Petronas Twin Tower kuala lumpur observatory
The observatory

Petronas Twin Tower kuala lumpur observatory

Address: Concourse Level, Lower Ground, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Hours: 9AM–9PM / Friday: 9AM–1PM, 2:30–9PM / Monday: Closed
Admission: RM80 ($19.06)
Floor count: 88 (+5 below ground)
Top floor: 375 m (1,230 ft)

Right next to Petronas Twin Towers is KLCC park, this is one of Malaysia’s largest parks. I see the capital Kuala Lumpur is very scientifically planned, because the percentage of trees in the city is still very much. Besides the roads full of cars and noise, walking into KLCC park, I feel like I’m lost in a greenery reserve.

klcc park
petronas-twin-towers 1 perfect day itinerary in Kuala Lumpur
KLCC Park at night
The area of the center has many famous spots and full of services

2 days in KL — Independence Square (Merdeka Square) – I Love KL Icon

merdeka-square-kuala-lumpur-malaysia kl (1)
Merdeka Square

It was nearly 6pm but it was still bright, so I decided to visit one more an attraction, the Independence Square also known as Merdeka Square, opposite the Sultan Abdul Samad building and the famous I Love KL icon. This is where Malaysia’s independence was declared in 1957, just like Ba Dinh square in Hanoi.

merdeka-square-kuala-lumpur-malaysia kl (1)
Sultan Abdul Samad Building and fountain
merdeka-square-kuala-lumpur-malaysia kl (1)
| kuala lumpur itinerary 2 days

In the middle of the square is a picture of Malaysia’s independent image and portrait of the country’s prime ministers. Standing in the square, you can take photos with the view of the building in European architecture Sultan Abdul Samad, a little far away is the famous I Love KL symbol.

merdeka square and ilovekl famous icon (1)
| what to do in kuala lumpur in 2 days

merdeka square and ilovekl famous icon (1)

merdeka square and ilovekl famous icon (1)
The famous icon I LOVE KL

merdeka square and ilovekl famous icon (1)

merdeka-square-kuala-lumpur-malaysia kl (1)

merdeka-square-kuala-lumpur-malaysia kl (1)
| kuala lumpur itinerary for 2 days

After taking pictures, I got on the car to go back to the hostel, rested for a bit, waiting for the street lights up to go down the street “playing” again.

Kuala Lumpur itinerary 2 days: Chinatown – Petaling Street


Chinatown is the place I choose to visit at night. When I arrived, I was really overwhelmed by the bustle and vibrant of the street. Red lanterns are hung everywhere, and below is a very busy flea market. Here you will find souvenirs with all levels of price, including clothes, shoes, bags … in general, everything is there!

chinatown kl blog kuala lumpur travel blog kuala lumpur blog

Chinatown KL-kuala lumpur
Chinatown, The colorful streets in Kuala Lumpur

Chinatown KL-kuala lumpur2

Next to the shops is food. Chinese dishes are available for sale, because so many I do not remember all their names, just know they very tasty but the price is inexpensive.

Street food in Kuala Lumpur is reputedly the best in Chinatown
Street food in Kuala Lumpur is reputedly the best in Chinatown

Chinatown KL-kuala lumpur6

Petaling Night Street Market.
Petaling Night Street Market. | kuala lumpur itinerary 2 days
Street food Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Petaling Night Street Market
petaling street chinatown shop gift
| kuala lumpur itinerary 2 days
malaysia electric store
Electronics and variety market shop on Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Souvenir Keychains petalingSouvenir Keychains petaling
Souvenir Keychains
Petaling street, night market
T-shirts souvenir store | kuala lumpur itinerary 2 days
Flea Market Petaling Street (Chinatown)
Flea Market Petaling Street (Chinatown) where you can shop souvenir items
petaling street chinatown (1)
| kuala lumpur itinerary 2 days

21At Sri Petaling, Pasar Malam is available on every Tuesday, regardless of the weather.

Sri Petaling Night Market

deep fried squid
Deep fried squid stall

kuala-lumpur-jalan-alor-night-market food (2)

kuala-lumpur-jalan-alor-night-market food (2)
Grilled chicken wings | kl itinerary for 2 days
fried squid 1Sri Petaling Night Market
Deep fried squid

At Sri Petaling, Pasar Malam is available on every Tuesday, regardless of the weather.

