Delicious street food on night market stall Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Enjoy food – India, Malaysia and western China, all in Kuala Lumpur. The blend of a multicultural society in Kuala Lumpur creates the diversity of Kuala Lumpur cuisine. Roadside eateries are a great place to enjoy the street food here. Especially, there are small towns like Little India and Chinatown. With its rich culture, history and “secret” spices, it is no surprise that Little India and Chinatown are excellent food places at great prices.

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diverse cuisine-kuala lumpur1

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Malaysian Street Food Tour in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 4

Malaysian Street Food Tour in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 4

Malaysian Street Food Tour in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 4

Conquer Menara Tower Kuala Lumpur

Menara Tower - Kuala Lumpur

Menara Tower, also known as the Malaysian Observatory, is 790 feet high. It is one of the four tallest communication towers in the world. Try to get the sight of the birds from the observatory. More especially, you will have a great dinner at the Atmosphere 360 Restaurant in the beautiful night scene Kuala Lumpur.

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menara kuala lumpur malaysia

Menara-Kuala-Lumpur 1 perfect day itinerary

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Menara Tower - Kuala Lumpur3

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Visit Sri Mahamariaman (#kuala lumpur travel bog)

Sri Mahamariaman - kuala lumpur

Built in 1873, the Hindu Sri Mahamariaman Temple is located at the edge of Chinatown and is an incredible place. This is the oldest and beautiful temple in Malaysia. As an embodiment of the spiritual life of Hinduism, the temple occupies an important place in the life of the people here. The most impressive detail of the temple is the gate decorated with statues of Hindu deities.

Sri Mahamariamman Temple
Sri Mahamariamman Temple

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Sri Mahamariaman - kuala lumpur1

Sri Mahamariaman - kuala lumpur2

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Explore the Museum of Islamic Art (#kl blog)

Museum of Islamic Art - kuala lumpur

Located in the Lake Gardens, the museum has an area of more than 100,000 square feet. In this vast space, you will find the world’s largest Masjid al-Haram’s Mecca model, 12 art galleries including porcelain and weapons and 7,000 cultural archives. and Islamic Art.

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islamic arts museum malaysia
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islamic arts museum malaysia 2
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Museum of Islamic Art - kuala lumpur2

Museum of Islamic Art - kuala lumpur3
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Enjoy the Masjid Negara

Masjid Negara - kuala lumpur3

As a Muslim country, Malaysia has many shrines and holy places. And the Masjid Negara with an area of 13 acres, highlighted in blue color with charming domes. Take a stroll and explore the old buildings and unique architectural features.

Masjid Negara - kuala lumpur
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masjid-negara-kuala lumpur malaysia 1 day trip
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masjid-negara-kuala lumpur malaysia 1 day trip

Batu Caves

Batu Cave - kuala lumpur

Leaving the city of skyscrapers and crowded markets, Batu will not let you disappointed. Be brave to conquer 272 steps and you will admire giant gold Murugan statue and entrance and the world’s most unique cave temple way. In addition, the harmony between temple architecture in the cave and the giant stalactites are also an interesting experience.

Batu Cave - kuala lumpur1

Batu Cave - kuala lumpur2
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Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur 2
Huge statue at the entrance | kl blog

Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands - kuala lumpur

Located not far from Kuala Lumpur, Genting Highlands is almost a completely different world. There are no bustle or noisy town, this beautiful plateau with fresh air. You can take part in walks, sightseeing or enjoy a morning without worry. Another unique feature of Genting is the only legal casino in Malaysia. If you want to come here to try your luck, do not miss this place.

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Genting Highlands - kuala lumpur3
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Berjaya Park

Berjaya Park - kuala lumpur

Someone has said that only children like Berjaya, but according to Living Nomads self-sufficient Kuala Lumpur travel experience, this is a place for all family members. Berjaya owns every game in every topic. So whether you are an adult or a young child, you will definitely have joyful experiences.

Berjaya Park - kuala lumpur1

Berjaya Park - kuala lumpur2
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Berjaya Park - kuala lumpur3

Berjaya Park - kuala lumpur4

Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands - kuala lumpur

Situated on the mountain range, Cameron Highlands is a popular tourist destination because you can just see the natural scenery and enjoy the fresh air during your trip. Along with the small villages, you will be able to see the green tea gardens, terraced fields, the red berries, … Walking between the natural space and the fresh air, taste the fresh strawberries are sure to be the most peaceful experience of your Malaysian trip.

Cameron Highlands - kuala lumpur2
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Cameron Highlands - kuala lumpur1

Does it look very European?
Most of the tea plantations are prohibited drones, so pay attention when flying cams.

Aquaria Aquarium KLCC

Aquaria Aquarium KLCC

Aquaria KLCC located in the center of Kuala Lumpur city is one of the largest aquariums in the world with more than 5000 individuals of 150 species. Coming to this aquarium you have the opportunity to admire the flocks of fish after the glass wall, the aquarium where colorful coral reefs and even try to swim with the great sharks.

Aquaria Aquarium KLCC3

Aquaria Aquarium KLCC2
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Lake Gardens Park

Lake Gardens Park - kuala lumpur1
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Gardens Park Lake is very close to the train and bus station. This park is like a museum of Islam with colorful architecture. You can also rent a boat floating on the water and enjoy the lake view. The travel experience of self-sufficient Kuala Lumpur of Living Nomads is to visit here and then to the town to eat and drink in the evening.

Lake Gardens Park - kuala lumpur

Lake Gardens Park - kuala lumpur2
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Lake Gardens Park - kuala lumpur3

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Visit the Royal Malaysian Police Museum

Royal Malaysian Police Museum - kuala lumpur
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The Royal Malaysian Police Museum is definitely one of the most exotic museums in the country. But it’s very interesting with collections of old uniforms, weapons, and vehicles, some of which come from big criminal organizations. And most unique is the admission is always free.

Royal Malaysian Police Museum - kuala lumpur2

Royal Malaysian Police Museum - kuala lumpur1

Royal Malaysian Police Museum - kuala l

Royal Malaysian Police Museum - kuala lumpur4

Royal Malaysian Police Museum - kuala lumpur5

Join Thaipusam

Join Thaipusam-kuala lumpur

This is a festival based on Hindu religion and usually occurs during the full moon of February. In every year, more than a million locals and thousands of visitors flock to the Batu Caves to participate in the 9-mile parade.

Join Thaipusam-kuala lumpur1

Join Thaipusam-kuala lumpur2
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Join Thaipusam-kuala lumpur2

Kuala Lumpur is one of the most special cities in Southeast Asia. Not only because of the excitement, the entertaining experience or the sightseeing areas that are famous all over the city, the city is also attracted by the vitality of every corner of the city. Expect that this self-sufficient Kuala Lumpur travel experience will help you have the most enjoyable dates in Kuala Lumpur.

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