The Hague or Den Haag in Dutch is considered to have the most administrative buildings, and other government agencies in the Netherlands. There are many residents who work for the government and a lot of beautiful scenery, museums, palaces (The Hague also known as The City Palace). So, is the Hague worth visiting, how to visit the Hague, what to do in the Hague and how to plan a budget trip to the Hague for the first-time perfectly? Let’s check out our the Hague blog (The Hague blog) with the fullest the Hague travel guide (The Hague travel guide, The Hague city guide, The Hague guide, the Hague city guide) from how to get to the Hague, best places to visit, best time to come, what to eat as well as top things to do in the Hague to help you maximize your trip as follows!

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Traveling to The Hague, you will discover the city with the third largest area in the “land of tulips” with unique architectures, museums, peaceful suburbs and delicious delicacy. | the hague blog
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The Hague (also known as The Hague or ‘s- Gravenhage) is the third largest city, located in the western part of the Netherlands. With architectural works imbued with culture and history, this beautiful city on the North Sea coast is always a favorite destination for tourists. The Hague is the greenest city in the Netherlands. The streets in The Hague are wide and open with many large parks and green vegetation along the riverbanks. The city has many historical buildings, museums, large galleries and is an interesting place to explore the people and country of the Netherlands alike.

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Overview of The Hague (#the hague blog)

The Hague (Den Haag) on the Netherlands map | the hague blog

The Hague is the capital of the province of South Holland, and a city on the west coast of the Netherlands. This is also the official workplace of the Dutch Government. Therefore, The Hague has the honor to welcome many heads of state to visit the Netherlands. It is also the third largest city in the Netherlands after Amsterdam and Rotterdam. The city covers an area of 100 square kilometers and has a population of over 700,000 including the surrounding areas.

With a history of hundreds of years of formation and development, today in The Hague there are many quaint architectural works for you to visit. | the hague blog
| the hague blog

Since the sixteenth century, The Hague has been the political capital of the Netherlands. It is home to government offices, embassies, courts, international judicial organizations and is currently the residence and workplace of Queen Beatrix. The town dates back to 1230, when Count Floris IV bought a piece of land along the banks of Lake Court as a holiday home after a hunting trip. In 1248, Earl William II expanded the lodge into a castle. Then, around the castle, many houses were built creating a bustling metropolis. Since the 16th century, The Hague has been the meeting place of the Dutch parliament, but it was not until the reign of Louis Napoleon (1806) that the city was recognized as a city.

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The city is not the capital of the Netherlands but is the seat of the Dutch government. However, the city is still chosen as the seat of the Senate and the House of Representatives of the Netherlands. The city is also so peaceful that Queen Beatrix also chose this place as a place to live and work.

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The Huage in autumn | the hague blog

It is also the headquarters of most of the embassies and the Supreme Court of the Netherlands. Therefore, the city is often the place where high-level conferences of the Netherlands take place.

The Hague dubbed the greenest city in the Netherlands. Because the streets here are spacious, surrounded by green trees along the river banks. Not only that, the city also has a lot of long-standing historical buildings, where large exhibitions take place. And if you want to understand more about the country and people of the Netherlands, The Hague travel guide below is definitely a place not to be missed.

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The Hague, also known as The Hague, is the capital of the province of South Holland and a city on the west coast of the Netherlands. The Hague is also the workplace of the Dutch Government, becoming the destination of leading heads of state in the world.

The best time to visit The Hague (#the hague blog)

The Hague is influenced by a temperate oceanic climate with mild and pleasant weather all year round. Winter is not too cold and summer is always cool due to its location near the sea. In general, you can come here at any time of the year. In the summer you can relax at the beautiful beach, and in the winter explore the historical and cultural structures.

The Hague has a temperate climate divided into four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. However, the seasons here are not so clear. | the hague blog

In winter, the weather is not too cold, if you want to go sightseeing with cold weather, you can still come here in winter. But the most beautiful season to visit is spring and autumn. At this time, the mild weather along with the fresh growth of trees, you will surely be impressed.

