Pattaya city

Thailand has long become one of the most popular tourist destinations for visitors. For those who come from Vietnam, Pattaya is one of the cities that many people choose as a stopover because this place not only has a beautiful coast but also has many great Sex Shows that favored by travelers. The followings are travel Pattaya itinerary 3 days on how to spend and what to do in Pattaya for 3 days.

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The resort’s sea view space. @maliresorts
Credit: Wongnai

Expectantly, these experiences will certainly bring a lot of fun for your upcoming Pattaya trip. How long to stay in Pattaya? Let’s discover the vibrant city and island through this Pattaya itinerary 3 days blog: How to spend 3 days in Pattaya, top things to do, best places to visit in Pattaya in 3 days and what to do in Pattaya in 3 days with Living Nomads below.

coral-island-pattaya islands near bangkok
Coral island
longtail boats pattaya beach
Longtail boats in Pattaya beach
pattaya 1 pattaya itinerary 3 days 3 days in pattaya what to do in pattaya in 3 days
A comprehensive look from above. Pattaya is absolutely amazing at dusk. Picture: pattaya itinerary 3 days blog.

Pattaya itinerary 3 days — Day 1: Departure from Vietnam – Bangkok – Pattaya

pattaya 2 pattaya itinerary 3 days 3 days in pattaya what to do in pattaya in 3 days
Not too crowded, this is the ideal venue for you to spend an unforgettable vacation. Picture: pattaya itinerary 3 days blog.

Flights departing from Vietnam will usually arrive in Bangkok – Thailand at noon. After completing the entry procedures and get the luggage, you will go down to the first floor and find the entrance number 8. It is super convenient because you will find a direct ticket counter from Bangkok to Pattaya.

Mytt Beach Hotel, Pattaya 2
An incredible viewpoint in Pattaya. Picture: pattaya itinerary 3 days blog.

The ticket price to Pattaya is about 130 baht, there is a car line running from 7 am to 22 pm. In addition, one thing to keep in mind is that there are a lot of auto stations at the airport in Thailand which will give you all the information about Bangkok and the airport.

Pattaya city is about 125km (approximately 2 hours travel by car). You can rest assured with the high quality of the car here because they are tailor-made for tourists. One more thing, you can “nail down” to enjoy a perfect nap and prepare for a trip to Pattaya city at night. After coming to Pattaya, we will gently walk around the seashore. Beaches in Pattaya is not as beautiful as those in Nha Trang or Danang (Vietnam). However, the trading along the beach is very busy and exciting. Taking a walk around the beach you will catch sight of many bars and souvenir stalls for tripper. More than that, tattoo services in this place is worth to try!

What a seducing “curve”! Picture: pattaya itinerary 3 days blog.
Clear water in Pattaya beach pattaya itinerary 3 days 3 days in pattaya what to do in pattaya in 3 days
Pattaya is famous for its clean and clear beach as well
Paragliding on Pattaya beach
Paragliding is one of the best way to spend your pastime here. Foto: what to do in pattaya in 3 days blog.
pattaya travel guide pattaya trip cost pattaya things to do
Look at this pic, you will understand why you will slather much time on these sandy site.
This place is for groups too! Foto: what to do in pattaya in 3 days blog.

Leisurely walking around this place and the sky is also getting dark in no time, we will start exploring the unique cuisine of Thailand on South Pattaya – this is one of the most famous street food zone in Pattaya. Here you can find many of Pattaya’s “one-of-a-kind’’’ dishes such as Somtum (price 35-50 bath), Tomyum (about 100 bath/bowl).

South Pattaya dining area, the place earning its stripes for its scrumptious and cheap food.

There are other attractive eats like Stir Fried Morning Glory, Steamed fish or baked seafood. Another food that you should not miss is the barbecue in Pattaya. It is very delicious and diverse as grilled squid, shrimp, fish, scorpion, and many other dishes too. After ‘filling’ your stomach, it’s high time to call it a day and get ready for the second day in Pattaya.


This sour hot soup is not for those who cannot take in too many spices

Coming here, visitors cannot miss the typical Thai dishes such as Tom Yum – Thai sour soup. This dish is very spicy. Hence before eating, if you are not a fan of hot foodstuffs, then “no spicy please” is your best bet.


This dish is made with diced green papaya and fish sauce. Foto: what to do in pattaya in 3 days blog.

Guests can also enjoy Somtom – the best Thai Green Papaya salad.

Tom Som Pattaya
Tasteful crunchy grated green papaya would make your jaw drop to the floor

3 days in Pattaya — Day 2: Places to visit in Pattaya in 3 days – Explore the extraordinary tourist spots in Pattaya

coral-island-pattaya islands near bangkok pattaya itinerary 3 days 3 days in pattaya what to do in pattaya in 3 days
Coral Island has six main beaches including Samea Beach, Tawaen Beach, Tien Beach, Nual Beach, Tonglang Beach and Tayai Beach. Foto: what to do in pattaya in 3 days blog.

