If you come to Paris, you will definitely have to stay at the hotel with the view to the Eiffel Tower. Another great experience that you should also try is staying at a luxury hotel overlooking the Arc de Triomphe. And the Hotel Splendid Etoile Paris is the perfect place for that experience, because the most beautiful view of the Arc de Triomphe, just the Splendid Etoile. So, are you planning at trip to The City of Lights of the world – Paris and want to stay a hotel with the beautiful view of Arc de Triomphe? Wow, this article will be the answer for your question. We will suggest one of the most spectacular hotels in Paris with stunning view of Arc de Triomphe, that is Hotel Splendid Etoile Paris (Splendid Etoile Hotel Paris France). Now, let’s check it out!

My room in with the straight view of the beautiful Paris Arc de Triomphe.

The restaurant of the hotel also has a view to Arc de Triomphe.

The location of Splendid Etoile Hotel Paris

Address: 1 Avenue Carnot, 75017 Paris, France.

Referring to the Paris Arc de Triomphe, everyone has probably heard of its name once, but did you know that there are up to 12 boulevards converging on the most famous place of magnificent Paris? There are many beautiful and upscale hotels in this area with direct views of the Arc de Triomphe. But most of them have only partial view or are obscured by trees or houses that are close together. To see the panoramic view, only Splendid Etoile offers you that experience.

View to Arc de Triomphe from Etoile

Splendid Etoile Hotel Paris is located near the corner point overlooking the Arc de Triomphe. The exact address is: 1 Avenue Carnot, 75017 Paris, France. There are several ways to get here when you traveling to Paris by different means:

  • By Metro: You take the RER A train to Charles de Gaulle – Étoile station, then walk about 1 minute to the hotel.
  • By taxi: If you go from CDG airport you can choose a taxi, or back from the hotel to go to the airport, the hotel will also call a taxi for you. I took Uber to the airport to avoid peak hours at very good price only EUR35.
Charles de Gaulle – Étoile station

What’s hot near the hotel? Of course there are many because the hotel is located in the most central area of ​​the magnificent capital of Paris. Just few steps away to reach the Arc de Triomphe, or strolling on the spacious boulevard of the Champs Elysee, Grand Palais and the Petit Palais are also nearby. The Eiffel Tower or the Louvre Museum is only about 20 minutes away by metro from the hotel.

Arc de Triomphe, 173m on foot from the hotel

Oveview of Hotel Splendid Etoile Paris

Although Splendid Etoile Hotel is very luxurious, but only rated 4 international stars. Perhaps in this area they cannot build a large hotel to meet the requirements of a 5-star hotel standards because of the strict regulations on architecture and landscape. All buildings here must follow a similar exterior planning architecture. The hotels in Paris always have a special look and Splendid Etoile is a special one that you can’t help but experience when coming to this magnificent capital.

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You can check rates, reviews and book Hotel Splendid Etoile Paris on Agoda.com or Booking.com.

The hotel is not too large, with 5-storey in a trapezoidal shape and according to the available planning of the central area of ​​Arc de Triomphe. The top side is slightly beveled and towards the center circle of the Arc de Triomphe. So the room category is divided into 2 types, the rear view and the street view. The type of street view is also divided into 2 categories, which is a direct view to the Arc de Triomphe and the other is a partial view, of course the more beautiful the view, the higher the price.

Practical experience at the Splendid Etoile Hotel Paris France

Check-in procedure

Quite simply, we took the RER A train to the Charles de Gaulle – Étoile station, just got out of the station and saw the hotel right across the street. The hotel staff who receives my personal information booked through Booking.com, delivers the room key and provides the necessary information. Breakfast can be at the restaurant or in the room, they will set up for me. If you still have not booked breakfast when booking, you can buy it separately at the hotel for $15/person.

Breackfast right at the room.
Outside corridor

Check-in the room

Before the trip, I knew briefly about the hotel, and was enamored with the pictures taken directly out of the Arc de Triomphe from this hotel. So, I decided to stay here and book the best view room of the Arc de Triomphe, which is the Privilege Double Room With direct view to Arc de Triomphe.

In addition to this Privilege room class, you can choose a lower room class that still has a view of the Arc de Triomphe (partial view) such as Superior Double Room with Balcony. This room rate is lower and of course there will be no panoramic view, and the balcony that you take photos will sometimes get obscure if someone stay in the Privilege room is also taking pictures at that time.

My room is on the 5th floor, a high enough position to have a panoramic view of the Arc de Triomphe. In fact, the lower floor with the same Privilege room class has the same view, but at the upper floor you will feel that your standing position is more equal to the Arc de Triomphe.

King bed
Door to view city
Two balconies
Mini Vault
The items in the room

The first feeling of entering the room, wow wow, amazingly beautiful, is like stepping in the room of princes in European fairy tales. The space is like a mixture of fairy and modern. Light is always flooded because there are 2 very large doors that step out onto the balcony. Wind screen with super soft material and up to 3 layers. It can be said that this is a room with 2 fronts, one side facing the Arc de Triomphe and the other facing the city.

Room amenities

The room is not too large but the design is very elegant and luxurious. Interior with gentle white tone make you feel so pleasant, the highlight is the super wide and soft King size bed. The furniture in the room is also full with 1 set of desk and chair for working and 1 set for drinking tea. There’s a television and a mini bar full of everything with wine, chocolate, butter, … Everything is so clean and brand new.

The toilet area is also very enchanting, with bathtub, washbasin and shower gel set, shampoo, soap of premium Nuxe brand. The amenities in the room meet the standards of a 4-star international hotel.

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A special feature of this Privilege room is that, you can view at everywhere. The living room with 2 large doors with 2-direction view, the bathroom and toilet also overlooks the beautiful Arc de Triomphe.

The view was mesmerized from the bathroom

Dream breakfast overlooking the Arc de Triomphe

What could be better than preparing breakfast right in the room, and sitting on the balcony overlooking the Arc de Triomphe. The rooms has 2 main faces and both have very large balconies. The face facing the Arc de Triomphe is quite private because only 1 or 2 rooms have this full view. And the face with the view of the city, I saw quite a few guests in the next room were taking pictures, because standing in this balcony part, I could still partially view to the Arc de Triomphe.

My breakfast during the days in France is usually Croissant and coffee. I really love the French croissant and I can eat it every morning. Also sometimes eating a little tart, a glass of orange juice and a little butter, fresh fruit is enough energy for a new day.

It must be said that the view from here not only has the panorama of the Arc de Triomphe, but you can see a part of the Eiffel Tower, and 12-way intersection converging in one direction. Living here is like living on the wheel of Paris, cars run all day, both morning and night are beautiful.

Please admire these pictures from this dream balcony:

The dream breakfast
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| hotel splendid etoile paris review

| splendid etoile hotel paris france review

You also can choose to have breakfast at The Pré Carré restaurant with buffet and traditional French food. If you want to relax a little, you can go to the English-style bar with a beautiful marble coffee table, the food here is also very delicious.

The Pré Carré restaurant
The bar

Once staying in this beautiful hotel, it was like a dream come true. After many times looking at the mesmerizing photos on Instagram, I can now stand here, on the balcony and feel every beat of Paris is below. Not only resorts in the Maldives that make my heart race? Even city hotels can create special emotions … Happy traveling!

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Breackfast right at the room.

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