The beginning of April is the peak time for beach tourism in The Hague, attracting tourists to visit and swim. | the hague blog

May is the festive season with many unique events, July and August is the ideal time to participate in many attractive outdoor activities in the garden, park or around The Hague, especially in August every year. the year of the international fireworks festival.

September is the cultural tourism season in The Hague, with the highlight being Prince’s Day or Museum Night, where many of the most anticipated unique events of the year take place.

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How to get to The Hague? (#the hague travel guide)

To get to the city of The Hague, you first need to travel by plane from Vietnam to the Netherlands by Cathay Pacific, Air France, Korean Air, … the flight lands at Amsterdam or Rotterdam international airport, then take a taxi to The Hague. Airfares vary from $650 to $720, depending on the departure point and landing airport as well as the time you go.

If you depart from other cities you can go to Google Flights, Kayak or Skyscanner to find cheap airfare as well as best routes which offer by various airlines around the world.

The major airports closest to the Hague are Amsterdam Schiphol or Rotterdam The Hague Airport, you can travel to The Hague by direct trains from these airport which takes around 30-45 minutes.

The Hague (Den_Haag) Central Station. | the hague travel blog

Getting around The Hague (#the hague guide)

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The means of transport in The Hague mainly public transport It was even named Randstadrail. To saving travel cost you should buy a day ticket of 6.5 Euro or a single ticket of 3.5 Euro. In particular, in the Netherlands, bicycles are a very popular means of transport that are both cheap and good for health, and can enjoy beautiful street views. Bicycle rental ranges around 7.5 Euros/day. In addition, you can also travel by taxi if traveling long distances or following many people, in general should only go when necessary.

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Bike is the main means of transport in the Hague | the hague travel blog
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Bike is more than just a means of transport, this is also considered a great way for you to explore every corner of the Hague in the most convenient way.

Where to stay? (#the hague travel blog)

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Babylon Hotel The Hague: This hotel has an extremely convenient location as it overlooks the The Hague Forest (Haagse Bos), next to Den Haag Centraal railway station. It offers elegant soundproofed rooms with flat-screen TVs and luxurious bathrooms. In particular, each room has air conditioning system and extra-long bed and free tea/coffee maker. Room rates range from $210/night. (Agoda, Booking)

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The Hague Marriott Hotel: Room rates range from $273/night. From the hotel you will admire the beautiful view of the whole city, the room is fully equipped with modern amenities, with a private bath. (Agoda, Booking)

Leonardo Royal Hotel Den Haag Promenade: This is a 5-star hotel located in the heart of Den Haag city. The hotel provides many luxurious services such as: spa, wellness center, indoor heated swimming pool. In addition, each modern room here is equipped with air conditioning, work desk, seating area, minibar, flat-screen TV. All bathrooms are equipped with a shower and some rooms have a bathtub. Room rates range from $223/night. (Agoda, Booking)

Below we recommend more best budget, mid-range and upscale hotels with good ratings and reviews you can refer to.

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Where to go and what to do in The Hague?

Escher in Het Paleis (Escher in The Palace)

Address: Lange Voorhout 74, 2514 EH Den Haag, Netherlands
Hours: 11 AM–5 PM/Monday: Closed

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Escher in the Palace is home to the works of artist M. C. Escher and has become a popular destination for history buffs. Visiting this building you will admire a collection of up to 150 originals printed in pieces, the most famous of which are works related to perception and mind spirals. In addition, the collection also has rhinestones and wooden blocks printed to serve the visiting needs of visitors. The historic building Escher in the Palace also attracts children to learn and have the opportunity to experience tessellings and optical illusions with many novelties.

