After exploring the best things to do in the city, one of the most wonderful experiences of any trip is tasting delectable local food and specialties! Polish food in general and Gdansk food in particular are both cheap and delicious – meet the standards of “tasty, nutritious and budget” which is suitable for any type of tourist. In the previous post we suggested best foods to eat in Poland. So, where to eat in Gdansk and what to eat in Gdansk? In this article we suggest 9 best places to eat in Gdansk as well as budget and cheap places to eat with their signature foods that you must try. Now, check it out!

Aerial view of Gdansk
Mariacka street where selling amber and pubs, bars are concentrated.
One of the lovely vintage style pubs on Mariacka street. Gdanks is famous for its “Pub Crawl”, a signature cultural feature here.

Below I will list the savory-healthy-cheap restaurants and cafes that I have tried myself in Gdansk.

Best places to eat in Gdansk: Pierogi at Pierogarnia Mandu Oliwa

Pierogi (aka Polish dumpling), one part filled with wild deer meat and one part filled with soup called Xiao Long Bao (Chinese steamed soup dumplings).

Are you finding the best Pierogi in Gdansk? No, it must be the best in Poland! Pierogarnia Mandu – Oliwa definitely has a chance to make it to the list of one of the best Pierogi (Polish dumpling) restaurants in Poland. The restaurant is very close to the European Solidarity Centre, only about 10 or 15 minutes walk. Cute decor, warm atmosphere, cheap prices, most importantly extremely delicious! There are many varieties, but that time I chose Pierogi with stewed venison with pepper. So tasty that make me want to “swallow” my tongue! Even I had to buy more to take home to eat at midnight!


The soup here is also very good. The perfect combo is to start with a delicious hot soup and then to rich Pierogi dumpling. Compote here is made from fresh fruit, not dried fruit. The taste is very mild and refresh.

You can even watch the chefs making their own plump pierogi dumplings through the restaurant’s window, looking directly into the kitchen.

Tips: Reserve a table in advance!


Address: Kaprów 19d, 80-316 Gdańsk, Poland
Hours: 11AM–9PM
Phone: +48 58 340 55 44

Where to eat in Gdansk: Bar Neptun

A meal at the milkbar

Like I said about traveling on a budget in Poland, the best way to save money when eating out is the Milkbar (the Polish cafeteria which originates from Communist era). Bar Neptun has two points that make me especially fond of: cheap (or very cheap) and delicious food, and located right in the Long Market. All in all, a very cheap restaurant in a very good location.

However, the minus point is that the restaurant doesn’t offer all dishes. Please ask before you order. They don’t speak english but if you point the menu it’s understandable.

| where to eat in gdansk

Tips for saving while travel in Poland: This shop doesn’t accept cards! Cash only! So you should bring cash on hand. However, if not, there is an ATM nearby, only a few steps to walk. Or you just go along the street, if you see KANTOR, you can exchange money there, go there to exchange. Please choose places with 0% commission (usually such KANTOR has a dark yellow sign). 1 euros = 4zl, you just need refer to this rate to calculate to avoid losing money.

Address: Długa 33/34, 80-827 Gdańsk, Poland
Hours: 9AM–7PM
Phone: +48 58 301 49 88

Best places to eat in Gdansk for cheap: Pyra Bar

The bar specializes in potato dishes | where to eat in gdansk

Who is a fan of potatoes? I’m definitely a fan of potatoes. Pyra Bar is a small restaurant located on a street right next to the Long Market, specializing in potatoes. That is, only potatoes and potatoes. You have to choose base on “space” of your stomach to order, potatoes are very full. This shop is cheap, many new ways of processing potatoes. I tried the baked potatoes with mayonnaise sauce, salmon, vegetables, and Grandma’s drink (it is like compote, sweet but I was not sure it’s made of dried or fresh fruit). But I think you should choose beer instead. Potatoes quickly fills your stomach, but drink with sweet drink is difficult to eat, it will make uncomforetable feelings.

| where to eat in gdansk

| where to eat in gdansk

Address: Garbary 6/7, 80-827 Gdańsk, Poland
Hours: 11AM–9PM
Phone: +48 58 301 92 82

