On my trip to Europe, the village of Hallstatt is the destination I’ve always dreamed of for a long time. Knowing this fairy village through so many beautiful photos on Instagram. I have wished to visit this fairy village once in my life. So, how to spend one day trip from Vienna to Hallstatt? Let’s check out our Hallstatt blog with the suggested Hallstatt 1 day itinerary (1 day in Hallstatt, Hallstatt in a day, Hallstatt one day itinerary) from how to how to get from Vienna to Hallstatt (how to go from Vienna to Hallstatt), what to do in Hallstatt in 1 day… to find out the answer!

Hallstatt, Austria
hallstatt skywalk (1)
Hallstatt Skywalk “Welterbeblick” | how to go from vienna to hallstatt

hallstatt view from above

Hallstatt Alpine Panoramic Day Tour from Vienna

Early in the morning of the second day in Vienna, Austria, I still dreamy after wake up and take the train to go to the Wien Hbf station (Wien Hauptbahnhof, Vienna Main station). My train to Hallstatt village will departs at 6:55 AM. Fortunately, there are many convenience stores in Wien Hbf, so I bought a loaf of smoked beef burgers and a bottle of orange juice to bring on the train and heading to Hallstatt.

Hallstatt village
Beautiful wooden houses right next the Hallstätter See lake.

Hallstatt village

Hallstatt village
The center of Hallstatt

Hallstatt Day Tour from Vienna

Hallstatt blog — Hallstatt 1 day itinerary: How to get from vienna to Hallstatt by train?

From Vienna, Austria to Hallstatt village I traveled by OBB train – OBB is the Austrian national railway company. The train departs at Wien Hbf station to Hallstatt station, from Hallstatt station, I take ferry to get to Hallstatt village.

TIP: You should book a train ticket online to Hallstatt village on OBB’s website in advance and book as soon as possible to get cheap tickets. I booked 3 weeks in advance, so the ticket price is only €19/way from Vienna to Hallstatt. If you book close to the departure date, or buy a ticket at the time of traveling, the ticket price maybe up to €52.40/way.

On the OBB train from Vienna to Hallstatt

The OBB trains from Vienna to Hallstatt village run every day of the week. And there are many trips in a day. You can check the train schedule on the OBB website. On every weekday, all trains to Hallstatt are connecting trains, you need to change the train at Attnang-Puccheim station and from there go straight to the Hallstatt station.

Particularly with 2 weekends, there will be a direct train to Hallstatt station at 10:15 AM. And a direct train back to Vienna at 4:32 PM. The remaining are connecting trains at Attnang-Puccheim station.

→ The train traveling time from Vienna to Hallstatt: The connecting trains take about 3 hours 52 minutes, the trains goes directly to Hallstatt about 3 hours 14 minutes.

Beautiful views on the train to Hallstatt. You should sit on the left side for a better view 😛

After arriving at the Hallstatt station, you need to take a ferry from this station to the Hallstatt village (ticket price €2.50/way, duration: 15 minutes). The ferry terminal is located right next to the Hallstatt station, as soon as you get off the train, you will see signs to getting to the ferry terminal, so don’t worry.

At the Hallstatt station. Hallstatt train station is very small. It could only hold a few people inside and had an automatic train ticket machine.

One thing you should keep in mind that is the ferry trips usually run follow the arrival time of the OBB train, so if you get off the ferry terminal as soon as you arrive, make sure you will be catched the ferry to Hallstatt village on time. (Check ferry schedule to get to Hallstatt village here).

The village of Hallstatt is far away

1 day in Hallstatt, Hallstatt 1 day itinerary: Explore Hallstatt fairy village

Hallstatt village is known as one of the most beautiful villages in the world. This beauty is evident in the very poetic position of the village when Hallstatt is located on a large clear lake Hallstätter See – the most beautiful lake in Austria. And surrounding the village are lush green mountains. From a distance, you can see the village lying on the mountains and facing towards Hallstätter See lake.

The poetic village of Hallstatt leans against the mountains and faces towards the lake.

The village of Hallstatt is far away
Vintage wooden houses in Hallstatt. I also love vintage items too : __:
A green of trees, mountains and lakes covered Hallstatt. Prominent are the red-brown wooden houses.

As soon as I arrived, I went to Cafe Derbl restaurant located in the heart of Hallstatt village follow the call of my stomach. Moreover, I also need a hot cup of cocoa to cope with the cold winds of Austria (even though it’s already summer).

Cafe Derbl Hallstatt
A hot cup of cocoa

Hallstatt village center.

Hallstatt village is very small so you can walk to visit the entire village in 1 day. I only spent a day exploring the village of Hallstatt and coming back to Vienna in the late afternoon.

Souvenirs made of bark and trunk

Postcard from Hallstatt
Another postcard
The climbing rose strips in fairy tales when I was a child :((( | how to go from vienna to hallstatt
Balcony with climbing rose strips :((. I just wish to have a nice little house with full of roses here only: ((
| hallstatt 1 day itinerary
Sunlight on the top of mountains far away

| hallstatt 1 day itinerary
| hallstatt blog
| hallstatt 1 day itinerary
| hallstatt blog
| hallstatt 1 day itinerary
| hallstatt blog
| hallstatt 1 day itinerary
| hallstatt in a day
| hallstatt one day itinerary
| hallstatt in a day
| 1 day in hallstatt
The only one church tower in the village of Hallstatt. | 1 day in hallstatt
| one day trip from vienna to hallstatt

Balcony and flower

In addition, the village of Hallstatt is also famous for the oldest salt mine in the world, but I am not really interested in, so I skipped it :P. Because I only spend half a day in Hallstatt village, I want to spend all the time for walking to see this beautiful fairy village.

Hallstatt salt mines (1)
Hallstatt salt mines
Hallstatt salt mines (1)
| hallstatt blog

Hallstatt salt mines (1)

Hallstatt salt mines (1)

At around 4pm, I took the ferry to Hallstatt station and waiting for my train to return to Vienna at 4:32 pm.

Goodbye the beautiful village Hallstatt, dreamy fairy village and hope that I will be able to return to this place as soon as possible.

Hallstatt 1 day itinerary: Where to stay?

Hallstatt Hideaway
Hallstatt Hideaway

In addition, you can refer to one of the best Airbnb in Hallstatt: Haus Höll Herta Apartment Hirlatz at $122/night or Beim Griasserl at $87/night.

–> Airbnb link discounts up to $35 for the first booking here: https://www.airbnb.com/c/anht5185

You can find more, check rates, availability & booking for Hallstatt hotels on Agoda.com or Booking.com or Airbnb.com.

hallstatt skywalk (1)
Hallstatt skywalk

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