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Peace Palace (Vredespaleis)

Address: Carnegieplein 2, 2517 KJ Den Haag, Netherlands
Hours: 12–4 PM/Monday, Tuesday: Closed

The famous Peace Palace (Vredespaleis), an imposing brick building built between 1907-1913, was largely paid for by philanthropist Andrew Carnegie. Built in a blend of Gothic and neoclassical styles, the façade has a long arc with a steep roof and an 80-meter-high tower.

It’s the Den Haag’s most photographed structure, this palace is home to the International Court of Justice and the Permanent Court of Arbitration. With its important role, it is not an exaggeration to say that this beautiful palace is a representative representative of Den Haag – the city of Peace.

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It features rich interior décor designed by many countries, including marble from Italy, wood paneling from Brazil and the United States, and iron railings from Germany. This is a place worth exploring when coming to The Hague, Netherlands.

Louwman Museum – The oldest car museum in the world

Address: Leidsestraatweg 57, 2594 BB Den Haag, Netherlands
Hours: 10 AM–5 PM/Monday: Closed

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This is a place to visit for gentlemen with a passion for cars when traveling to The Hague. It has the oldest car collection in the world, currently numbering more than 250 vehicles. The first model in the collection was Benz’s patented Motorbike in 1886, equipped with a single cylinder and the first patented motor vehicle.

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Other early models include rares like the De Dion-Bouton Trepardoux Steam Quadricycle 1887, the Buffum Four Cylinder Stanhope 1895, and the Daimler 6-HP Twin-Cylinder Six-Seat Brake 1897. Some of the more exotic models include the Brooke Swan Car 1910, Curtiss Aerocar Land Yacht 1932 and Taruffi Italcorsa / TARF II 1951. This place is home to all kinds of cars from around the world, and the latest electric and hybrid models, as well as racing cars.

Landgoed Clingendael Park

Address: 2244 VH Wassenaar, Netherlands
Hours: Open 24 hours

The gardens surrounding the manor at Landgoed Clingendael date back to the 16th century, creating an oasis of tranquility in the middle of the city. The park is open to the public free of charge, has a large playground and picnic area, as well as a tea room adjacent to the English Garden. When visiting The Hague, you can stop by here to stroll, enjoy tea and watching the flowers bloom or the flock of geese working hard for food.

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The Japanese Garden is only open for a few weeks each spring and fall due to its fragility. It contains a range of artifacts brought back from Japan by Lady Daisy, the former owner of the estate who created the garden in 1910, including stone lanterns, water basins, and a small wooden bridge.

Japanese Garden | den haag blog

Panorama Mesdag (#the hague blog)

Address: Zeestraat 65, 2518 AA Den Haag, Netherlands
Hours: 10 AM–5 PM/Monday: Closed

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Visiting Panorama Mesdag, you will be impressed with the huge mural up to 120 meters long, 14 meters high by artist HW Mesdag and his wife. Coming to this famous spot in The Hague, the Netherlands, you will admire the beautiful scenery of the Scheveningen Sea with sand dunes designed in 3D illusion and many strange objects. Coming to Panorama Mesdag, you can also visit a series of paintings by Mesdag and his wife attracting tourists to visit and learn.

| den haag blog
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This huge painting depicts the Scheveningen seaside scene circa 1880s. With realistic lines, with the help of modern lighting system, you will feel like you are standing on a real beach when looking at this picture.

Ridderzaal (Knight’s Hall)

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The Gothic-designed hall – measuring 40 meters by 20 meters – boasts many magnificent stained-glass windows depicting the coats of arms of Dutch towns, as well as the spectacular Rose Window with its arms of the main aristocratic families of the Netherlands.

The heavy wooden roof structure with 18-meter beams has the shape of an upside-down ship, and carved wooden heads represent eavesdroppers from “higher forces” that were supposed to keep members out. of the council of lies.

Kunstmuseum Den Haag

Address: Stadhouderslaan 41, 2517 HV Den Haag, Netherlands
Hours: 10 AM–5 PM/Monday: Closed

In the modern residential area of Duinoord, a suburb with houses built in the traditional Dutch style (hofjes), the Art Museum – Gemeentemuseum Den Haag – is a must-see on your itinerary.

