Wowww… Thank you for following my journey to this post. If you feel tired from reading a lot, don’t worry because my trip to discover all of Bali has coming to and end. Actually, Central Bali (Bali Center) is the area I came to at the end of my trip and I regret not thinking that the time I spent for it was just enough to explore but not enjoy longer. So, what to do Bali Center and how to plan a perfect budget trip to explore Center Bali for the first-time? Let’s check out our central Bali blog with the detailed guide from how to get there, best time to come, where to stay, best central Bali attractions, and other things to do to find out the answer!

Uluwatu | central bali attractions
sundays beach club,best beach club in uluwatu,uluwatu beach club,top beach clubs in uluwatu (1)
Bali is paradise for surfing
sundays beach club,best beach club in uluwatu,uluwatu beach club,top beach clubs in uluwatu (1)
| central bali attractions
sundays beach club,best beach club in uluwatu,uluwatu beach club,top beach clubs in uluwatu (1)
Stunning sunset| central bali attractions

What are the areas of central Bali that I mentioned? As picture shown below is the Bali center that I want to talk about. It’s easy to see that it includes the southern part of the island, right? I put that part in the center to make it more convenient.

Along with Ubud town, this is also the place where the majority of people traveling to Bali stay and explore this area, so the Denpasar area is extremely crowded, very large and bustling, the center is too large.

Central Bali (marked in square shape)

Bali center guide: How to get to central Bali and getting around?

EXTREMELY SIMPLE! Because when you land in Bali, you are already in the center of Bali, so simply take a taxi (Taxi online: Grab or Gojek) and you’re done.

To explore all of this place, if possible, spend at least 2 days in South Bali (which is the Kuta Seletan area on that map), at least 3 days in Denpasar.

Tanah Lot Temple from above | central bali attractions

In Kuta Seletan, the check-in spots are very far apart, so you can rent a car with a full driver for a day to go to attractions for about 500~550k IDR or rent a motorbike to getting around.

In the center, riding a motorbike is less dangerous than going to the North, just pay attention to strong drive and go on the left hand side.

Where to stay in central Bali?

Looking at the map, it may seem so small, but it is actually very large, so I recommend dividing it in Kuta Seletan and the whole Kuta area to save time when traveling.

With the criterion of popular discovery (because I am not rich), the hotels I target are usually quite cheap to affordable. If I go alone, sometimes I still find a temporary place to sleep, bathe, and close to the center is okay.

So, if you are looking for expensive hotels and resorts, you can find them through Agoda or Booking below. Just select the location is Bali >> select the desired price range >> search for hotels on the map >> check it. If you don’t know how to do it, contact me for help.

Here are some of the rooms I booked in central Bali:

In Kuta Seletan: La Orein Residence

My assessment: The room is clean, the price is inexpensive. Compared to this area, it can be considered cheap because the Kuta Seletan area is an area with many high-class and upscale hotels, so there are very few cheap places like this. Moreover, this place is right near Waterblow so that it is convenient to go there. The only inconvenience is that it is quite bored and quiet at night.

| central bali attractions

In Denpasar – Kuta: Grandmas Plus Hotel Legian ( or

My assessment: It is located in the center of Kuta, so you can always walk in any direction to explore, and eat and drink. In the evening, the streets are crowded, bustling as well. The only thing I don’t like is that it’s a bit far to walk to the sea. Rooms are clean, breakfast buffet is quite good (room price is included).

Grandmas Plus Hotel Legian | bali center blog

To find out more top and best hotels in South Bali or Central Bali, plz check out on or

Central Bali attractions: Central Kuta attractions and activities

I will divide Bali center into 2 areas: Denpasar and South Bali

South Bali/Kuta Seletan

This part of the island is home to most of the natural beauty of central Bali, so let’s explore with me starting from the east coast.


Address: Benoa, South Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali 80363, Indonesia
Hours: Open 24 hours

Waterblow is a place close to the sea, but there is no sandy beach at all. Waterblow is famous because it can be said that this is the biggest waves in Bali, the waves hit the shore over thousands of years (I guess) forming a special rocky terrain like today. The waves kept crashing into the rocks, splashing water high in the air – search youtube for lots of clips. The scene is extremely majestic that probably not many places in Bali have.

| bali center blog

I heard that the waves should be bigger in the afternoon, so when I came, the waves were tiny, so I didn’t see many scenes of high waves as rumored. But the waves were still very big, if you go down you maybe risk your live.

Note that when coming here, don’t be tempted to climb out of the rock edge to take pictures, there have been many cases of big waves suddenly pulling people to meet Aquaman.

Pandawa Beach

Location: Regency, Badung; District, South Kuta; Province, Bali; Country, Indonesia

Pandawa is a newly exploited tourist beach, this beach has a long stretch of sand with beautiful blue water. People say that this beach is quite crowded with surfers and swimmers, but I think it must be around afternoon because when I arrived in the morning the waves were bigs, I don’t know if anyone dared to swim and also did not see any surfers. In addition, I found this beach with very deep water, quite dangerous for swimming.

Padawan Beach is empty in the morning | bali center blog

Boeing 737-200 Mandala PK RII

Address: 559Q+52W, Kutuh, South Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali 80361, Indonesia

Before reaching the Pandawa beach, you can visit this spot, I don’t know why there is an abandoned Boeing aircraft placed here but it looks pretty cool and fancy. I was planning to visit it but didn’t have enough time so I skipped it.

| bali center blog

Green Bowl Beach

When the tide goes down, you can lie down on a small sandy beach next to the blue water to chill. I didn’t know this, so I came in the morning when the water was still too high to go reach, the waves hit the shore very hard. In the distance, I saw a group of about 5 or 6 men were surfing.

