Perth is the capital of the state of Western Australia. Located on the banks of the beautiful Swan River, Perth is always given the name “outdoor city” by tourists when they coming to the land of Kangaroo. Unlike the bustling scene in Melbourne or the bustling scene in Sydney, Perth attracts visitors by its strangely tranquil, gentle beauty. So, what to do and how to plan a perfect trip to Perth? – the vibrant coastal city of Australia for the first-time? Let’s check out our Perth travel blog (Perth australia blog, Perth australia travel blog, Perth blog) with the fullest Perth travel guide (Perth guide, Perth tourist guide) from how to get, best time to come, where to stay, best places to visit and top things to do to find out the answer!

Elizabeth Quay

Located on the banks of the beautiful Swan River, the city literally means “the outdoor city”, with countless of activities to hold you back. Cycling along the river, shopping on King Street, enjoy performances at the State Theater in Northbridge, take a cruise tour from Barrack Square, lying on Cottesloe Beach to watch spectacular sunset… When the sun goes out, you can take a ferry to South Perth and immerse yourself in the glowing night buildings and experience vibrant life.

Kings Park and Botanic Garden.
Cottesloe Beach

Perth travel blog: Overview of Perth

Perth is the capital and largest city of Western Australia state. It is Australia’s fourth most populous city, covering an area of 6,418 km² with an estimated near 2 million people (2020) living in central Perth. Perth was founded on June 12, 1829 by Captain James Stirling as the center of the Swan River colony. Despite having a late start and having to endure skirmishes with the indigenous people, the city is still thriving. In 1850 the convictions increased the size of the colony, and their labor helped build the city. The boom in mining (especially gold) in the 1890s was key to Perth’s growth as well as all of Western Australia.

The peaceful, tranquil of Perth.

Over the past few years, the rise in commodity prices and the oil boom have continued to increase Perth’s population. However, Perth is still great because its clean, people are friendly, it’s easy to get around and it’s located right next to the ocean. This city makes me feel like I’m traveling to a smaller city than the other big cities in Western Australia. (Although its value is no different from big cities.)

When I came to Perth, I realized that, Perth is the embodiment of all the beauty of Australia: Rough but delicate, modern but rustic, relaxed but still moving.

And local people love to meet tourists because it is quite far away, not many people come. Usually, when you go to a bar, people will stay out of the way when you try to talk. But in Perth, everyone are talkative and open. This is a great place to meet people – I find the locals very friendly. Northbridge can get crowded and sometimes a bit noisy, but people are always ready to talk to you.

Perth people

Perth travel blog: When to go?

Perth has a temperate climate like the Mediterranean, with hot dry summers, cool and humid winters. Average summer temperatures from November to April are around 30°C / 86°F. The highest temperature in summer can reaches 40°C / 104°F or even higher. However, the hottest summer days often have very low humidity, so it is not very uncomfortable.

You can choose a favorite time of year depending on the hot / cold threshold of your body. If you love a pleasant weather with flowers around you, clear blue sky overhead, you can visit the city during Spring-Summer (starting from September to the end of February).

You can visit Perth all year round.
Perth in summer

Perth travel guide: How to get to Perth?

Perth is 5 hours away by air from Sydney and the ticket costs around AU$ 185-400/one-way. Traveling by car, train or bus ride will take more than 40 hours of riding and tickets around 500 Australian dollars. However, if you have a private car or a campervan, then self-driving and take a road trip is the best way because there are so many beautiful sights you can see along the way.

Perth Airport | perth travel blog

Perth australia blog: Getting to city from airport and around

Perth Airport is about 12km from the city center (domestic terminal), 19km (international terminal). Travel time 30 minutes. Taxi price around AU$ 38.

  • The Perth Airport Connect bus is available at anytime. One-way fare AU$ 15 (adult); round-trip AU$ 30 (adult). The journey to city center takes about 35 minutes.
  • Transperth bus 37 runs daily between Kings Park and Terminal 3, Terminal 4. One-way fare AU$ 4.40; The journey takes about 55 minutes.
  • Shuttle bus: Taking the Perth airport shuttle is the cheapest way to get to the city, around $20. Of course, you can book a transfer service in advance or take a taxi.
Perth Airport Connect Bus

Private Perth Airport (PER) Transfers for Perth CBD

Transperth Bus

You can use the Transpert transport network to getting around city. You should buy a Smartrider card in advance to get a discount on buses, trains and some ferries. Perth also has a number of tram lines. CAT buses stop at popular spots and are completely free.

