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Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia and is also an attractive tourist destination. It has a diverse culture, many famous tourist attractions such as the ancient Chinatown, the skyscraper Petronas Twin Towers, the bustling KL Sentral, etc. However, if you have explored all of the bustling city, and if you want to find a new place to visit and worthy travel destination, go a little further outside the city with other equally famous and beautiful tourist attractions. It doesn’t take too long, you take those trips during the day and take a break to avoid the crowds as well the hustle and bustle of the city. Therefore, here we would like to introduce “8 best day trips from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia” for you refer to.

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Downtown KL and Petronas Twin Towers seen from far | best day trips from kuala lumpur
Chinatown | best day trips from kuala lumpur

So, where do you go for one day trip from Kuala Lumpur (one day trip from KL, one day trip from Kuala Lumpur, one day trip in Malaysia from Kuala Lumpur, 1 day trip from KL, 1 day trip from Kuala Lumpur)? Let’s check out our suggested 8 best day trips from Kuala Lumpur (best day trips from KL) with detailed destinations information as follows!

Best day trips from Kuala Lumpur: Putrajaya City

| best day trips from kuala lumpur

Putrajaya is a city with an area of ​​​​nearly 5,000 hectares and is located only 25 km from the capital Kuala Lumpur. Putrajaya is a wetland, which is also a pride of Malaysia because it possesses an elegantly designed European-style streets, along with large paved roads, while the buildings are designed to blend modern architecture with Islamic art. There are also shopping centers, many parks planted with green trees, suitable for sightseeing, shopping and camping. From Kuala Lumpur, you can take a bus, train or taxi to get to Putrajaya.

Putrajaya Botanical Garden | best day trips from kuala lumpur

Putrajaya and River Cruise Tour

Coming to this beautiful city, visit the botanical garden which is a park designed as a palace, also a national reserve, education and research center. Meanwhile, there’s an annual event: “Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta” – it’s a huge, crowded hot air balloon festival and the sight of colorful hot air balloons rising up into the sky is really impressive. You should not miss the bridge and Putrajaya lake – both an urban view and a distinct romance. Opposite the lake is the Putra Mosque, one of the most modern mosques in the world, with modern architecture blending traditional art and the use of indigenous materials.

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Putrajaya Tour with Traditional Boat Ride from Kuala Lumpur

Putrajaya Putra Complex is a complex with lake view including: Office of Prime Minister, office of Deputy Prime Minister and Secretary General of Government. The Prime Minister’s residence is also notable, called “Seri Perdana Complex”, very luxurious and spacious. After that, you should move to District 21 – an adventure-themed park located in IOI City Mall Putrajaya, where visitors of all ages can have fun and challenging obstacle course activities. You must have heard of the Putrajaya Iron Mosque (Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin Mosque) – the mosque has a design influenced by German and Chinese architecture and is built mainly from steel; Masjid Raja Fisabilillah Cyberjaya mosque, also known as the Blue Mosque is large with a capacity of up to tens of thousands of people. Finally, is the Putrajaya Landmark that will surprise you with its towering heights.

Seri Perdana is the official residence of the Prime Minister of Malaysia | best day trips from kuala lumpur
Putrajaya Mosque. Picture: malaysia blog.
Putrajaya Mosque. | best day trips from kuala lumpur
Magnificent mosque | best day trips from kuala lumpur

[Muslim Friendly] Putrajaya Islamic Walking Tour from Kuala Lumpur

It can be seen that Putrajaya can be a city with many unique architectures such as government buildings, mosques, commercial centers,… Along with the green trees in the parks, botanical gardens,… You can also enjoy local delicacies at Putrajaya Farmers Market, so if you come to Kuala Lumpur, don’t miss Putrajaya city.

Sekinchan Village

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Sekinchan is known as a small farming and fishing village north of Kuala Lumpur. Sekinchan has an extremely large area, is also a place to supply rice and seafood in Malaysia.

