If the famous attractions in Hoi An ancient town have become too familiar for you, then it is recommended that you should pay a visit to Triem Tay bamboo village. You will have a chance to admire the romantic natural scenery and have an ultimate experience of idyllic lifestyle.

Triem Tay Hoi An travel guides - green riverbank
Triem Tay village lies silent near the Thu Bon riverbank

Triem Tay village – Green oasis on the Thu Bon riverbank

Triem Tay Hoi An travel guides -village green entrance
The entrance of Triem Tay village is covered in the green color

The village is not far from the heart of Hoi An. Just go upstream the Thu Bon river and you will reach a green oasis named Triem Tay. Lying beside the riverbank and isolated from the city lights of Hoi An, the beauty of this riverbank countryside still remains untouched.

Triem Tay Hoi An travel guides - bamboo house riverbank
Triem Tay village – A fascinating tourist attraction in Hoi An

Triem Tay is a small land covering an area of only 45 hectares. It is home to 147 households and has a population of about 700 people. This is an agricultural village where half of the local people weave mats to earn a living and the others work in the paddy fields. Entering Triem Tay eco tourism village, you now walk between a true countryside trail which is full of bamboo on two sides. Admiring the blissful paddy fields, feeling the smell of the bucolic air is such a liberating experience to feed the soul.

Triem Tay Hoi An travel guides - roads covered with bamboo
Roads covered with tree shadows is familiar in Triem Tay

It is totally different with the noisy rhythm of life on the other side of the Thu Bon river here. Triem Tay brings in an impression of roads covered with tree shadows. The picture-postcard beauty of Triem Tay is bound to take your breath away. Surrounded by the palm trees standing in line, the shimmering tea leaves in the morning dew or the nourishing fruit farms get you to be really one with nature.

Triem Tay Hoi An travel guides - pool among bamboo
Swimming in a pool among the bamboo fences. Is this real life?

In the early sunshine, the whole view of Hoi An tourist attraction is like glittering in the green leaves background. Recently, the development of Hoi An tourism has led to the building of Triem Tay garden house in the land of Triem Tay village. With a thorough plan and positive investment, Triem Tay ecotour area is believed to become an attractive spot of Hoi An in the future.

Triem Tay Hoi An travel guides - Thu Bon river little harbour
The little harbour of Thu Bon river always welcomes visitors to come and explore this land
Triem Tay Hoi An travel guides - canoe on the Thu Bon river
Driving a canoe in the heart of an untouched countryside? How relaxing!

Enjoy all Central area specialities in Triem Tay

The land of Triem Tay is not only famous for its romantic scenery but the traditional shades here also make it a great spot to explore in Vietnam.

Triem Tay Hoi An travel guides - idyllic traditional house
A typical rural house of with the gourd trellis

Though located not far from the center of Hoi An, Triem Tay still reserves a true countryside environment. Visitors can admire the typical bamboo houses of the Central area. It is very interesting to stay in these houses via the homestay services. For the ones who tend to feel like falling into nostalgia, Triem Tay is a must-visit destination.

Triem Tay Hoi An travel guides - weaving mats craft
Triem Tay – fame of mats weaving craft in Quang land

The traditional craft of Triem Tay is weaving mats. The craftsmen have to spend all day long to harvest the sedge leaves then split them into threads and make beautiful mats with their own hands. There was a time when Triem Tay mat is an outstanding product all over the Quang area. However, the fast lane of industrial development has pushed some traditional crafts like Triem Tay mat weaving back. And now, Triem Tay mats are made only for faraway visitors to admire an ancient craft of the area.

Triem Tay Hoi An travel guides - vendor food rural market
This vendor lady will treat you some mouth-watering local specialities

Never forget to drop into a rural market here. This place is full of numerous Hoi An specialities such as Quang style noodles (mi Quang), rice cracker (banh dap), wet rice paper (banh trang uot), water fern cake (banh beo chen) and so on. Eating rural foods in a real idyllic atmosphere is a great way to feel extremely calm after a day.

Triem Tay Hoi An travel guides -water fern cake (banh beo chen)
Water fern cake – famous Hoi An speciality in Triem Tay rural market

If a chance to visit Hoi An comes, take it and go ahead to Triem Tay cultural tourism village. This blissful place will certainly leave you many unforgettable memories.

Notes on travelling to Triem Tay village

  • Address: Triem Tay village, Dien Phuong commune, Dien Ban district, Quang Nam province, Vietnam
  • Way to go there: It just takes 15 minutes to go to Triem Tay by ferry from the center of Hoi An.

How to get Triem Tay Village from Hoi An

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