Hin Ta Hin Yai

Hin Ta Hin Yai in Koh Samui

Located on the south side of Koh Samui, there are two bizarre rocks, Hin Ta Hin Yai. They look like the “sensitive” parts of the body of man and woman. These two rocks are always the top photography destination for visitors when coming to Koh Samui.


Bophut fishing village

Bophut is a fishing village with the ancient traditions of Koh Samui

Bo Phut is being preserved to become a fishing village with the ancient traditions of Koh Samui. Today, if coming to Bo Phut fishing village, you can still see the rustic life of the fishermen. Along with that is the opportunity to enjoy the delicious food made from fresh seafood here.

Picture: Koh Samui travel blog.
Fisherman's Village Bophut
Fisherman’s Village Bophut
Bophut Beach directly at the Anantara Bophut Resort & Spa, Koh Samui
Bophut Beach directly at the Anantara Bophut Resort & Spa, Koh Samui
Bophut beach.

Wat Plai Laem

This temple is located in the heart of an extremely large lake. Image by: koh samui trip blog.
Inside Wat Plai Laem

Wat Plai Laem may not be as famous as Wat Phra Yai but this destination is also worth a visit. The attractiveness of this temple comes from its special architecture – located in the heart of an extremely large lake, with the two giant statues of Guan Yin Bodhisattva and Maitreya Buddha put in both sides of the temple. Also, if you are looking for a little luck, this place will be a great address for you.

Photo by: Thailand Holidays Home. Picture: Koh Samui travel blog.

Namuang Waterfall

Namuang Waterfall nestled amidst a vast and green forest. Picture: Koh Samui travel blog.

If heading to the South of Koh Samui, you will find the Namuang Waterfall nestled amidst a vast and green forest. In the water season, the water current pouring on the purple rocks at the foot of the waterfall will create a very special color for the water and that’s the reason why people also call it the purple waterfall.

Namuang-Waterfall2 Picture: koh samui travel blog.
Picture: Koh Samui travel blog.

This falls includes two waterfalls: Namuang I and Namuang II, at altitudes of over 80m, when visiting this place, you can experience activities such as trekking through the forest, exploring the diverse floral system or conquering the top of the cascades.

Photo by: Villa Getaways

Aquarium & Tiger Zoo

A bird species in the zoo. Image by: Koh Samui experience blog.

Aquarium & Tiger Zoo is a great place for you to try new experiences after spending hours discovering Koh Samui island. This zoo will give you a chance to watch the performances of wild animals such as tigers, crocodiles, and seals. In addition, there is also an aquarium displaying a wide range of tropical fishes of Koh Samui.

Photo by: Siam Travel

Secret Buddha Statue Garden

This place houses hundreds of statues depicting the famous Buddhist art forms. Image by: Koh Samui experience blog.

Nestled amongst the tranquil forest on a hill near Na Muang Waterfall, that is the Secret Buddha Statue Garden. Although not an official temple, this destination houses hundreds of statues depicting the famous Buddhist art forms, stories, and legends.

Picture: Koh Samui travel blog.

In addition, you can participate in some outdoor activities such as ATV riding, kayaking, zipline, caring elephants, surfing, Thai boxing, watching ladyboys show, Koh Samui shooting range…

Ladyboys show
The Shooting Range
Samui Elephant Sanctuary
Samui Aquarium and Tiger Zoo koh samui
Sky Fox Cable Ride Zipline
Koh samui 2 days in koh samui koh samui itinerary blog
Riding ATV

Koh Samui blog — Where to eat in Koh Samui?

Street food on Koh Samui
Street food on Koh Samui

Traveling to Koh Samui, you have the opportunity to enjoy many delicious dishes in Thai cuisine, there are nearly 50 restaurants, popular restaurants for you to choose. Here are some good places to eat at affordable prices you can refer to.

Rocky'S restaurant
Rocky’S restaurant
  • Hua Than Market: This area has many good restaurants, cheap in the south of Lanmai.
  • Rocky’S: Here there are many delicious Thai specialties and many famous dishes of countries around the world, come here spoiled for enjoy.
  • The Five Islands Restaurant: If you like fresh seafood, do not miss Five Island on Taling Ngam street, the restaurant sells seafood for lunch and dinner.
Five Islands Beachfront Villa Ko Samui
Five Islands Restaurant

Finally, to really explore the beaches and tourist destinations in Koh Samui area, you should spend at least about 3 to 4 days, in which two days for the activities of exploring the beautiful beaches and pristine islands, one day for visiting the temples and one day visiting Angthong National Marine Park, the most famous national marine park in Thailand.

koh samui travel blog thailand
Credit image: Koh Samui travel blog

In addition, the best time to visit Koh Samui is from February to June and around November and December, because in these months of the year, the weather is quite nice with sunshine and very little rain.

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Spectacular Sunset
Spectacular Sunset

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