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Designed by HP Berlage in 1935, the museum displays a variety of materials related to the town’s history, along with 19th and 20th century art, applied and decorative arts (including ceramics, porcelain, silver and furniture), and a collection of traditional and electronic musical instruments.

There is also a section dedicated to modern art with many works by Piet Mondriaan and Paul Klee.

Mauritshuis Museum

Address: Plein 29, 2511 CS Den Haag, Netherlands
Hours: 10 AM–6 PM/Monday: 1–6 PM

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The Mauritshuis is a monumental building built in the classical style from the 1641s that is considered the most important museum in The Hague. The Mauritshuis features small rooms, wardrobes containing valuables including Rembrandt’s anatomy, Jacob’s paintings and views of Haarlem and Rogier van der Weyden or Delerer’s view of Delft. This is the place to store Vermeer’s painting “Girl with a Pearl Earring” and many other important masterpieces of artists such as Rembrandt, Rubens or Jan Steen.

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The Prison Gate Museum (Gevangenpoort) (Rijksmuseum de Gevangenpoort)

Address: Buitenhof 33, 2513 AH Den Haag, Netherlands
Hours: 10 AM–5 PM/Saturday, Sunday: 12–5 PM/Monday: Closed

To the north of the Binnenhof is the Prison Gate (Gevangenpoort), a well-preserved structure, built in 1296 as a house gate. Officially turned into a prison in the 15th century, it was here that brothers Cornelis and Johan de Witt, accused of trying to save the life of Prince William III, were murdered in 1672.

The prison and torture chambers have been open to visitors since the 1880s and include a large collection of paintings, prints and relics – as well as torture tools – illustrating the justice of government in the 17th century.

This is a large museum with a long history. In 1400, the museum was a prison, however today it has become a museum. If you want to explore Spanish history and learn and see with your own eyes the tools for medieval torture, don’t miss this place.



Address: George Maduroplein 1, 2584 RZ Den Haag, Netherlands
Hours: 10 AM–5 PM

Madurodam is the most famous and attractive park in The Hague today with spacious miniatures. You can take a walk around the areas of the park that have been dubbed “Amsterdam in miniature”. Besides, you can also admire the iconic architectural works such as De Volhanding building, Peace Palace, St. John’s or Anne Frank’s house.

It attracts people by the miniature areas made in 1:25 scale depicting the life of the Dutch through different periods.
This unique museum will bring the most typical features of the Netherlands to tourists, through tiny but extremely sophisticated models of the cultural and life aspects of the land of tulips.

Noordeinde Palace

Address: Noordeinde 68, 2514 GL Den Haag, Netherlands

For four centuries, Den Haag has been the living and working place of the Dutch Royal Family. This profound historical process is evident in many of the city’s landmarks, the most prominent of which is the palace of Noordeinde. Although this palace is not open to visitors, you can fully appreciate its elegant beauty from the garden of Noordeinde.


Address: 2513 AA The Hague, Netherlands

The Binnenhof building is located in the central area and is a popular place for many tourists. The Binnenhof is a beautiful structure built in 1250 in the heart of the city. This building was formerly the residence of the ruling nobility of the Hague and today it is used as the seat of the Parliamentary office. Visiting The Binnenhof, you will have the opportunity to admire the portrait paintings of King William II and precious medals.

Highlights in this building include the First Chamber with a medal display area painted with paintings and portraits of King William II. Several other areas of the building are used for banquets and other purposes. In particular, the Rolzaal building dating from 1511 displays paintings from the 17th century. As the oldest Parliament building still in use, the Binnenhof is considered the heart of the Dutch democratic state. It is also the site of countless important events in the nation’s history.

