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The homeland of Genghis Khan in the autumn appears with peaceful landscape and charming with vast meadows, line of birch bears gold leaves and subtly smoky tent houses of sunset.


Mongolia is a country in Asia, to the north by Russia, to the south, east and west are all borders of China. Although being the 19th largest area in the world, this country has only more than 3 million inhabitants (approximately in 2015). Mongolia has immense scenery, tranquility of where is characterized mainly for steppes, mountains and deserts.

Mongolia-steppe-2Autumn in Mongolia also has pine forests which are drying leaves, interspersed with gold-leaf birch that creates picturesque sight.


Guests can catch the wild goose swimming in the large and quiet lake. Farther side is Mongolian tent homes and leisurely grazing horses in the distance.

Mongolia-steppe-4Drove of horses after carrying passenger journey, fixtures and merchandise has been resting and freely grazing grass.

Mongolia-steppe-5The vast meadows are covered with a yellow as well as in autumn. Mongolian landscape bears glamorous wildness which makes it be an attractive destination for tourists interested in exploring.

Mogolia-steppe-6Visitors to Mongolia can rent horses to move, choose the optional stops and organize camping, cooking fires among spacious surroundings of the grassland.

Mogolian-steppe-7Setting up tents to sleep, enjoy secluded space, wildness is one of the memorable experience and induce guests to feel that life is very beautiful.


Mongolian tents are known as traditional Ger for thousands of years. Characteristics of them are comfortable, gently moving, cold resistant, particularly environmental friendliness and capacity for confronting with storm.

Mongolia-steppe-9These houses don’t have much furniture inside, stove is the most important appliance. In the early morning or twilight, the translucent smoke rising from tent houses is sign of life here.

Mongolia-steppe-10Butter made from Yak cow’s milk are sold in the local market quiet a lot. Lightly scented butter, fat as condensed butter are used with green tea to drink that increases temperature and excellent cold resistance. This is one of the specialties of nomads in Mongolia.

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