When you learn about Jeju, you must have heard a lot about its specialty Black Pork, the famous dish of this beautiful island. The black pork in Jeju has a very unique taste that is different from other normal porks, the black pigs with smaller in size, black skin and smooth fur. According to culinary experts, Jeju black pork, when smoked with hay, smoke and heat, will make the meat taste more delicious and different. However, when I ate it on the island, I did not see them smoked with hay, but it was really delicious with an indisputable taste.

Black-Pork jeju
Black pork specialty in Jeju. | black pork jeju best
Jeju black pig, which is smaller than other pig species, has a much more succulent texture and carries less of a pork stench.
Grilled Black pork at Olle Market
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| jeju must eat

So, have you ever tried black pork BBQ Jeju? Let’s me show you the best black pork BBQ in Jeju (best black pork in Jeju, black pork Jeju best, black pork Jeju best, black pork Jeju city) from how to eat black pork in Jeju, where to find this specialty and best places to eat it.

black pork jeju korea (2)
Wrapped in perilla leaves and lettuce | black pork bbq jeju
Seogwipo Maeil Olle Market (1)
You should not miss the famous specialty grilled black pork of Jeju, have to eat food in Jeju
black pork jeju korea (1)
Black port served with many ingredients such as kimchi, pickled radish, garlic, bean sprouts… | black pork bbq jeju
black pork jeju korea
You can enjoy delicious black pork in Black Pork Street | black pork bbq jeju

Best black pork in Jeju: Tasting black pork at Seogwipo night market

On the first day we came to Jeju, we wandered around at Seogwipo Maeil Olle Market, which has a number of eateries and stalls selling street food but not many and varied. There was a small stall that I saw people (mostly local people) lined up to buy, came closer to see it was black pork. The symbol of a black pig with pointed ears is unmistakable.

The pork here is prepared quite simple, just the pork is marinated and then grilled, then they cut into small pieces and put in boxes for customers to take away. Of course, do not forget to add some spices, especially the spicy chili powder. The meat is eaten with a small bamboo pointed stick.

black pork

It looks simple like that, but when eaten, it is so delicious, the meat here is different from the BBQ in the restaurants, they are marinated cover the skin and the meat when grilled, the skin is crunchy. If you can eat the meat with the skin, it will be all delicious, so tasty while the BBQ meat does not have that crunch. We ate this box of black pork of 5.000 KRW with a little Kimbap, a perfect combination, so delicious.

Waiting in line for Black Pork:

| best black pork in jeju
Black pork olle
Black pork at Olle Market

Address: 22 Jungjeong-ro73beon-gil, Seogwi-dong, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do, South Korea
Hours: 7AM–9PM

Try black pork at Black Pork Street – Jeju City (Black Pork Jeju City)

In fact, there were a lot of black pork BBQ restaurants on the island, both in Seogwipo and Jeju City, but we decided to choose the famous Black Pork Street in Jeju City. When traveling to Jeju, if you rent a car at AJ Rent-a-car, you will definitely be given a travel guidebook, including restaurants in Jeju. You find Black Pork Street, find their phone number and tap on the navigator screen, it will lead to that place.

Address: 25 Gwandeong-ro 15 (sibo) -gil, Geonip-dong, Cheju, Jeju-do, South Korea
Hours: 11AM–12AM

Because there are many narrow streets around the restaurant, even though there are directions, we also have to go around for a while to see the restaurant, thought that there is no parking space, but whe arrival at the restaurant we see the road in front of the restaurant is very wide for parking.

The restaurant’s door with the famous old man statue Dol Hareubang – the symbol of Jeju. Just entering, the flavor of grilled pork has spread throughout the space, so aromatic, fragrant, and my stomach is empty after a whole morning wandering around the island. Her owner stepped out to greet us, taking us to a large table by the window overlooking the street.

| best black pork in jeju

| best black pork in jeju

The barbeque restaurants in Korea all share the same layout, that is, the tables already have a grill on it, and a chimney wrapped with foil on top to remove the smoke emitted when grilling meat. The table here is wide, and it also can turn around.

The menu offered by the owner is quite simple, the main dish is of course still black pork. We ordered a part for 2 people for 44,000 KRW, a bit expensive, but worth it. You can order meat by weight, with thick meat or thinly sliced ​​pieces.

Big chunks

A meal here always includes picked vegetables such as kimchi, pickled radish or seaweed, raw garlic, mushrooms, bean sprouts, … In addition they also gave 2 bowls of hot rice and a bowl of kimchi soup to serve with. Korean rice with pure white rice, tastes good and very clean. In addition, bottled water is also served free of charge, they will bring a large bottle of water with the number of cups depending on the number of people in the meal.

| black pork jeju city

Black Pork Jeju Best: How to eat best black pork BBQ in Jeju?

After ordering, the waiter will heat up the grill (or flat pan) and tell the kitchen to prepare ingredients. Usually the waiter will help you grill the meat, they put the butter on the pan first and put the raw meat on it, then add the kimchi, mushrooms, bean sprouts on the pan. Just looking at them grilled but I feel mouthwatering in my mouth, but the service style here is extremely professional and fast. The dipping sauce is a thick red sauce that looks quite appealing.

black pork jeju
Grilled on charcoal
Jeju black pig, which is smaller than other pig species, has a much more succulent texture and carries less of a pork stench.
The famous specialty of Jeju, black pork

black pork jeju korea (2)

After the meat was medium cooked, the waiter that day (also the owner) cut the meat into small pieces and still kept it on the pan, and reduce the heat. You can wrap it with Perilla leaves or large lettuce leaves. Perilla leaves are very popular in Korea for wrapping barbecue, cool and very crunchy. Some tips for eating Black Pork in Jeju:

  • The ingredients for wrapping include well-cooked black pork, with a little raw garlic, kimchi or some other fresh vegetables, salt. If you use up, just order these extra dishes because they are served free unlimited.
  • Eating by hand is better than use chopticks, and have to eat whole piece at once bite! After wrapping the piece of meat, dipping it in the sauce and remember to put the whole wrapped piece of meat into your mouth, that is Korean style of eating, don’t half bite and continue eating later. Eating like that will be more delicious ^^.
  • How to grill the meat: Reduce the heat a little bit because the waiter will cut the meat very quickly while you have not wrapped it to eat it all. Do not turn the pieces of meat too many times and let the meat well-cooked thoroughly and wrap it up.

| best black pork bbq in jeju
| best black pork bbq in jeju

Of the total cost of the meal is 44,000 KRW, it looks like 40,000-42,000 for Black Pork for 2 people, the remaining 2,000 KRW for ordering more rice or something! In general, it is quite full, grilled meat, wrapped leaves, salted vegetables, in addition rice and soup are also full. Wish you enjoy this delicious dish!

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