Vibrant and cozy at night

Scheveningen Pier

Address: Strandweg 150-154, 2586 JW Den Haag, Netherlands
Hours: 10 AM–10 PM

The Scheveningen area is a popular destination during the summer months with both locals and tourists. In addition to being a lovely beach on the shores of the North Sea, the area is also home to many top attractions and activities, as well as a regular host to a number of festivals and concerts. That’s why you can’t help but come here when traveling to the Netherlands in the summer.

Visitors can come here for the view of the SkyView de Pier, the Ferris-style observation wheel, there is a gondola where tourists can enjoy a meal or even high tea.

Royal House of the Netherlands (Huis ten Bosch)

Address: Huis ten Bosch, 2594 BD Den Haag, Netherlands

One of the most beautiful open spaces of The Hague that you must visit when traveling to the Netherlands is Haagse Bos – a two square kilometer park with beautiful winding roads.

Stretching from the old city center to the boundary of the suburb of Wassenaar, leisure travelers spend their time exploring one of the country’s oldest forests, protected from deforestation since the Middle Ages.

The best views are from the Noordeinde Palace Gardens (admission is free), the Royal Stables, home to the horses of many Royal Trainers.

Grote of Sint-Jacobskerk

Address: Rond de Grote Kerk 12, 2513 AM Den Haag, Netherlands

The oldest part of the Grote of Sint-Jacobskerk (St. James’s Cathedral) dates back to the 14th century, while newer sections, including the 100-meter-tall tower, were added around 1420.

Unique in the Netherlands for its hexagonal shape, the tower was originally intended for warning (the bells were too large for the tower and could be seen inside the church). A new carillon, one of the largest in the Netherlands with 51 bells, was installed in 1959, and can be visited as part of a tour of the tower.

Highlights of the beautiful vaulted interior include numerous monuments and tombs, of both the poet and statesman Constantijn Huygens who died in 1687, and the physicist and astronomer Christiaan Huygens, buried here in 1695, the cloak of the Knights of the Golden Fleece, and stained glass in the choir and north transept.

What to eat?

Oliebollen (Dutch Doughnuts)

(c) | the hague blog

Oliebollen doughnuts recipe is also quite simple. Ingredients to prepare include sugar, milk, flour, eggs, salt, raisins and apples. Eggs, flour, milk, sugar are used to make the crust, and raisins are soaked to make the filling. You just need to mold the crust very well so that it is round and beautiful, then add the filling. The last step is to fry until golden brown. When enjoying, you will feel the crispy, golden and greasy taste, this is a familiar dish at the beginning of the Dutch New Year.

Bitterballen meatballs

This is a very popular dish in the Netherlands. The inside is a layer of tender chicken and vegetables, and the outside is a layer of crispy fried meat. On a hungry afternoon, this is a very good spiritual dish. This dish is also a drinking bait sold in beer shops across the Netherlands. If you come to the Netherlands, try the experience of sipping Bitterballen meatballs with beer.


Stamppot (c) | the hague blog

Stampot is as simple as Dutch cuisine itself. You just need to prepare potatoes, greens, meat or smoked sausage. Puree potatoes with green vegetables, put sausage or meat on top to serve. You already have a warm dish for a lazy afternoon that doesn’t want to cook. Stamppot is a favorite snack in the afternoon or at night, loved by many tourists when coming to the Netherlands.

Where should you go shopping in Den Haag?

Along with the history in Den Haag is the developed and modern life, reflected in many convenient shopping areas, giving visitors choices from the most luxurious to the most affordable:

  • Court District consisting of not-so-big streets with intimate spaces. Here, visitors can find fashion boutiques full of personality and youthfulness.
  • Grote Marktstraat is one of the most important shopping areas in the center of Den Haag, where you can visit the most modern shopping areas such as De Bijenkorf, Peek & Cloppenburg or Decathlon…
  • The Zeeheldenkwartier area is located not too far from the city center and offers visitors shopping and entertainment experiences that are very close to the lives of locals.

Some best day tours, trips, activities and transfer services, tickets in, from and to Den Haag you can refer to

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