Have you ever heard of the famous Japanese island of Enoshima? Enoshima Island, Kanagawa Prefecture, is a small island surrounded by the immense sea and beautiful views, where both young and old people love, so many tourists come to visit. Today, Living Nomads will organize a nature theme tour to the beautiful island of Enoshima, immersed yourself in the “meditation atmosphere” at the sacred Kamakura temple. Now, let’s pack your backpack to start the day trip itinerary to Kamakura and Enoshima (Kamakura Enoshima day trip, Kamakura Enoshima one day trip).

Daibutsu, Great Buddha of Kamakura
Great Buddha of Kamakura | kamakura enoshima one day trip
Kamakura autumn (1)
Kamakura temple in autumn
Enoshima Shrine | kamakura enoshima one day trip

Kamakura Enoshima one day trip: How to get to Kamakura Temple and Enoshima Island from Tokyo?

Both Kamakura Temple and Enoshima Island are located in Kanagawa Prefecture, so traveling to Kanagwa prefecture we will visit Kanagawa temple before getting to the island. From Tokyo, you go to Shinjuku Station, take the Express or Rapid Express train to JR Kamakura Station, get off the train, leave the station and follow the small street, right on the opposite side of the station, you will reach the Kamakura Temple.

Express train to Kamakura
JR Kamakura Station | kamakura enoshima one day trip

To getting to Enoshima Island by changing to a local train to get to Katase-Enoshima Station. At Katase-Enoshima Station, there is only one exit gate, then walk through the road and bridge in front of the exit. Walking about 5 minutes, you will see First Kitchen on the left, turn right and go down that road to reach Enoshima Island.

Kamakura local train
Katase-Enoshima Station | kamakura enoshima one day trip
Enoshima Bridge connects to Enoshima island

Buy the JR Pass to quickly moving without having to waiting buy train tickets.

Link to buy JR Pass: JR Pass for Whole Japan (7, 14, or 21 Days).

Note: Let choose the right train to go to Kamakura at Shinjuku station.

Note: You should pay attention the instructions in the electric signs 4 and 5 to choose Rapid or Rapid Express train; If you want to choose local train, watch the instructions on the opposite electric sign.

If you want to make sure, use Google map. Remember to buy a 4G travel sim card to get directions from “Google tour guide”. If you go with a large group, rent a wifi pocket device with unlimited data for saving more.

Kamakura Enoshima day trip: The detailed itinerary to visit Kamakura and Enoshima in one day trip (Kamakura Enoshima one day trip)

Kamakura Temple

Giant Buddha (Daibutsu) | kamakura enoshima one day trip

This area concentrates many temples in the ancient style for us to pray and visit. There is a famous giant Buddha statue also known as Daibutsu at Kotaku-in temple, Three-story Pagoda at Jojuin Temple with hydrangeas garden, Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine ancient and solemn which often choosing by couples to organize their wedding in Japanese tradition,… Coming to Kamakuara you are definitely immersed in the atmosphere of meditation and soothing the soul from the hustle of everyday life.

| kamakura enoshima day trip

An unique corner at Kamakura | kamakura enoshima day trip
Matcha tea

Enoshima Shrine

Enoshima Shrine entrance gate | kamakura enoshima day trip

This is a famous sacred shrine on Enoshima island, seems to stretch the whole island. Enoshima Shrine is divided into 3 areas: Outer Shrine, Middle Shrine and Inner Shrine with its separate landscapes and sightseeing activities. There is a lake area with the sacred Dragon statue, if you wash coins at this lake in the spring, luck will come to you. Besides, there is a big trees area surrounded by Ema (Red Wooden Wishing Plaques), which is a favorite place for young people to praying for love. There is also a love bell area, Ryuren, Samuel Cooking gardens, … located in the Enoshima Shrine area. To exploring all three areas of Enoshima shrine area is a true pilgrimage, a little bit tired because the shrine areas are quite far apart but in return for a pure and peaceful soul.

Wooden Wishing Plaques | kamakura enoshima day trip

Wishing for love
Wash coins for good luck | kamakura enoshima day trip
Kissing in front of the love bell

Enjoy local specialties

Fresh sashimi

Because this is an island, the local specialty is extremely fresh seafood. The flavor from making seafood-related dishes on Enoshima Island is unique and different from other regions in Japan. Please enjoy.

Delicious meal | kamakura enoshima day trip

So it’s the end of a peaceful day trip on Enoshima island. There are no hustle and bustle, modern, full of light like Tokyo but idyllic and free, relaxed and calm. During your trip of exploring Japan, let arranging a day to visit Kamakura temple and Enoshima island to find newness is a great idea, right homies?!

Big Buddha (Daibutsu) of Kamakura's Kotokuin Temple
Big Buddha (Daibutsu) of Kamakura’s Kotokuin Temple

Recommend you take the tour to visit Kamakura Temple and Enoshima Island combined with other famous places in Kanagawa prefecture from Klook, no need worry about transportation, just enjoy yourself.

Book the tour now here: Kamakura & Enoshima Day Tour from Tokyo.

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