Transpert Train System
Transperth Smartrider Transport Card

Perth travel blog: What to do and where to go?

Swan River

Since ancient times, indigenous people here have always believed in the legend of the Swan River created by the rainbow snake “Wowgal”. With a thrilling story around this river and along with beautiful scenery on both sides of the river, Swan is attracting more and more visitors to visit.

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Kayaking | perth australia blog

When you come to the Swan River, besides enjoying the peaceful natural picture, you can also picnic in the riverside park, cycling or walk along many trails, fishing, kayaking, swimming… If you want to see some of the luxury houses of the riverside suburbs, hop on a boat cruise between Perth and the historic port of Fremantle.

The Perth Mint

The Perth Mint is a tourist destination that most tourists choose to visit during their travel journey. Because, when you come to The Perth Mint, you will not only better understand the history of gold in Western Australia, but also attend the fascinating gold exhibition. This is the exhibition displaying the largest gold coin in the world today, weighing up to a ton and all kinds of gold nuggets, gold bars. In the house that melted in 1899, you can watch how pure gold is poured to form the gold bars, watch interesting short films …

The Perth Mint Guided Tour

Address: 310 Hay St, East Perth WA 6004, Australia
Opened: June 20, 1899
Hours: 9AM–5PM/Saturday, Sunday: Closed

Cottesloe Beach

Not only has a spectacular sunset, Cottesloe beach is also ideal place for swimming, snorkeling and windsurfing.

From Perth, Cottesloe can be reached by car, bus or train. If you self-drive, it will take about 15 minutes to get there. Or you can catch the Transperth bus, Fremantle train. From the Cottesloe station, walk about 600 meters while watching the lovely scenery on both sides of the road to reach the beach.

You also can visit other wonderful beaches below:

  • Swanbourne Beach: This beach does not require dressed so it is not suitable for everyone, but if you come to Perth and like this then this is a great beach.
  • City Beach: This is another famous beach. This place is suitable for surfing because City Beach has big waves and besides, there are many cafes to eat and drink.
  • Scarborough Beach: Another white sand beach for visitors to Perth Australia who love to surf.
  • Trigg Beach: This beach is suitable for everything. You can surf, dive, swim and there is also a free parking lot.
Sunset at Trigg Beach

Art Gallery of Western Australia

Inside Perth cultural center, a minute’s walk from the nearest train station is the AGWA – Art Gallery of WA. Currently, it is displaying many international and Australian art collections dating from 1829 to the present. Most of the artworks here have the mark of Australia and the Indian Ocean belt. Along with some traditional, modern indigenous artworks and collections of works by famous artists such as Hans Heysen and Frederick McCubbin.


Address: Perth Cultural Centre, Perth WA 6000, Australia
Opened: 1895
Hours: 10AM–5PM/Tuesday: Closed

Hillarys Boardwalk – Hillarys Boat Harbour

About 20km to the northwest of Perth, Hillarys Boat Harbour is an expansive marina with restaurants, shops and a number of family-friendly attractions. Having came here, do not forget to visit the AQWA The Aquarium Of Western Australia – the leading tourist attraction in Perth. Upon entering the aquarium, you will pass through a glass underwater tunnel. From here, visitors can observe, even get up close to observe more than 200 species of marine life. Including: stingrays, dolphins, sharks …

In addition, bike paths, boardwalk, parks, and covered beaches are favorite places for families.

Address: 58 Southside Dr, Hillarys WA 6025, Australia
Hours: 6AM–11PM

The Bell Tower

The bell tower in Barack Square is one of the largest musical instruments in the world. When you see the bell tower, you will think it looks like a spaceship or alien rocket. Although its appearance is modern, but inside are the bells dating back to the 14th century, the time of Saint Martin in the Fields Church, the parish church of Buckingham Palace in London.

Don’t forget to enjoy the views with 360-degree views of the city and Swan River from the outdoor observatory on the 6th floor. Couples traveling to Perth can also buy a “love lock” to attach to the fence.