Starting from Kuala Lumpur, you will enjoy the view of palm trees along the coastal road before reaching Sekinchan. Once there, take in the beautiful scenery of the vast, endless rice fields. From March to May and from mid-September to November, the rice fields are still green; From mid-May to June and mid-November to December, the fields gradually turn yellow. If you are lucky, you can also watch migratory birds from Sumatra soaring into the air in flocks. You can also learn about rice harvesting, processing and packaging. If you can’t see it with your own eyes, go to the rice processing showroom.

| best day trips from kl
Sekinchan paddy fields | best day trips from kl

According to local beliefs, you can pray and fulfill your wishes at the “Sekinchan Wishing Tree” by throwing a lucky red cloth that writes what you want on the tree. Since Sekinchan was originally a fishing village, you can explore the life of the fishermen, learning from preparation, catching to seafood processing. And finally, to end this day trip from KL, watch the sunset over the sea and then head to a local restaurant for extremely fresh and delicious seafood at affordable prices.

Sekinchan beach | best day trips from kl
Sky mirror | best day trips from kl

At sunset | best day trips from kl

Sky Mirror & Sekinchan Paddy Field Day Tour from Kuala Lumpur

Best day trips from Kuala Lumpur: Pulau Ketam Village (Crab Island)

Pulau Ketam, better known as Crab Island, is a fishing village located on a small island off the coast of Klang. To go to this island, you have to go by ferry for around RM7 per person (about $1.53). Note that the first ferry is at 7:45am and the last ferry is at 5:30pm.

| 1 day trip from kuala lumpur

Coming here, you will surely be impressed with the strange floating houses on the water. These houses sit on long wooden pillars. Going deep inside, you will find the village, although rustic, but the home to about 8,000 inhabitants. Pulau Ketam village is made up of wooden paths and houses on stilts that stand on mangrove swamps. Rent a bicycle for S$5 for the whole day to cycle around the village, you will be free to explore the colorful houses and murals such as: Boat factory, majestic Chinese temple, fresh local market. You should also try the experience of finding and catching small crabs in the mud at low tide.

| 1 day trip from kuala lumpur
| 1 day trip from kuala lumpur
| 1 day trip from kuala lumpur

Pulau Ketam Crab Village Rural Adventure Tour

In Pulau Ketam, visitors will witness and experience the extremely unique lifestyle of fishermen. You should enjoy delectable seafood dishes made from fish, shrimp, squid, crab,… at local restaurants. This is a paradise for seafood connoisseurs. This small island off Port Klang offers a glimpse into vibrant life in a rustic Malaysian setting. This is also a destination for you to escape air pollution and traffic jams. Enjoy a spectacular ferry ride to the fishing village and go on a fascinating excursion that is sure to be an enjoyable experience to remember during your trip.

| one day trip from kl
Spicy crab sauce | one day trip from kl
Delicious steamed fish | one day trip from kl

Pulau Ketam and Sungai Lima Twin Islands Tour from Kuala Lumpur

One day trip from Kuala Lumpur: Ipoh Town

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| one day trip from kl

Ipoh Private Day Tour from Kuala Lumpur

Ipoh is a town located in the state of Perak, a three-hour drive from Kuala Lumpur. This is a great tourist destination with lots of places to explore. This town is also a perfect choice to get away from the hectic, hustle and bustle city of Kuala Lumpur. Although the town is gradually developing and attracting more tourists, it still retains most of the simple charm of its early days because it still has many restaurants and cafes built from many decades ago are still in operation today.

