Arnarstapi village

A long time ago, I brought my love from ancient cities to the peaceful villages of Europe. Since my trip to Europe in April 2017, I’ve always been wandering the villages every I had an opportunity to visit the Old Continent. Because at these places I find peace in my soul. I love the Italian coastal fishing villages, or the charming lakeside village of Hallstatt, Austria. No rush, no hustle with thousands of people jostling.

Mount Snæfellsjökull, Arnarstapi Village
Arnarstapi Cottages

When I transited in Paris, I visited to the city for a while, went to right in the center at Galeries Lafayette, I still found the city so beautiful, but I felt it seemingly doesn’t for me. There was something suffocating, tired when looking at the crowded of tourists. OMG, why was I so tired? Having escaped from a city, but trapped in another city again. That make my mood went down.

The vertical cliffs coastline of Arnarstapi village | arnarstapi village

At that time I missed Arnarstapi village a lot, just only visited yesterday. A tranquil fishing village in the western Iceland. A fishing village of just over 15 houses, located at the foot of the Stapafell volcanic mountain, which was covered with white snow in winter.

That day was fortunate, there were no snowfalls but 5 hours of golden sunshine overhead. Every sea breeze flows into my larynx and caresses the skin on my face. The waves lapping beside the vertical cliffs like the background music of life. There were only two other groups of people around me, walking along the winding road around the cliffs next to Arnarstapi village.

What a real peace!

Arnarstaspi is a dynamic small fishing village of the Western Iceland in summer. But in winter, it is extremely quiet, serene, everything seems to be much lighter. I went with three friends to the only coffee shop still open in the village and enjoyed a cup of warm chocolate and a delicious piece of apple pie that had just come out of the oven. Inside the cafe, only a group of three people were there.

What to see and do in Arnarstapi village (Arnarstapi Iceland)?

The first purpose of coming here is to see Gatklettur (Hellnar Arch) – a natural beautiful arch rock formation stand next to the coast.

But I also fell in love with Mount Stapafell with a white house. This view is the most recognizable scene to tell that you have already reached Arnarstapi. But in winter, it is covered with a beautiful blanket of white snow that makes the mountain more vivid than I’ve ever seen in pictures in the internet in Spring or Summer.

Spectacular scenery | arnarstapi village

Once here, go along the coast to see the basalt columns formed by volcanic activity vertical that standing on the coast.

And don’t forget to visit Bárður Snæfellsás, a stone structure in the middle of a field that looks like a shield to protect this land.

| arnarstapi village

If you go a little further, don’t forget to visit Hellnar church where there is a beautiful landscape that harmonizes man-made architecture and nature.

| arnarstapi iceland

I love the current landscape of West Iceland. Some places covered with snow, but the other covered with yellow grass, as if the transition between autumn and winter has not completed.

| arnarstapi iceland

| arnarstapi iceland

For me Arnarstapi is like a peaceful place for myself, not trampled by tourists, where I find some peace on my journey.

The feeling of sitting quietly watching the sunset by the sea cliff overlooking the offshore rock formations in cold weather will still be a feeling I will never forget.

If you have the opportunity, please come here, to see our hearts are strangely peaceful, to see the small villages, and the natural scenery is where we belong.

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