Na duang village, Vang Vieng.

Thinking of a last minute trip to Southeast Asia but not sure what the weather will be like? Get a sneak peek at the landscape of Southeast Asia in springtime with this colourful photo guide.

It can be easy to assume that Southeast Asia is sunny and hot all year round but many popular destinations have vastly varied seasons. From the desert-like heat of Cambodia in summer to the downpours of Thailand’s rainy season, some countries are unrecognisable from one season to another.

In between the two ends of the spectrum is Asia’s beautiful springtime. Often overlooked by many travellers, this time of year has much more to offer than you might expect. Along with more bearable heat, cheaper flights and fewer crowds of tourists, a spring break in Southeast Asia challenges a summer holiday in many ways.

One of the most appealing elements of springtime in Asia is the colourful scenery. Tremendous shades of green, blue and yellow can be found spreading across the region, many of which can’t be seen in your average travel brochure. If you want to see Asia in a different light, springtime is the perfect time to take a trip.

1. Rustic browns, China

With such a range of temperatures across the country, China has a variety of botany. The landscape ranges from hills of evergreens to stretches of rainforest. Although the scenery seems to be dominated by green, a true sign of springtime is the rustic browns that creep into view on Chinese Larch, Oak and Fir trees.

Rustic Browns 1

Rustic Browns 2

Rustic Browns 3

2. Cool blues, Hong Kong

When Springtime hits in Hong Kong, there’s something truly refreshing about the cool blue that stretches from sea to sky. Bright sunshine and a light breeze means the weather is perfect for water-sports, you’ll often find the horizon will often be dotted with canoers and windsurfers.

Cool Blues 1

Cool Blues 2

Cool Blues 3

3. Emerald greens, Laos

Vivid greens coat every hillside and field in the Lao springtime. As moisture seeps back into the atmosphere, flora can be caught getting its first burst of colour across the country. The freshness of the season is reflected not only in Lao foliage but in the fresh air and clear atmosphere.

Emerald Greens 1

Na duang village, Vang Vieng.

Emerald Greens 3

4. Aquamarine turquoises, Indonesia

Perhaps some of the most intense colours of the Asian Springtime can be found in Indonesia. The sea glows with turquoise and is often framed by lush green foliage and bright blue skies. If you’re looking for a country that is as pretty as a picture without having to wait for summer, Indonesia is the place to be

Aquamarine Turquoises 1

Aquamarine Turquoises 2

Aquamarine Turquoises 3

5. Porcelain whites, Japan

Clouds of pink Cherry Blossom are known as one of the most iconic symbols of Japanese scenery. Though, before the petals develop their famous rosy colour, they begin life in pearly white. These young blossoms can be found coating every surface in spring, from streets to rivers, and they highlight the beauty of Japan just as gracefully as in their summer form.




6. Mossy greens, Vietnam

As the warmth and humidity leaks back into the atmosphere, the scenery soaks up the moisture and starts to gain more colour again. Although there are much brighter shades of green to come during summer, the Vietnamese springtime offers deep brooding colours and magical misty charm.

Mossy Greens 1 Mossy Greens 2

Mossy Greens 3

7. Medallion gold, Malaysia

Although the gold may not be the natural colour of the Malaysian scenery, springtime certainly compliments its medallion gold temples, rooftops and decorations. Rather than squinting to see the sights in summertime, spring lights up landscape with dazzling perfection.

Medallion Gold 1

Medallion Gold 2

Medallion Gold 3