With the criterion “It’s old for him but new for me”, the flea markets (also known as second hand markets) are growing in many places in the world. The flea market is a place where people can come and buy everything that can still be used at reasonable price. South Korea is no exception! In Seoul, there are so many flea markets! It’s not that second hand items are ugly or not good. If you choose carefully, you can absolutely buy many vintage fashion items, or cool style. So, are you looking for some wonderful flea market in Seoul (flea market Seoul)? Let’s check out our list of best flea markets in Seoul that including vintage and folk flea market Seoul to help you have lovely vintage items and great shopping experiences. Let’s find out the wonderful second hand markets in Seoul below.

| flea market seoul
| flea market seoul

First of all, I note a few things that are extremely useful for your smoothy trip to the land of kimchi.

Best flea market seoul: Dongmyo Flea Market

Dongmyo flea market sells many used items

Address: Sungin 2 (i)-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul
Hours: 2–8PM. (Closed on Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday)
Saturday, Sunday: 10AM–9PM
Access: Subway line 6 Dongmyoap Station exit3

If you ask the people of Seoul about where to buy the best quality second hand goods, I think 90% of people will answer is Dongmyo Flea Market ^^. Dongmyo Market has long been known as the prestigious secondhand flea market, diversifying goods and items from furniture, household goods, electronics to clothes, fashion accessories. But the special thing is that fashion here is not out of fashion at all. They sell selected items, also selected many trendy, cool style items!

Dongmyo Market sells many items, but most of Seoul’s young people come here only to buy clothes and fashion accessories. Did you know that even A-list star G-Dragon – Korean Fashionista icon has had shopping experience at Dongmyo? That’s enough to understand how hot Dongmyo flea market is.

Watch stall
A men’s fashion shop
Many items cost only 5.000 won

Located right in the heart of Seoul, so getting to Dongmyo Market is not difficult at all. The market is near the famous Cheonggyecheon Stream, the nearest subway station is Dongmyo Station. Dongmyo Station is the intersection of the two yellow and blue subway lines, so it is very convenient to come here by subway. If you do not have a T-Money card then I think you should buy one to take the subway for convenience!

Bike stall

Take the train to Dongmyo Station, exit at Exit 3, walk about 1 minute to reach the entrance to the market. You are free to choose items you like. Many cheap items only from 1.000 won/item. The market opening from 2pm on weekdays to evening. Weekends are open earlier from 10am. Dongmyo Flea Market closed on Every Tuesdays of week 2nd and week 4 of the month.

Top flea market Seoul: Hwanghak-dong Flea Market

Address: 166 Heungin-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul
Hours: 8am – 6:30pm
Access: Subway: Line 2 Sindang Exit 2

Next to Dongmyo Market, Living Nomads introduces to another second-hand flea market: Hwanghak-dong Market, located not far from Dongmyo market. Hwanghak-dong Flea Market appeared many years ago, the market has grown strongly and famous since the 1950s. Up to now, the market has gathered more than 1000 different shops and stalls.

| flea market seoul

You can come here and look for extremely nice vintage clothes that are much cheaper than buying new clothes. In general, Hwanghak-dong market is 20-30% cheaper than other second-hand markets in Seoul. The shopkeeper only sells second hand clothes if they can be used and still have the value of use, you should not think that buying secondhand goods will be full of errors, bad or out of date. When choosing items you can bargain, but should not bargain too much!

| flea market seoul
| flea market seoul

The closest subway station to Hwanghak-dong Market is Sindang Station. You can take the brown or green line to reach here. After exit at Exit 2, walk for about 3 minutes. The market is open weekdays from 8 am to 6:30 pm. Because this is a flea market, if it rains or snows in winter, it will be closed sooner.

| flea market seoul

Folk flea market Seoul (Seoul city’s flea market)

Address: 21 Cheonho-daero 4-gil, Sinseol-dong, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul
Hours: 10AM–7PM
Website: http://pungmul.or.kr/

Previously, during the renovation of Cheonggyecheon, a group of merchants from Hwanghak-dong flea market splitted and created a new trading place. And so the Seoul Folk Flea Market was born!

| folk flea market seoul

Currently, according to statistics, Seoul Folk Flea Market has nearly 900 stalls located on an area of ​​8.000 square meters. The market sells clothes, accessories, souvenirs, traditional Korean goods, antiques, … at very reasonable prices. You can absolutely buy a thick, big cotton shirt that looks like new here but the price is not expensive at all!

| folk flea market seoul

Seoul Folk Flea Market is open from 10am to 5pm daily. Periodically on Tuesdays of week 2nd and week 4 of the month, the market is closed.

The nearest subway station: Sinseol-dong Station (Blue Line + Green Line). Take the subway and Exit 9 and then continue walking about 100m, Exit 6, then walk 250m.

| folk flea market seoul

If you traveling by bus (Using T-Money card)

  • Dongdaemun Post Office Bus Stop: Bus No. 9403, 721, 370
  • Seoul Poongmul Market Stop: Bus No. 2013, 300

Seocho Saturday Market (Seocho Flea Market)

Access: Sadang Station, Exit 11 and walk 3 minutes. Market is located on the street.

Seocho Market first appeared in 1997, now it has been 22 years now. The market is located near Sadang Station. At that time there is a economic crisis, Seocho market was born as a way to encourage the people of Seoul to sell unused items but still be useful to others.

| flea market seoul

Called the Seocho weekend market because the market only opens on Saturdays. Usually the sellers open their stalls from 9am to 3pm is started to close stalls. Every Saturday, at Sadang Station, crowds of locals and tourists gather to buy good secondhand items. The market sells many items but fashion accessories, hats, clothes, shoes are the most. In addition, watches, wallets, jewelry are also extremly diverse. You can comfortably to choice.

| flea market seoul
| flea market seoul

The market is on the street so it doesn’t sell every day if it rains or snow falls! You should pay attention in the upcoming winter.

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