Address: Riverside Dr, Perth WA 6000, Australia
Opened: December 10, 2000
Hours: 10AM–4PM/Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: Closed

Scitech Museum

Scitech is a great place of sightseeing and entertainment for your kids while you travel in Perth with your family. The Scitech Museum with its attractive design and layout encourages children to explore science and technology, engineering and math. At the same time, through imaginative and interactive exhibitions, young children are able to freely develop their thinking and intelligence.

Address: City West Centre Corner Railway Street &, Sutherland St, West Perth WA 6005, Australia
Hours: 9:30AM–4PM/Saturday, Sunday: 10AM–4PM

Saint Mary’s Cathedral

Built in 3 centuries, St. Mary is a large Gothic Cathedral, put into use in 1865. Coming to St Mary’s Church, visitors can tour Evocatively, known as a gentle place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Address: Victoria Square, Perth WA 6000, Australia
Hours: 7AM–1PM/Saturday: 7AM–5PM;Sunday: 7AM–12PM

Aviation Heritage Museum

When traveling to Perth you must definitely visit this place. Because even you are not aircraft-savvy, you will be amazed by the fascinating performances here. Currently at Aviation Heritage Museum there are exhibitions of more than 30 aircraft and thousands of artifacts including: civil aviation, military and the evolutionary track of WWI or jet aircraft. For an extra fee, you can book a private tour to experience the bombing sensation of a Lancaster or Dakota C-47 and Spitfire Mark XXII aircraft.

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Address: Air Force Memorial Estate, 2 Bull Creek Dr, Bull Creek WA 6149, Australia
Hours: 10AM–4PM

Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island is famous for its serene waters and tranquil bays. Rottnest is only 19km from the city center and easy to get to the island. From Perth, Fremantle or Hillarys, you take a ferry to the island.

Here, you can rent a bike to explore as you like. Enjoy a delicious, cool lunch with a view of the blue sea. Then stroll in the afternoon, watching the bay crystal clear water. Away from the noisy town, you will find Rottnest is the perfect place for swimming, diving, fishing and relaxing.

Rottnest Island Return Ferry Ticket from Perth or Fremantle with Optional Bike & Snorkel Gear Hire


If you like fine delicacy, art, culture, and vibrant nightlife, let go to Northbridge – just a five-minute walk from Perth’s central district. Northbridge is best-known for its countless bars and clubs, an incredible place to eat and shop.

You can visit the Art Gallery, the Perth Museum and the Opera and Ballet Theater. Enjoy dishes from Thailand, India, China, Greece, Egypt, Italy, to Vietnam, Japan … and more in the vibrant outdoor space.

Northbridge nightlife | perth travel blog

Shoalwater Islands Marine Park

Traveling to Perth you can not be missed Shoalwater Islands Marine Park. Going further, down the coast about 47km with 40 minutes of travel, you will reach Rockingham – natural habitat of many species of marine life, including dolphins. Not only have the opportunity to swim with smart and funny dolphins, but also admire the small and loving penguins on Penguin Island; or watching the Australian sea lions through the transparent bottom of the boat is a not bad choice for those who like to immerse themselves in nature, in the cool sea water.

Address: 153 Arcadia Dr, Rockingham WA 6168, Australia
Hours: 9AM–5PM

Swan Valley

If you want to stay away from the hustle and bustle of Perth, drive 20 minutes to the east of the city to the Swan Valley and Darling Range. This is the oldest winery in Western Australia. You can explore local heritages, relax in Darling Range. Try the many ways to get around the area, such as walking, jumping on a wine carriage or a chauffeured ride. If you like to see the charming scenery, you can take a boat along the Swan River.

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Kings Park and Botanic Garden

This is probably the most beautiful city view of the cities I’ve visited. Spectacular natural view of Kings Park as seen from the Lotterywest Federation Walkway, crossing cool streams and camping together in Rio Tinto area, or joining a variety show on a summer day. And what’s better than when you can enjoy all the above activities with your family for free.

Kings Park and Botanic Garden.

