Penang, Malaysia is one of the most famous destinations in Malaysia. Penang has loved not only for the beautiful natural scenery, the rich culinary world, meaningful historical vestiges and the cultural sightseeing places, but also for the attraction to tourists for the exciting artistic activities. Especially, Penang is also a shopping paradsise for shopping lovers with countless specialties as well as best shopping places and malls for you freely to choose. So, what to buy from Penang, what to buy in Penang (Penang what to buy)? Let’s check out our Penang shopping guide (Penang Malaysia shopping) and best shopping Penang experience with the 10+ best Penang souvenirs (Penang souvenirs) and top Penang gifts, best things to buy in Penang, must buy in Penang as well as where to find them with the best shopping places, best shopping malls in Penang for you refer to.

where to stay in penang malaysia best areas to stay in penang best places to stay in penang
Lebuh Carnarvon, Penang Old Town

As we know, Penang is an attractive tourist destination, and also a shopping paradise having many large commercial centers and famous branded stalls in both the world and locality for shopaholics.

Chowrasta Bazaar penang
Souvenir shop

There are reputable shopping places and must buy in Penang, best things to buy in Penang as well as what to buy in Penang, that are highly appreciated for the qualified products hereunder.

What to buy in Penang: Batik silk fabric

Batik fabric for sale
Batik fabric for sale | what to buy in penang
| what to buy in penang

Likely some countries in Southeast Asia, batik is considered to become a national identity of Malaysia, and Malaysians in general or Penang people, in particular, are very proud of this silk fabric. Clothes made from batik fabric are very popular and interested in Malaysia or Indonesia.

| what to buy in penang
How to draw pattern of Batik fabric
How to draw the pattern of Batik fabric | what to buy from penang

Batik silk fabric has seemed as one of the attractive souvenirs of Penang. This is a traditional fabric, the pattern made by hand-drawing and waxing technique for natural color spread has been discovered and used manual dyeing technique. Fabrics are usually cotton, cowhide or goatskin,…; The fabric is waxed before dyeing.

Learn how to draw the batik fabric pattern
Learn how to draw the batik fabric pattern | what to buy from penang
Malaysia Batik Pattern.1.2
Making Batik fabric

batik bag

In particular, some tourist places in Penang have also organized practice classes for fabric design and batik painting, to give visitors authentic and interesting experiences. What’s interesting for both discovery and creation, and in the collection of unique gifts to present to your family and friends?

batik silk best things to buy in malaysia what to buy in malaysia must buy in malaysia best things to shop in malaysia32
| what to buy from penang
5dqey-toko-aljunied-t4 arab street
Traditional costumes | what to buy from penang
batik bag.1
Batik bag | what to buy from penang

Penang souvenirs: Where to buy Antiques and handicrafts in Penang?

What to buy in Penang

Antiques in Penang
| best things to buy in penang

If you are wondering what to buy in Penang except for fabrics and antiques, then art crafts are the answer for you. Created from various materials, antiques and crafts are also interesting suggestions for your souvenir.

Antique Furniture
Antique Furniture | best things to buy in penang

You can just walk on the streets, and find the antique and craft shops in Penang to discover the best products to buy.

Craftmanship in Penang
Craftmanship in Penang | best things to buy in penang

Magnets, postcards, key chains to antique telescopes, home decorations, or a ceramic vase, cell phone bag and etc. are considered for your different collections. All of these are unique gifts, the imprint of the beautiful land of Penang that you should not ignore. Especially, you can check in a variety of Buddha statues in Bee Chin Heong, let’s explore this place!

Bee Chin Heong (antique)

Bee Chin Heong
Bee Chin Heong, Penang | best things to buy in penang

This delightful shop sells a variety of colorful religious statues, shapes, furniture, and temple equipment.

Buddha statue shop
Buddha statue shop
Statues at Bee Chin Heong
| best things to buy in penang

This is a valuable shopping place if you would like to buy a giant Chinese bench, a household shrine, or only spend RM55,000  for a 2 meter-height wooden Buddha statue. Even if you don’t buy anything, it’s a great place to travel.