1Sri Petaling Night Market kl (1)
Malaysian dimsum at Petaling
Jl Petaling Market-market-kuala lumpur
Vibrant and bustling street.
Petaling Street markets in Kuala Lumpur
Entrance to Petaling Street in Kuala Lumpur

After eating and drinking, shopping some souvenirs, I went back to the hostel to rest, take notes of some things, and go to sleep. I am really satisfied with what I have learned today, if I keep sitting at home reading the newspaper forever, I will never know. So, if you want to experience, you must go!

Day 2: KL Sentral – Batu Caves – KL Sentral – KLIA – Saigon

ks sentral
KS Sentral

In Kuala Lumpur, around 6PM, 7PM it is still very bright, and around 6AM, 7AM it is as dark as around 4AM in Vietnam. People here start working at 9am, shopping malls will be open at 11am and the street starts to crowded around 8:30AM. That’s why even though I woke up early, I still waited until 8:30AM to start the second day in my Kuala Lumpur itinerary 2 days (2 days in Kuala Lumpur, 2 days in KL). I went to KL Sentral and took the train to Batu Cave, the ticket price was about RM2.8 ($0.67). The train running very smooth, only 25 minutes to the station. Moreover, Batu Cave is the last station so no need to pay attention anything.

Batu Cave kl (5)
Subramaniam (Lord Murugan) outside Batu Cave

Yesterday I went to a Chinese temple, a mosque, and now is the Batu Cave, representing the most famous Hindu temple in Malaysia. From the gate, you will see the god statue of Subramaniam (Lord Murugan) – the most powerful god of Hinduism. In addition to the national museum, most of the places I visit are free admission, including Batu Cave.

Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur 2
Batu Cave
Batu Cave - kuala lumpur2
You have to pass 272 steps to get into the cave
batu cave Kuala-Lumpur-IMG_2020
Colorful steps
Batu Cave - kuala lumpur4
Batu Cave - kuala lumpur3
Hinduism statues
Batu Cave - kuala lumpur1
| kuala lumpur itinerary 2 days
Batu Caves kuala lumpur malaysia 2
Huge cave
Batu Caves kuala lumpur malaysia 2
| kuala lumpur itinerary 2 days

Batu Caves kuala lumpur malaysia 2

Batu Cave - kuala lumpur
| what to do in kuala lumpur in 2 days

This is a huge limestone cave, you must climb all 272 steps to get to the cave. Inside the cave are many statues of Hindu gods placed at many spots for worshipers to pray. By the time I arrived, the cave was being repaired in preparation for a major Indian festival, so there weren’t many special things. What interests me is that Batu Cave has a lot of monkeys. The wildly monkeys are not afraid of humans, the tourists enjoy bringing food and snacks for them.

Batu Cave kl (5)
Feeding the monkey

Batu Cave kl (5)

Batu Cave kl (5)
| things to do in kuala lumpur in 2 days

Outside Batu Cave are souvenir selling areas and henna art painting. henna art painting price is pre-listed, ranging from Rm25 ($5.96) – Rm40 ($9.53), but I deal at Rm10 ($2.38) and has a very nice hand painting.

Batu Cave kl (5)

It was getting noon, the sun was hot, so I take the train back to KL Sentral to pack my luggage, went to the airport to come back to Saigon. For me, this is an interesting trip, although only 2 days 1 night but I visited many places and learned a lot of good things about this country. And you, how long have you been going around in a city?

Further information

The total costs estimate of ~USD130, including:

  • Roundtrip airline tickets Saigon-KL: $77.55
  • Roundtrip bus tickets from airport to city center: $5.6
  • 01 night in hostel in KL: $12
  • Rent Uber for 1 day in KL: $12.92
  • Tickets to the National Museum: $1.29
  • Lunch and dinner + drink water in the first day: $12.92
  • Lunch + water in the second day: $4.31
  • Train ticket to Batu Cave: $0.65
  • Drawing henna at Batu Cave: $2.37
The Majestic Hotel Kuala-Lumpur

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Bukit Bintang

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