Coral Island

Coral Island -pattaya-thailand
Para-gliding on the turquoise beach is a real deal to bear in mind

Due to the convenient access, tourists often take a ferry ride across the island to bathe and wade in the clear cool water during the hot day.

After breakfast, we buy tickets to Coral Island by canoe. Here you will be delighted to bathe and participate in the game, recreational activities on the sea such as diving, surfing, paragliding, and so on.

Coral island Pattaya
If you want to get away from the crowded city of Pattaya, Coral Island with its turquoise beaches, tranquil resorts and adventurous aquatic games is the best choice for you. Image credit: 3 days in pattaya blog.
Coral Island 1 pattaya itinerary 3 days 3 days in pattaya what to do in pattaya in 3 days
Once setting foot on Coral Island, Pattaya, you ought to go for a swim immediately.
coral island-koh larn-thailand (14) pattaya itinerary 3 days 3 days in pattaya what to do in pattaya in 3 days
In particular, according to locals, Tawaen beach, Nual beach, and Tien beach are the three most beautiful ones.
coral island-koh larn-thailand (8)
In addition, five sea games you must definitely try on Coral Island: Sea Walker, Paragliding, Banana Boat, scuba diving and glass bottom boat. Image credit: 3 days in pattaya blog.
Coral Island -pattaya-thailand1
Coral island is not too far from the city of Pattaya, only about 10km.

3D Art Museum Museum

This is for the fainted heart also, you won't fall down for sure!
Art in Paradise is located in the paradise of Pattaya with hundreds of vivid 3D images telling stories from the primeval time. Photo by: places to visit in pattaya in 3 days blog.

What to do next? You should drop by and take a photo at “3D Art Museum Museum” located at Moo 9 78/34 Pattaya Sai 2 Rd right in the heart of Pattaya. This site displays a lot of unique 3D artwork that will help you own the strange and rare pictures to “show off” with friends.

A. Einstein are doing chemistry trial on us - the most lively test tubes ever
Entering into the space of Art in Paradise, you are likely to be tricked by the super real paintings on the flat surface. Yes, it looks like it, …but.. It’s not!!!
"I feel I'm flying" pattaya itinerary 3 days 3 days in pattaya what to do in pattaya in 3 days
Art in Paradise is a masterpiece of Shin Jae Yeol with his 11 friends investing more than 50 million baht. The museum aims to offer a new exhibition center with the brand new art world.

If you are into paintings, the “paintings room” is where the famous works of arts are drawn in 3D such as Leonardo da Vinci’s Monalisa, Sandro Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus, la grande odalisque by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres. And you are a traveler who yearns for exploring the world civilization, the room “civilization” will take you to the Ayutthaya civilization of Thailand to The Egyptian Nile, etc. If you are traveling with children, the scope of dinosaurs or animals will be a great place to be.

Ain's it fun to spend time with your cronies here?
This is the first 3D museum in Thailand, so far the museum system has grown to Bangkok and Chiang Mai.
Pattaya Art in Paradise Entrance is well-designed
Each chamber is a new experience for observers. If you want to see the world from a completely new perspective, please make your way to the surreal room. Image by: pattaya itinerary blog.

Each chamber is a new experience for observers. If you want to see the world from a completely new perspective, please make your way to the surreal room. At Art in Paradise Pattaya, visitors can freely pose to bring to life thousands of styles from hundreds of different angles of shooting. Beholders can be transformed into a photogenic angel in the middle of rolls of white clouds to a cool high jumper.

Wall Street Pattaya dining area

Scrumptious hot shrimps

Thereafter, we will continue our journey to explore Pattaya. This time we will go to the second bustling dining area in Pattaya – Wall street. This culinary establishment is located on Soi 13-16 South Pattaya, where you will enjoy countless scrumptious food from tasteful grilled chicken to juicy lambs. On top of that, the fresh seafood offers many different prices: 1 serving is usually priced 1000-1500 bath or you can order other choices or BBQ buffet.

Picture: local food in pattaya blog.
Roasted duck – crispy and distinctively fragrant
Many choices on this “vivid menu”. Image by: pattaya itinerary blog.
cost of eating in pattaya-thailand
They are served hot to enhance the incredible taste

And today we will stay here longer to take joy in one of the most popular show and the most tourist attraction in Pattaya – The sex shows performed by the beautiful transsexuals in Thailand. This is one of the entertainment shows you can not miss out on your 3-day Pattaya travel schedule. After this adventure, we will return to the hotel and rearrange luggage.

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