Taking a trip to Seoul, perhaps you may not have a chance to meet your Oppa but definitely must visit Dongdeamun Market once. Why? Because not until you went to Dongdeamun Market didn’t you visit Korea, of course. Putting it into words can not describe the variety as well as the attraction of this fashion capital in Seoul. In short, a picture is worth a thousand words that you can enjoy the culture and smart fashion trends worthy of learning from the young Korean. So, what’s hot in Dongdaemun food market? Let’s check out our Dongdaemun market guide and Dongdaemun market blog from how to get to Dongdaemun market Seoul south Korea (Dongdaemun market Seoul Korea) to what to buy in Dongdaemun market, what to eat at Dongdaemun market to find out the answer!

Dongdaemun Market – Shopping Area in Seoul.
Types of sandals at Dongdeamun Market. | dongdaemun market seoul

King Crab at Dongdeamun Market.
Taiyaki Ice Cream. | dongdaemun market seoul
Street food in Korea

Some tips for who are going to visit Korea.

| dongdaemun market seoul

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| Korea Traveling
Five-year Korea Visa.

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T-money card
Have an enjoyable trip with T-money card
Transportation Cards
Swipe T-money card on bus

Luggage is always a big problem for girls, especially willowy girls or it can be said that they like shopping but afraid of “carrying” them. That why this delicate girl would like to bring in you Baggage Storage and Delivery Seoul Safex Service:

| Shopping at Dongdeamun Market.

Dongdaemun Market Guide: Why I should visit Dongdeamun Market?

| Why I must visit Dongdeamun Market?

The answer is “you can buy anything!” Dongdeamun Market contain about twenty-six shopping malls, thirty thousand stores, fifty thousand manufacturers selling materials, clothes, shoes, cosmetics, jewelries, books, accessories, sporty equipment, toys, electronics, stationery,…

Dongdeamun Market | dongdaemun market seoul
Variety of materials at Dongdeamun market | Why i should visit Dongdeamun Market.
Lovely handbags for lovely girls.
Great place to find many large collection | dongdaemun market seoul

Dongdaemun market blog: What to buy in Dongdaemun Market?

Besides selling goods, some big shopping malls such as Good Morning City and Freya also equip cinema to bring tourist more real experiences. Doota shopping center has a huge outdoor concert-hall, concerts, next top model contests and Korea classical music for tourists.

Dongdeamun Design Plaza | Shopping Area in Seoul.
Following fashionistas to visit Dongdeamun Market.
Sightseeing in Dongdeamun Design Plaza. | dongdaemun market guide
1Shop all night at Dongdaemun Night Market
Shop all night at Dongdaemun Night Market

Dongdaemun Market Seoul South Korea tips: Some experiences at Dongdeamun Market.

It takes you a week to know clearly about Dongdeamun Market. A tip for you not to get lost and time-consuming at this market is determining on buying something then move to that shop and get the items you need.

Make a choice when buying | Some experiences to shop at Dongdeamun Market.

Dongdeamun Market is divided into two sections: Section 1 is on the side where Doosan Tower is found, this is a spacious section with types of beautiful and eye-catching clothes. It is serving mostly for tourists and general customers, flexible time, spacious space and relaxed with exciting music. For many young tourists, it’s is a fun and lively section. Fashionistas ensure that once you were here, you didn’t want to come home anymore. It is said that visiting Dongdeamun Market will keep up with the latest fashion with bargain price. Don’t believe it! Must bargain before buying!

It’s time to head-over to the wholesale malls. You need to cross the road towards Dongdaemun Design Plaza. | dongdaemun market guide
And you will be greeted by this beautiful sight.

And another is on the side of the Dongdeamun Stadium and is mainly selling in bulk. Since most shops deal with wholesalers, there are no dressing rooms. So remember buying only if you are selective!

Cute sandals – Dongdeamun Market. | dongdaemun market guide
More beautiful handbags for fashionista | dongdaemun market guide

What to eat at Dongdaemun Market? Wandering in cuisine street in Dongdeamun.

When hunger strikes, a market is a good place to be. | dongdaemun market guide

Mukja Golmok – the tourist culinary trail in Dongdeamun. After shopping, make a move to Mukja Golmok to enjoy all the trendiest in Korea cuisine ‘village’.

Mukja Golmok – cuisine street in Dongdaemun
| Eating at Mukja Golmok
So hungry!!!! | dongdaemun market guide

Mukja Golmok is considered as cuisine paradise with a lot of traditional snacks such as sundea, gimbap, taiyaki,… I’m sure you can’t help holding back wonderful flavours of chicken soup or fish steaks on this street. Let’s wander again!

Must-try Taiyaki at Mukja Golmok.
Korea Tokbokki. | dongdaemun market guide
Korean street food gimbap
Dongdaemun Grilled Fish Street
Grilled Fish | dongdaemun market guide
dongdaemun-market night market seoul (1)
A food stall at Dongdaemun night market
dongdaemun-market night market seoul (1)
| dongdaemun market seoul korea
dongdaemun-market night market seoul (1)
Sundae (Korean blood sausages)
Fashionista after shopping | dongdaemun market seoul korea

Dongdeamun Market – The little girl of fashion trend in the land of Kimchi. I’ve been in Dongdeamun Market once before, give it all one, tired all day Just because of shopping too much leading to no money left. So make sure you have enough money to come home after shopping-trip. Enjoy your trip!

I Seoul U in front of Dongdaemun Design Plaza
Dongdaemun Design Plaza
Dongdaemun Design Plaza | dongdaemun market seoul korea

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Myeongdong night market
The bustling street of Myeongdong.

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