find a quieter place in the dining room Old Faithful’s motel nearby, a small hotel wooden building in winter 1903. adventurous guests can walk 1 mile to Observation Point to enjoy a panoramic view of the river upstream of the geysers.

Tourism services near Old Faithful normally open from May to about September and November, so pick the right time to come here!

Grand Canyo


Formed by thousand years of erosion rocks, water, and other natural energy, Grand canyon of Yellowstone is the main scenic attractions in Canyon Village and is one of the common areas to stroll in the park. Canyon with the length about 20 and about 1 mile half for wide. It is also the largest canyon in the southern river of Yellowstone waterfall, the yellow metal cliff is also an admirable landscape. Many regional observers like Lookout Point, Red Rock Point and many other points along the South Rim Trail, from there, you can admire the canyon and waterfalls from many different angles. (Artist Point ideal for people who want to see clearly the Lower Falls).


Canyon is located in the northeast, about 40 northern miles from the park’s east gate. Canyon Village, visitors can be served room and food, is located less than half a mile to the north of the canyon.

Yellowstone Lake


Located in the center of Yellowstone Park is Yellowstone Lake, the largest freshwater lake in North America, more than 7,000 feets deep. Come to Lake Yellowstone, you can behold many animals featured as bison, bald eagles and grizzly bears in North America. The lake is often frozen in early December and can last until early June.


You can go to Yellowstone Lake from the east or the west gate of the park. The lake is located in two villages – Grant Village and Lake Village.