In the morning, the waves at Green Bowl were so big. | bali center blog
| bali center blog

To reach this place, you must climb down and up quite far, tired.

Uluwatu Temple

Address: Pecatu, South Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali, Indonesia
Hours: 7AM–7PM

One of the most famous temples in Bali. Uluwatu Temple is located close to the edge of the towering abyss below is the immense sea, the scenery must be said to be extremely majestic. But the temple architecture is nothing special, I came to Uluwatu mainly for check-in and watching the breathtaking scenery here, I did not find it too special.

| bali center blog
bali sunset bali travel blog 2
Stunning sunset at Uluwatu temple. | bali center blog

Note more in Uluwatu must be special with the Monkeys are extremely aggressive ready to rush in to steal things, hats, bags at any time.

Suluban Surf Beach

On the way from Uluwatu, go along the coast to Kuta, you will pass through Suluban beach. This beach is popular with surfers. A common thing if swimming and surfing in Bali in the morning, the tide is high, people usually go in the afternoon. This beach is nestled between 2 very beautiful cliffs, clear water, strong waves are very good conditions to surf.

Suluban Beach is for professional surfers – Watch out for the monkeys here who often steal things. | bali center blog
single fin bali,best beach club in uluwatu,uluwatu beach club,top beach clubs in uluwatu (1)
Bali, isan ideal surfing spot for sea sports. | bali center blog

But this beach is not for beginners to surf like me, crowded surfers in the distance. This beach I think should come because although it is small, it is very beautiful.

Padang Padang Beach

Famous since the movie Eat, Pray, Love was released, but in reality, there are too many reviews that it is not as beautiful as it is in the movie, in real life it is ugly, dirty and crowded, so I skipped it.

In general, along the coast there are many beautiful beaches, but I only list the most famous ones. If you have the time and passion to explore, then google and explore all the other pristine beaches that if you want reach them you have to trek through the forest.


The place is known as one of the most beautiful sunset spots in the world. Rockbar is the bar of Ayana resort, it must be about 5 stars, if you stay here, you will be able to sit at the Rockbar at most beautiful spots.

Sunset in Rockbar | bali center blog

Moreover, Rockbar is a bar built on the rocky shores next to Ayana resort, designed firmly and beautifully.

Rockbar starts to open for guests from 3pm, when coming in, you need to pay attention to dress politely (bikini, 3-hole shirt, shorts are not allowed). If you have a backpack, you have to send it outside, flycams, camcorders are banned, cameras are ok, etc. in general, security is very strict. The process is very polite and modern.

| center bali guide

Drinks at Rockbar are of course expensive, but it’s worth it because the location is top-notch and it’s also delicious.

Rockbar is a must-visit place, value for money when coming to Bali.

| center bali guide

In addition, after watching the sunset, you can enjoy the evening buffet here.


It’s a very long beach can be the last choice after returning from Rockbar to come here to have dinner and barbecue right on the beach. Food and drink in Jimbaran is not cheap at all, some expensive restaurants even set off fireworks for customers to “increase” the romance of the dinner. Come here to play in the evening, you will be able to watch the “free” fireworks frequently.

Jimbaran Bay-place to stay when coming to bali in the first time (6)
| center bali guide
Jimbaran Bay-place to stay when coming to bali in the first time (3)
| center bali guide
Sunset on Jimbaran Bay | center bali guide
Jimbaran Beach | central bali attractions


Denpasar is the capital of Bali so it’s not surprising how crowded this place is. If you ask me for a short comment about Denpasar, I would like to comment that this place attracts me because of its architecture, vibrant streets, crowded with tourists. Quite similar to the atmosphere of Hanoi Old Quarter.

The most famous landmark in Denpasar is probably Tanah Lot temple.

| central bali attractions

Tanah Lot Temple is located quite far from the center of Denpasar (Kuta) but is famous as the temple of the sea snake god, it is rumored that the sea snakes will return here at night.

Another special feature of the temple is that Tanah Lot is located in the middle of the sea and to go there, only wait until the afternoon when the tide recedes to reveal the walkway to the temple.

Coming to Tanah Lot in the afternoon to watch the sunset but also very crowded. When I arrived in the morning, although I could not go to the temple, it was very quiet, I liked to take pictures and enjoy my stroll.

| central bali attractions

Back to Denpasar center where Kuta and Canggu are the most popular, I wish I had stayed longer than 2 days. Even with those 2 days, I have only discovered a tiny corner in Kuta but haven’t been to Canggu.

Kuta and Canggu are both famous for their long beaches and are very suitable for learning to surf, however the sand is not white and the sea is not blue.

| central bali attractions
Kuta with wide, long sand beach. | central bali attractions
Kuta beach-places to stay when coming to bali in the first time1
| central bali attractions
kuta beach-places to stay when coming to bali in the first time5 (2)
Kuta Beach is suitable for surfing

kuta beach-places to stay when coming to bali in the first time6

Kuta beach-places to stay when coming to bali in the first time
Kuta Beach
| central bali attractions

I learned to surf here for 200 IDR for 1 hour surf lesson + board. But I think learning this is just an experience and super basic, if you like this sport, you should go to a surfing center and register a course.

And lastly, thank you for reading this far and don’t forget to follow me because there are many more upcoming articles!

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