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Lovely alley | one day trip from kl
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The beautiful alley with hanging lanterns | one day trip from kl

Ipoh Private Day Tour from Kuala Lumpur

ipoh wall paintings
Wall paintings | one day trip from kuala lumpur
01 Ipoh Railway Station, War Memorial and the Ipoh Tree @ Ipoh, Perak [Malaysia] (Large)
Ipoh’s colonial ‘Taj Mahal’ railway station
| one day trip from kuala lumpur

Explore the town of Ipoh with us. First, visit Kellie Castle – an old, ancient but elegant castle with secret passages on a rubber plantation. Then explore the temples and limestone caves of Gua Tempurung, Sam Poh Tong and Kek Lok Tong. Those are places that have not been exploited too much by humans, so they still retain the most pristine beauty of mother nature. You should also visit Han Chin Pet Soo to learn about the mining history, development and culture of this town. If you are an art lover, walk around the “Art of Old Town” and take pictures with the murals there, some of which were designed by the famous artist Ernest Zacharevic who is the creator of vivid and unique wall paintings in Penang. And of course, after the tiring trip, stop to enjoy the specialties in Ipoh such as: Steamed chicken with green beans served with rice, chicken kway teow soup, especially specialty of chicken rice balls… and drink with white coffee with special flavor color.

Kellie’s Castle ipoh perak (1)
Exterior Kellie’s Castle | one day trip from kuala lumpur
lou wong ipoh lou wong lou wong chicken rice (9)
| one day trip from kuala lumpur

Old Town Ipoh Sightseeing Food Tour from Kuala Lumpur

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| one day trip from kuala lumpur
Typical Ipoh breakfast with white coffee and toasts
Singature Ipoh breakfast with white coffee & toasts | one day trip from kuala lumpur

Ipoh Private Day Tour from Penang

Best day trips from KL: Bentong Town

| one day trip in malaysia from kuala lumpur

Bentong is a small town just 40km southwest of Kuala Lumpur. This town is an attractive tourist destination not only in the heart of the town but also around the town. Bentong has an extremely poetic location, that is, it is located by the Repas and Perting rivers – where there are high mountain slopes built by tin miners after they found tin by the river. Because of the high terrain, if you go from Kuala Lumpur to Bentong, you should make sure the steering wheel is firm and go very carefully.

ATV Rides in Bentong

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Here, you can take a walk around the “Colmar Tropical French Themed” Resort designed in a modern, formal French style. You can also admire the ancient architectural buildings from the 16th century, relax and have fun by the Chamang waterfall in the Bukit Tinggi Forest Reserve. After that, you definitely have to eat some fragrant, fatty durian pieces at the Jimmy Highway area. Those who love this strange durian flavor often come here just to enjoy it.

| one day trip in malaysia from kuala lumpur
| one day trip in malaysia from kuala lumpur

You can dine in town when you’re tired at local restaurants, and famous dishes like kaya and pineapple cakes are homemade by the locals – fluffy, soft, fluffy cakes covered with kaya jam and pineapple, it’s worth enjoying, isn’t it?

Bentong durian | one day trip in malaysia from kuala lumpur

1 day trip from Kuala Lumpur: Melaka Town

Melaka is a historic town and home to the Peranakan culture – a mixture of Chinese and Malay cultures that emerged around 1,400 when Chinese immigrants settled and married with locals.

Red Square | 1 day trip from kl

Melaka Day Tour with Attraction Tickets from Kuala Lumpur

If you come here, visit famous cultural heritage sites to explore and learn about how Melaka became a wonderful town from colonial times to now. It is a series of places to visit such as: Fort A Famosa, Red Square, St. Paul’s Hill and St. Paul’s Church,… From the outside to the inside, they record a glorious and beautiful history of the historical land. this Melaka history.

The Baboon House in Malacca (Melaka)
The Baboon House in Malacca (Melaka) | 1 day trip from kl
1 day in Melaka Sailing on the Malacca River (1)
Cruise on Melaka river | 1 day trip from kl

Melaka Day Tour with Attraction Tickets from Kuala Lumpur

Malacca day trip from KL Jonker Walk (1)
Jonker street | 1 day trip from kl

If you are a coffee lover, want to relax a little or simply create an interesting space to chat with friends and relatives, then come to some of the famous cafes here. like The Daily Fix,… Walking around the town, you will come across a lot of street art murals, and don’t forget to take some pictures there to share with everyone or save memories. Some attractive local delicacies such as: Nyonya curry laksa noodle, satay celup, chicken rice, cendol,… you should try it during your short trip.