DNA Tower: From the spiral staircase located in King’s Park, visitors can enjoy panoramic views of the city skyline as well as the Indian Ocean. This is the highest spot in King’s Park, you have to climb 101 stairs to see the beautiful scenery. But it’s really worth the effort.

| perth travel blog

Address: Fraser Ave, Perth WA 6005, Australia
Area: 4.06 km²
Hours: Open 24 hours

Perth Zoo

Here, you have the opportunity to admire more than 230 species of unique animals only in Australia such as kangaroos, koalas … In addition, an extremely diverse ecosystem will make you amazed with the savanna stretches of Africa, the rainforest of Asia, the world of underground animals, as well as area dedicated to Australia’s animals. Perth Zoo is famous for the conservation and breeding of rare and endangered animals.

Red Panda

Address: 20 Labouchere Rd, South Perth WA 6151, Australia
Opened: 1898
Hours: 9AM–5PM

WA Museum Boola Bardip

Visiting this museum, you will see firsthand dinosaur fossils dating back millions of years, production tools from the Stone Age, meteorites or specimens of vertebrates and Invertebrates from ancient times, even live frogs. Coming to the WA Museum Boola Bardip, children and adults will be able to touch the specimens under the enthusiastic guidance of tour guides and cheerleaders.

Address: Perth Cultural Centre, Perth WA 6000, Australia
Hours: 9AM–5PM

Adventure World (Bibra Lake)

Water park with vertical slides and Kids Cove children’s play area with a variety of exciting games, Adventure World theme park will surely bring you and your family the best entertainment moments. The park has over 30 thrilling rides, giving you the freedom to choose from a variety of entertainment options.

| perth travel blog

Address: 351 Progress Dr, Bibra Lake WA 6163, Australia
Opened: November 30, 1982
Hours: 10AM–5PM

Fremantle Harbour

Not only has the beauty of modern skyscrapers, Perth and Western Australia still has a bit of history. 30km from the center of Perth city towards the coast, Fremantle Ports (Fremantle Harbour) is always busy, bustling passersby, this is also the oldest port city in Western Australia. A bit of a mix of street art, a melodious bit of music from troubadours, a little bustle of passersby creates this old but lively and vibrant port city. There are also buses, live music venues and small breweries available to keep you entertained. Besides, you can also visit Fremantle Prison – where convicts were held when Australia was a colonial prison.

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Hiking on Bibbulmun Track

This trail stretches over 950km and is one of the best trekking trails in the country. This path will take you through forests of eucalyptus, down misty valleys and along the coast. Visitors can hiking on a part of this trail during the day or spend days or even weeks to go all Bibbulmun. There are cabins provided as stopovers and rest stop that makes the epic journey if you really want to hiking.

Bibbulmun Track Map | perth travel blog

Address: Bibbulmun Track, Kalamunda WA 6076, Australia
Length: 1,003 km

Street Art

In addition to possessing beautiful landscapes, Perth is also known as a city of art. Perth has many places for creative street artists. The colorful paintings of the city, people and nature have impressed tourists so much that they want to come to the place to admire and take pictures. Tell you the super beautiful art streets that are suitable for checking-in to virtual livingn: Fremantle city, Highgate, Victoria Park …

Street Art Northbridge | perth travel blog

Perth travel blog: Shopping

Anyone also want to shop at the best price, right!? DFO Perth is a shopping mall that brings together more than 100 retailers of specialty brands. This shopping complex is perfect for children with a wide variety of culinary options, making it a favorite destination for families. In particular, high-end fashion brands here also have many discounts up to 70%.

DFO Perth is just a ten-minute drive from the airport. So whether you land or prepare to fly, this place is also a great choice. Make the most of the few hours before takeoff to buy yourself a lot of your favorite items at great prices!

DFO Shopping Mall | perth blog

Address: 11 High St, Perth Airport WA 6105, Australia
Hours: 10AM–6PM

Perth blog: What and where to eat?

Whether it’s a dinner at a luxury restaurant overlooking the river with expensive perennial bottles or simply sipping a few “fish and chips” while enjoying the sunset at the beach, Perth will also bring you memorable moments. You can try some typical dishes: beetroot burger, grilled kangaroo, crocodile..

Beef & Beetroot Burger
Beef & Beetroot Burger | perth blog
sydney must eat, must eat food in sydney, must eat in sydney grilled kangaroo (1)
Grilled Kangaroo

During the journey to discover the beautiful land of Perth, if you do not taste the 3 famous dishes of this city below, it will be a great regret.