Armenian Street, Penang
Armenian Street, Penang | best things to buy in penang

Furthermore, you can visit the addresses at Springfield, Gallery 29, 88 Armenian Street, China Joe’s. These stores have many various antiques and crafts.

Must buy in Penang: Durian Chocolate

Durian chocolate shop
| best penang souvenirs
durian chocolate malaysia.1
Original Malaysia Durian Chocolate | best penang souvenirs

Durian is a very popular and favorite fruit in Penang. Penang’s attractive culinary paradise has no shortage of dishes made from durian, including a new and extremely unique dish – durian chocolate. The perfect combination of the sweet aroma of durian along with the seductive aftertaste of the greasy chocolate layer will surely satisfy the most demanding diners.

Durian Chocolates as gifts
Durian Chocolates as gifts | best penang souvenirs
chocolate durian malay
| best penang souvenirs

durian chocolate malaysia.1

If you are a lover of this fruit, do not hesitate, you should buy durian chocolate as a gift and have a chance to experience this new taste!

Best things to buy in Penang: White coffee

White coffee
| best penang souvenirs

Originated from Ipoh, white coffee is a unique beverage in Penang. You might wonder about the name of this coffee, however, the coffee beans used to produce white coffee are not white, but the beans are roasted with margarine, this mixture is grounded, brewed, and then combined with sweetened condensed milk. That interesting blend makes for an attractive drink, which has milk color and a great taste.

White coffee beans
| must buy in penang
Typical Ipoh breakfast with white coffee and toasts
Singature Ipoh breakfast with white coffee & toasts | must buy in penang
White coffee
| must buy in penang
White coffee is packed as instant coffee but when drunk, it has a light fragrance, sweet taste.
White coffee is packed as instant coffee but when drunk, it has a light fragrance, sweet taste.
White coffee shop
White coffee shop | must buy in penang

The white coffee will be an interesting suggestion to experience a new aftertaste from an extremely familiar and popular drink!

Penang what to buy: Pickled fruit

The famous pickle shop in Penang
The famous pickle shop in Penang | must buy in penang

Pickled fruit is also one of the popular dishes for international tourists to visit Penang to buy as gifts. Dubbed as a tropical paradise, Malaysian fruits are very various and diverse.

pickled fruits in the jars
| best shopping penang
Pickled Fruits in the jar
| best shopping penang

Fruit salad or pickled fruit are famous dishes, an identity of the culinary world in Penang. The most popular pickled fruits for tourists purchasing are papaya, mango, guava, or nutmeg, etc. Fruits are soaked with spices, sugar and vinegar, etc. to make a sweet-and-sour taste attractively and unforgettably. Pickled fruits are carefully packaged, therefore you should not anxious for the logistics and preservation of this special dish!

Best Penang souvenirs: Tau Sar Piah


| best shopping penang

Tau Sar Piah is a traditional cake, loved by local residents and tourists. This cake has become one of the indispensable gifts that tourists would like to buy when they come to Penang.

| penang what to buy

Penang gifts: Roti Jari

Roti Jari
Roti Jari | penang what to buy

The culinary world in Penang is extremely attractive and diverse, therefore it’s certainly that food and drinks take a majority of the list of attractive gifts for purchasing. Then this list, the Roti Jari is enjoyable advice.

A traditional bakery in Penang | penang what to buy

Penang has many bakeries with various types as pastry, pies, or snacks, and you can easily buy Roti Jari in these bakeries.

| penang what to buy

It is a type of cracker and is a popular snack in Penang, it will be more wonderful when all of you including family and friends eat cake while sipping a cup of hot tea.

Kuih Bahulu

Kuih Bahulu
Kuih Bahulu

The cake is similar to a sponge cake with a slightly crispy crust, but the inside is fluffy and has a strong egg smell.

How to make Kuih Bahulu cakes
How to make Kuih Bahulu cakes | penang gifts
Kuih Bahulu in the plastic container as a gift
Kuih Bahulu in the plastic container as a gift | penang gifts

This chrysanthemum-shaped cake is very enjoyable with a hot cup of tea. This is a typical Malaysian gift that is suitable for the masses, convenient and easy to use.

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