Nyonya Laksa noodles - Malacca
Nyonya Laksa noodles – Malacca | 1 day trip from kl

Historical Melaka Tour with Lunch from Kuala Lumpur

Chicken rice
Malacca - Satay celup
Malacca – Satay celup | 1 day trip from kl

One day trip from Kuala Lumpur: Fraser Hill

Fraser Hill in state of Pahang is a popular short-trip destination in Malaysia. Above the hillside there was a small village, crumbling colonial houses in the jungle. After a two-hour drive from Kuala Lumpur, you will feel a completely different atmosphere from the capital – a cooler, fresher air. It’s not smoky, noisy, but very close to beautiful nature.

| best day trips from kuala lumpur

Private Transfers for Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, Penang, Genting Highlands And More

Fraser Hill is one of Malaysia’s top spots to see birds in the air. There is also a very diverse flora and fauna. Fraser Hill is located quite high, so the temperature will be colder than Kuala Lumpur, especially at night, so please ensure your health by preparing warm clothes.

Fraser Hill is suitable for hiking. There are eight nature trails available from easy to difficult for everyone to conquer. Try the Maxwell Trail – a short and easy hike that lets you enjoy the cool mountain air; either or or the 6km Pine Tree Trail – a longer trail that takes you through some dramatic scenery and ends near Jeriau Waterfalls, the perfect spot for fun, photography. Some of the popular medium-length trails include: Abu Suradi Trail, Bishop Trail, and Mager Trail that will not only tire you out but also help you learn about the colonial history and wildlife of the Fraser Hills. After take such a long walk, stop by Ye Old Smokehouse to enjoy delicious food or simply sit and enjoy tea and relax. This is also a restaurant with a beautiful garden, so remember to bring your camera to capture memorable moments.

| best day trips from kuala lumpur
| best day trips from kuala lumpur

[Seasonal Activity] Fraser Hill and Durian Orchard Tour From Kuala Lumpur

1 day trip from Kuala Lumpur: Kuala Selangor Village

Kuala Selangor is just an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur, where you can make the most of your limited time to explore a traditional fishing village, cruise along the mangrove swamps and see the sparkling fireflies at night. If you’re lucky, you’ll have the chance to see silver-leaf monkeys (The silvery lutung ) as well as resident and migratory birds.

| best day trips from kuala lumpur

Bukit Melawati with Fireflies and Blue Tears Tour at Kuala Selangor from Kuala Lumpur

First, head to the historic and ancient Laingsburg Fort built in the 18th century. At the foot of the fort is the Kuala Selangor Nature Park, consisting of forests, wetlands, mudflats and mangrove swamps. In the middle of the park is a large sparrow house and an artificial lake – also a place to live and nurture resident and migratory birds. After sunset, don’t head back to Kuala Lumpur soon, but continue your journey with a boat ride along the mangrove swamps to spot thousands of bioluminescent fireflies. Along this coast, you can also observe the lifestyle of the fishermen as they fish, grow rubber and pick oil palm fruits. Because this is a fishing village, do not miss the extremely attractive seafood dishes, fresh ingredients from the fishermen who have just caught.

| best day trips from kl

2D1N Kuala Selangor Adventure Gateway Tour

| best day trips from kl

Klook Pass Kuala Selangor

Not only in the heart of Kuala Lumpur city, there are interesting places for entertainment and tourism, but let’s go a little further out with a day trip, to both stay away from the noisy crowds, the greenhouse gas emissions, while being able to enjoy another world. It is the world of ancient architectures, very pristine caves, or forests, hills are dense with trees,… Finally, wish you have a trip with many interesting experiences and good memories.

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Vibrant of KL at night

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