Where to eat in Gdansk: Familia Bistro Garbary

Dumplings served with garlic yogurt sauce and red beetroot soup | best places to eat in gdansk

It is located right next to Pyra Bar, guys. Familia Bistro is a small shop, decorated in the style of a cafe, very cute. The shop is suitable for couples, reasonable prices, and not only Polish cuisine, but also Lithuanian, Latvian, Belarusian, Ukrainian. The menu isn’t that big either. Like each cuisine, there are 1 or 2 dishes. Actually Eastern / Central European cuisine is quite similar. This dish I tried is from Lithuania, very similar to Chinese dumplings but much richer, greasy and tasty. Served with mustard sauce and yogurt sauce. I ate with beetroot soup – a typical traditional Polish soup.

| best places to eat in gdansk

| best places to eat in gdansk

I am also quite satisfied with this restaurant, quick service and delicious food. But I have to reiterate that the servings are huge. Please pay attention before ordering.

Address: Garbary 2/4, 80-827 Gdańsk, Poland
Hours: 10AM–11PM
Phone: +48 512 922 514

Best places to eat in Gdansk for budget: Grycan

Polish-style herbal tea | best places to eat in gdansk

Located right near the Green Gate at the beginning of the Long Market, Grycan is an easy-to-find ice cream/coffee/tea/sweets shop, delicious food, and a particularly ideal location. I don’t like ice cream here very much, but that’s because I’m already used to Italian gelato, so I don’t like ice cream in other countries, but their fruit ice cream is also quite fresh and flavorful. I often drink tea here rather than try its ice cream, fruit tea with very rich spices, is an ideal polite resting place. (Don’t ask me about coffee, I’ll answer the same with ice cream, LOL).

| best places to eat in gdansk

| best places to eat in gdansk

| best places to eat in gdansk

Address: Długa 73, 80-831 Gdańsk, Poland
Hours: 10AM–8PM
Phone: +48 666 849 592

Where to eat in Gdansk: Klatka B

A table of super delicious salt dishes of cheese, many types of cured meat, two glasses of wine, and even homemade vodka – less than 20eu in total.

This is one of my favorite spot. This shop specializes in selling salted dishes, pickled vegetables and vodka. Here’s my most favorite Polish restaurant.

| where to eat in gdansk

Address: Polanki 83, 80-306 Gdańsk, Poland
Hours: 11AM–12PM

We suggest some “Pub Crawl” spots for you refer to

Jozef K

This is a very unique bar cum cafe, I highly recommend it! During the day the tea and beer are savory and delicious, at night the cocktails are great! Open until 3 am. Every corner of this bar is a great spot to take virtual photos, the drinks are delicious and the prices are very soft. It’s located right on Mariacka street. Don’t miss this bar! One of the great “Pub Crawl” spot in Gdansk!

Address: Piwna 1/2, 80-836 Gdańsk, Poland
Hours: 10AM–2AM
Phone: +48 503 346 164

Labeerynt Craft Beer Pub

This pub is also located on Mariacka Street, also on the list of ideal Pub Crawl in Gdansk. This shop is also very pretty, the atmosphere is okay, the beer is cheap but not good. I put it on this list because it has a wide variety of beer (so maybe I chose the wrong one that isn’t delicious). You can come and try, if you like the atmosphere, then sit down.

Address: Szeroka 97, 80-835 Gdańsk, Poland
Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 3PM–12:30AM/Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 12PM–2AM
Phone: +48 505 116 051

Browar Piwna

This shop is a restaurant cum coffee shop, extremely polite. But I’ve only tried beer and vodka here when “pub crawl”, so I can’t recommend food for you, but feel free to give it a try. The beer here is good. Moreover, I especially like the 2nd floor of the shop, the window seats. They make chairs on the windowsill, very comfortable to sitting, warm private feeling, when talking, it feels very close.

Location: It’s right on Mariacka Street, there’s a bright red light sign on the wall. Very easy to find.
Address: Piwna 50/51, 80-831 Gdańsk, Poland
Phone: +48 58 301 39 24

Above is a list of my favorite dining and drinking spots that I have personally checked, guys! Do you know any other place, please share with me? I really want to come back here!

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