Not only known as a vibrant economic center of South Korea, but Incheon is also famous for its attractive entertainment venues. When coming to this city, you will experience many different forms of tourism, from adventure games, and visiting natural scenery to discovering unique cuisine. If you only have a few days to explore this city, save the Incheon tourist attractions below to make your trip the most convenient! So, where to visit in Incheon and where to go in Incheon, Korea? Let’s check out our top rated 11+ top, must-see, go and best places to visit in Incheon, South Korea as follows!

The city of Incheon is bustling with many attractive tourist attractions. @Travel lens
Wolmi Theme Park, Incheon | where to visit in incheon
Chinatown in Incheon City | where to visit in incheon
Ganghwa Pungmul Market | where to visit in incheon
Jeondeungsa Temple | where to visit in incheon

Wolmi Theme Park (#where to visit in incheon)

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Wolmi Theme Park in Incheon is popular for its long history. There are about 20 amusement parks with many adventurous but equally interesting games. Not only is this a familiar destination for locals on weekends, but the place also attracts a lot of international tourists.

Colorful Wolmi Theme Park @KoreaByme | where to visit in incheon

This is the reason why hotels near Wolmi Park are always sold out during the peak tourist season. Therefore, you should reserve hotel rooms and flight tickets one to two months prior to your trip. Check out travel websites like Traveloka for prices to get the best deals on your vacation.

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The park has an observatory 25 meters high made entirely of tempered glass. This is the best place for you to admire the panoramic view of Incheon City, including the downtown area and Incheon Port. The poetic scenery of Incheon’s sea will make you feel totally relaxed and refreshed.

Songwol-dong Fairytale Village

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Songwol-dong Fairytale Village is a check-in spot in Incheon favored by a lot of young people. The scene here is decorated with a fairy tale theme with world-famous cartoon characters. When walking on the road covered with colorful paintings, you feel like you are lost in the dreamy fairy world.

Songwol-dong fairytale village, Incheon | where to visit in incheon
The road is covered with colorful paintings. @Flickr | where to visit in incheon

It will take you a lot of time to visit all the fairy villages divided into many different themes. Based on our travel experience to South Korea, you should choose a comfortable pair of shoes and bring a camera for check-in photos at this interesting location.

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You can also enjoy the laid-back atmosphere at the cafes in town. Or visit the nearby Chinatown to try some typical Chinese and Korean dishes.

Incheon Chinatown (#where to visit in incheon)

Chinatown | where to go in incheon

Even in the beautiful city of Incheon, you can also learn about Chinese culture and food. Located in Seonlin-dong, this is the official Chinatown in South Korea that has survived to this day. This attractive Incheon tourist destination fully depicts the unique cultural features of China with its distinctive decorative pattern. You’ll find buildings and restaurants all painted in eye-catching red and hanging lanterns outside.

The buildings and restaurants are all painted in eye-catching red. @Culture Trip | where to go in incheon

This is a place where many Chinese people choose to settle down, so there are a lot of shops selling traditional Chinese dishes. Previously, businesses came here to trade in commercial goods. However, now it is mainly home to Chinese restaurants and small eateries selling street food.

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These restaurants have been operating here for many years, hence they are widely known for many flavorful dishes. For example, Jajangmyeon black noodles, a typical Chinese dish, are extremely popular in this neighborhood. You may also enjoy other Korean dishes here.

Chinatown attracts many tourists. @Seoul Walker | where to go in incheon

The Chinese are very friendly, so you will feel comfortable communicating with them. With the combination of Chinese – Korean culture, tourists coming here will find many interesting cultural characteristics.

Eulwangri Beach (#where to go in incheon korea)

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Eulwangri Beach located on the southwest side of Yongyu Island is a must-see tourist attraction in Incheon. This beach was designated as a national tourist area in 1986, with a length of about 700 meters and an average depth of only 1.5 meters. Since the beach is located close to Incheon airport, it is very convenient to travel here. The beauty of Eulwangri Beach is like a masterpiece of nature, easily making visitors fall in love.

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Coming here in the late afternoon, you will be able to see the picturesque sunset. In addition, the long white sand beach and cool, clear blue water are very suitable for fun activities on the sea.

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The beauty of Eulwangri beach is like a masterpiece of nature. @IVisitKorea

Bun Bawui Cliff (#where to go in incheon)

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The city of Incheon is not only famous for its architectural works but also known for its wonders bestowed by nature. In the list of Incheon tourist attractions, Bun Bawui Cliff is a place many tourists visit to take “for a lifetime” check-in photos.

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Located on Socheong Island, this place possesses untouched beauty with shimmering cliffs in the sunset. Many people have likened this image to a lighthouse standing tall in the middle of the sea. The most appropriate time to come here is at sunset. At this time, you can fully see the beautiful scenery of Socheong Island in the shimmering lights.

