If anyone asks us where to self-sufficient travel is the easiest, we will not hesitate to immediately reply as “Go to Thailand, dear friends !!!”. This is a neighbourhood country where you can reach only 2 hours to fly from Vietnam with so many destinations to discover, convenient transportation, very delicious food and easy to eat. In short, this is a tourist paradise, especially for those who want to visit for the first-time. But the problem of “headache” is that you do not know what to buy gifts (thailand gifts, thailand souvenir items, thailand best souvenirs) for friends and relatives at home. Surely, this will be the hardest part of your trip because Thailand has a lot of interesting things, and sometimes you will be a headache to pick up and drop down what to choose as gifts. But do not worry, we will give you a hint about the items you should buy as gifts in this guide. What to buy in Thailand? Let’s check it out our things you must buy in Thailand guide with the list of best gifts to buy in Thailand including the best items to buy in Thailand, the best things to buy in Thailand the cheap things to buy in Thailand, the famous things to buy in Thailand: Top 10 things worth buying in Thailand below. Now all you need to do is top up your credit card and go hunting!

bangkok-chatuchak Best items to buy in Thailand — Top 10 cheap, famous & best gifts to buy in Thailand
Chatuchak – the market area is huge, the mecca of those who love shopping.
shopping bangkok itinerary what to do in bangkok for 3 days (1)
Rod Fai Night Market, Bangkok
best items to buy in thailand
Thai snacks also are the best items to buy in Thailand
best shops in chatuchak market 2
A tourist is choosing souvenir items at Chatuchak market.
best-krabi-shopping thailand
T-shirt, one of the things you must buy in Thailand.
2chatuchak weekend market (2) Best items to buy in Thailand — Top 10 cheap, famous & best gifts to buy in Thailand
thailand gifts shop
buddha souvenirs thailand
Buddha souvenirs, the famous things to buy in Thailand

Dried Durian Snack

Durian is a delicious and famous fruit of Thailand. Unfortunately, if you want to eat it, there is only way come to Thailand, eat on the spot because the fresh durian are not allowed bring on the plane to bring back. But do not worry, dried durian will be the safest option but still retain its delicious taste. There are many types of dried durian and easily found in supermarkets, even convenience stores such as 7-Eleven.

thai dried durian snack3

Delicious dried durian chips
thai dried durian snack34
Dried durian snack at 7-Eleven
thai dried durian snack345
Durian Toffee

Thai Spices

thai spices

10 people go to

, 11 people will fall in love with the foods here, the processing way is quite similar to Vietnam but taste is richer and more diverse. If you have some friends who love Thai food, loving cooking, surely this is the best gift. You can also buy to use gradually and cook yourself, with the formula behind the package, just follow these instructions that you will have the authentic Thai cuisine.

thai spices Credit: best gifts to buy in thailand blog.
Credit: best gifts to buy in thailand blog.
tom yum paste
Tom Yum paste

thai spices

Pad Thai Seasoning Mix (Made with Sea Salt)
Pad Thai Seasoning Mix (Made with Sea Salt)

Thai Tea

Thai milk green tea

Although Taiwanese milk tea is still rule the roost in Vietnam, Thai tea is not less by the “hot”. If the Taiwanese bubble tea is fresh and cool, Thai tea is rich taste and extremely charm, in general let’s buy Thai tea as a gift, we ensure you will never be disappointed. There are 2 types of green tea and traditional Thai tea (orange color) for you to choose (but I love traditional tea so much, feeling more delicious when drink). Similar dried durian snack, Thai tea is quite popular so you can buy in supermarkets or tea shops.

Original Thai Milk Green Tea
Credit: best gifts to buy in thailand blog.


Number One Brand Instant Thai Milk tea
Instant Thai Milk Tea 3 in 1


Thai Iced Tea with Boba
Thai Iced Tea with Boba

Thai snacks: Dried fruit, bento, fibre fish

mango cashew coconut dried snack
Mango, cashew, coconut dried snack

Generally speaking, these are snacks, dried fruits like mangoes, pineapples, pericarp of grapefruit, orange, etc. are all available at BigC. Do not listen to Big C but feel “contempt”. Big C here is so big, very clean and incredibly beautiful, selling countless items, products. And at here, you are easily to find the snack gifts for all kinds of people. In particular, remember to buy bento (squid seafood snack) and fibre fish if you have to buy gifts for many people such as companies, we make sure these snacks are not only delicious, a lot, but also affordable. Big C is located directly opposite Central World.

Thai dried mango
Thai dried mango
Durian, jackfruit snack
Durian, jackfruit snack
mangosteen dried snack
Mangosteen snack

thai snacks at super market

thai snacks
Thai snacks
fibre fish thai
Fibre fish, huge size
Squid Seafood Snack
Squid Seafood Snack
bento thai snack
Bento – squid marinated with spices

bento thai snack

Big C

Opening Hours: 9 am – 11 pm
Location: Ratchadamri Road (opposite Central World)
Getting there: BTS: Chidlom

Big C Bangkok


best-krabi-shopping thailand
Selling T-shirts in Krabi

Believe us, this may be one of the best bargain items you can buy as a gift when traveling to Thailand. Thai shirts are no need talking about the quality. I have visited Thailand for several times, on each visit, I will come to Platinum Shopping Mall to buy at least a few T-shirts to wear, very cheap, durable, laundry tucked away comfortably. The models are extremely diversity, and the price is dirt-cheap (ranging from 100 Baht ~ $3.07). If you buy more will get a discount, how much discount depends on the your bargaining ability.

T-shirts at the Chatuchak Market in Bangkok

T-shirts at the Chatuchak Market in Bangkok, Thailand
T-shirts at the Chatuchak Market in Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand-Souvenirs-t shirts

Picture: best items to buy in thailand blog.


Hip-Hop T-shirts
Hip-Hop T-shirts
Credit: best gifts to buy in thailand blog.
T-shirts at Platinum Fashion Mall, Bangkok
T-shirts at Platinum Fashion Mall, Bangkok

T-shirts at Platinum Fashion Mall, Bangkok

Platinum Fashion Mall

Address: 222 Phetchaburi Rd, Khwaeng Thanon Phetchaburi, Khet Ratchathewi, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10400, Thailand
Hours: SAT, SUN, WED : 08.00 – 20.00 / MON, TUE, THU, FRI : 09.00 – 20.00
Phone: 02-121-8000
Website: http://www.platinumfashionmall.com/
Getting there: Getting off the BTS skytrain at Chidlom Station, but not really walking distance, you will need take a taxi or tuk tuk.

Platinum Fashion Mall, Bangkok

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