France has more than just Paris. After the previous trip to Europe, I was quite tired of magnificent cities like Paris, so when I flew to Paris this time, I only stayed for a day and then packed up to go.

The late night bus at 23:45PM took me to Strasbourg at dawn the next morning. At first, it was quite cold and I didn’t know where to go, so I huddled in a cafe, sampling croque monsieur sandwich and sipping a hot cup of cappuccino. I was not impressed and did not intend to explore Strasbourg, and just sat and waited for the train to Colmar.

After sending my luggage at Strasbourg SNCF central station, the warm sun made me itchy feet and went out of the train station to walk around the city to see if there was anything interesting. And indeed, Strasbourg did not disappoint me.

Central station with glass dome
Peaceful Strasbourg

The city center retains the traditional Alsace architecture, which was the inspiration for the movie “Beauty and the Beast” And the colorful houses appear beautifully.

It can be said that Strasbourg is a city of bicycles, when it is not difficult to see that bicycles are the most popular means of transport here because the areas are small and close to each other. Or walking is still the easiest and most relaxed way to explore Strasbourg. For beautiful photos with Alsace architecture, get close to the Petite France district and you will feel both at peace and overwhelmed.

It can be said that Strasbourg is not a love at first sight, soon falling in love but also dying soon; Strasbourg is like true love, not in a hurry to love, slowly and hard to fade. I will miss a sunny Strasbourg morning, the bridges over the small river III in Petite France and the sweet “Pain au chocolat” bought at the delicious local bakery.

The house with full of flowers on the Couverts bridge

Alsace region, France.

Strasbourg travel tips

Getting to Strasbourg from Paris

To getting to Strasbourg you can take a train, plane or bus, but to save a hotel night you can book a night bus at 23:45PM of Eurolines and arrive in Strasbourg at dawn.

Getting around the city

Tram is a simple means to take, from the bus station you can buy a ticket of 1.50 euros to take any line A or D to get to Central Station. From there you can walk to explore the city center.

Petite France

How long to stay in Strasbourg?

You can spend a whole morning in Strasbourg and go to Colmar in the afternoon, you can return to Strasbourg for an overnight stay. If you want to take a tour to experience the vineyards and experience winemaking in Alsace region, you should spend at least 2 days here.

The capital of Christmas in Europe.

strasbourg market christmas best christmas holiday destinations best christmas towns in the world (1)


Strasbourg is relatively cheaper than Paris, you can go to the supermarket to buy essentials at extremely cheap prices, don’t buy drinking water at the store, near Petite France there is a U Mart you can buy things there.

strasbourg market christmas best christmas holiday destinations best christmas towns in the world (1)

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