Rock lobster

Come to Perth without enjoying rock lobsters, the journey will never be complete. Because, the rock lobster is both eye-catching in presentation and has a special flavor and aroma that makes those who have tasted will be unforgettable.

The rock lobster is Western Australia’s most famous seafood dish, caught at Cervantes, just a 2-hour drive from the north of the city. Thanks to being imported and processed during the day, lobsters here are always fresh and high quality. To enjoy the best rock lobster in Perth, visit Joe’s Fish Shack (Address: 42 Mews Rd, Fremantle WA 6160, Australia/Hours: 11AM–9PM) or TheCray Seafood & Grill Restaurant Belmont (Address: 86 Great Eastern Hwy, Belmont WA 6104, Australia/Hours: 12–2:30PM, 5:30–9PM; Saturday: 5–9:30PM; Monday; Sunday: Closed), these are the city’s famous seafood restaurants.

Lobter at Joe’s Fish Shack. The rock lobster is the most famous seafood dish in Western Australia. | perth blog

Meat pies

Any visitor when traveling to Perth Australia will not forget to enjoy and buy meat pies as gifts. In Perth cuisine, meat pie is a traditional regional dish famous for many attractive versions. For example, besides beef pie or basic pastries, here you can also taste special versions with flavors of mushroom, chicken, mashed potatoes, even cheese and smoked pork. Thanks to this special that the Perth meat pie is becoming more and more famous in the world. So that when referring to Perth, people immediately think of the unique meat pie.

Aussie Meat Pie
Meat pie is a traditional dish here.


Barramundi also known as Asian seabass, this is a fish native to Australia and the Indo-Pacific. The seabass is characteristic of white meat, has a mild taste and is low in fat. So just a unique recipe will create an extremely attractive dish. In Perth, seabass is a fairly popular seafood, usually served in way of grilled with a crispy golden outer skin. You can enjoy this dish at any restaurant in the city of Perth.

Twilight Hawkers Market

If you visit the Twilight Hawkers night food market, you will be amazed by the bustle and bustling of this place. This annual food market meets at Forrest Place every Friday night from October to April next year. This is the time of spring – summer in Perth.

Upon arriving at Forrest Place, you will immediately be intrigued by the special aroma of cuisine in the air. It is a fusion of flavors from the dishes of more than 30 countries, from Europe, America, the Middle East, to Asia and Africa …

| perth blog


Fremantle is a famous seaport of Perth. Coming to Fremantle, you will have the opportunity to visit the Little Creatures Brewing, the maritime museum, the wreck gallery … There is also a chain of delicious cappuccino shops originating from Italy. You will have the opportunity to enjoy many delicious dishes at this famous seaport: Fremantle’s famous fish dish with french fries, fresh seafood, pasta, pizza, boutique beer …

Little Creatures | perth australia blog

Northbridge & Highgate

This is where there are many restaurants with different culinary styles. Thai, Chinese, Indonesian, Malaysian, Mexican, Italian, Vietnamese, Singapore, Indian, Korean and Japanese restaurants … have many delicious dishes waiting for you.

| perth australia blog

Some good restaurants and eateries:

The Perth people also have their own coffee flavor, quite unique as coffee in Vietnam. There is no sign of the big coffee shops like StarBucks, NYDC, Coffee Bean and Tealeaf.

Perth travel blog: Where to stay?

Below we recommend more best cheap, budget, mid-range and upscale hotels with good ratings and reviews you can refer to.

  • DoubleTree by Hilton Perth Northbridge, a top rated 4-star hotel with room rates from $78/night (Check rates on or
  • Duxton Hotel Perth, a top rated 5-star hotel with room rates from $107/night (Check rates on or
  • Fraser Suites Perth, a top rated 5-star hotel with room rates from $104/night (Check rates on or
  • Pensione Hotel Perth, a top rated 3-star hotel with room rates from $62/night (Check rates on or
  • Tribe Perth Kings Park, a top rated 4-star hotel with room rates from $80/night (Check rates on or
Duxton Hotel

You can find more hotels in this city on or

Studio at character house Bayswater at $44/night.

Some best day tours, trips, activities and transfer services, tickets in, from and to Perth you can refer to

Are you looking for more top things to do in Perth: Tours, activities, attractions and other things? Let’s check it out here.