Bun Bawui Cliff stands tall in the middle of the sea. @산으로 돌아드니 | where to go in incheon korea

Songdo International Business District (#best places to visit in daegu)

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Songdo is a considerably large international business district located in Incheon City. Construction of the city began in 2005 and is expected to be completed around 2025. Commercial zones, residential areas, and green spaces are well-planned with the goal of becoming the cleanest, safest, and most modern urban area in the city. If you love Korean dramas, this is definitely the Incheon travel destination for you. Because many famous TV series such as Itaewon Class, Crash Landing on You, and Goblin have been shot at this location.

Songdo urban area is very busy. @Business Destinations | where to go in incheon korea

When coming here, you can visit Songdo Central Park – the first seawater park in South Korea. It offers a wide range of recreational activities such as cycling, canoeing, kayaking, and boating on the calm river. For sure, you will have an interesting time and unforgettable memories at this park.

The poetic beauty of Songdo Central Park. @Etrip4u | where to go in incheon korea

Muui Island (#top places to visit in daegu)

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This is just a small island in the Jung-gu area, Incheon. However, with the perfect beauty known as the “dancer’s dress”, Muui Island is also an Incheon tourist destination that you should visit. The huge and clean beach here is an attraction for international tourists to visit every summer.

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With clear blue seawater, long stretches of white sand, and coconut trees swaying in the wind, you will have wonderful relaxing moments with friends and family. The peaceful setting here will make you forget the hustle and bustle of the city. When visiting this island, you should take part in the Horyong mountain climbing experience to have the opportunity to see the beautiful natural scenery from above.

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The perfect beauty known as the “dancer’s dress” @Thousand Wonders | best places to visit in incheon

Ganghwa Pungmul Market (#must-visit places in daegu)

Ganghwa Pungmul Market located on Hwado Island is one of the sightseeing places in Incheon that attracts many international tourists. This is a traditional market selling fresh foods and many famous regional specialties.

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The first floor of the market sells a variety of dry goods such as dried fish, dried squid, and ginseng at very low prices. Many visitors come to this market to shop for their favorite products as gifts for friends and relatives. The second floor is the dining area where you can enjoy the unique dishes of the locals. The third floor has many attractive forms of entertainment that young people are especially interested in.

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Coming to Ganghwa Pungmul, visitors will surely fill their stomachs with tasty and nutritious food. If you are passionate about discovering Korean food culture, don’t miss this interesting place in Incheon!

The scene of Ganghwa Pungmul market with a variety of fresh fruits. @Wix

Incheon Grand Park (#must-go places in daegu)

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When it comes to the must-see Incheon tourist attractions, this park is a favorite. The wide road surrounded by large trees gives visitors a very relaxed feeling. Tourists coming here often rent a bicycle to explore the beauty of this park.

Incheon Grand Park Cherry Blossom Festival
Incheon Grand Park Cherry Blossom Festival
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Especially in the spring when the peach blossoms are in full bloom, the number of tourists coming here has increased dramatically. Indeed, the beauty of this place is as romantic as the beautiful footage of Korean cinema. In addition, in the fall, visitors can admire the rows of maple trees changing leaves. Walking on a path full of falling yellow leaves will refresh your mood.

The beauty of Incheon Grand Park in the fall @Kkday | best places to visit in incheon

Incheon Children’s Museum

Located near Munhak Stadium, Incheon Children’s Museum is an Incheon tourist destination that attracts many families with young children. With ample space, this museum is home to a variety of art exhibitions related to children. There is also a gallery of giant dinosaur statues that the little ones will enjoy when visiting.

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In addition, this place also has a space to display historical artifacts, evoking scenes from the past of Korea. Therefore, upon coming here, you will learn more about the cultural development of this country over time. If you are a history buff, this is definitely the ideal travel destination for you.

The interior space of the Incheon Children’s Museum. @architizer

Jeondeungsa Temple (#daegu places of interest)

Jeondeungsa Temple, located within Samnangseong (Samnang Fortress), is a temple built more than a thousand years ago. This Incheon tourist site is used as a sanctuary to worship the ancestors of many families in the area. The temple is a place to display great Korean architecture such as Daeungbojeon, Beomjong Bell, Yangheonsu, and Yaksajeon Victory Monument.

Ancient architecture in Jeondeungsa Temple @wikimedia
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Daeungbojeon – the main building is the most remarkable architectural wonder in the temple, containing many elaborately sculpted statues. The temple area is surrounded by many green trees and brilliant flowers, adding beauty to the landscape.

The fresh natural atmosphere here gives visitors a feeling of peace. As you walk up the mountain, you will easily see the Samrang Fortress surrounding the temple. Previously, it was built to protect the land from invaders and is also the main entrance of the temple.

The peaceful space of Jeondeungsa Temple

Visiting Incheon, you may not only admire the towering buildings but also discover the unique culture of South Korea. If you intend to visit this city for your next vacation, save the top 11 Incheon tourist attractions we have recommended above. In addition to making a detailed schedule for your trip, you should also book flight tickets to South Korea in advance to avoid a sold-out situation during the peak tourist season and enjoy a trip to Incheon at the most economical cost!

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