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The Oude church
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We had dinner at a restaurant near Dam Square.

Chicken Curry

The two of us continued walking around Dam Square until nearly 12pm must return to the hotel. However, because the atmosphere was always bustling for eating and drinking parties, the two of us decided to go to the pub near the hotel to try Dutch beer. Even after midnight, the street still has lots of bicycles running back and forth combine with the sound of tram.

Dutch beer for the end of the very first day (Day 1)

Amsterdam 2 days itinerary (2 days in Amsterdam): What to do in Amsterdam in 2 days & things to do in Amsterdam in 2 days

Hello everyone!!! Continuing my 2 days in Amsterdam (Amsterdam 2 days itinerary) to explore Amsterdam. On my second day I will going to Zaanse Schans Village – Windmill Village about 18km from Amsterdam. In the afternoon, visit Heineken Beer Museum, going to Rijksmuseum, strolling around Voldelpark and return to Dam Square to hang out around.

The windmill village of Zaanse Schans

Coming to the Netherlands, you definitely must want to visit the windmill field – one of the most famous symbols of the Netherlands. Zaanse Schans Village is one of the most beautiful, peaceful and extremely famous windmill villages attracting many tourists and is recognized as a World Heritage site. Zaanse Schans is only 18km from Amsterdam, 10 minutes by train.

How to travel from Amsterdam to the village of Zaanse Schans?

  • Bus: You can take The Rnet-bus 391 from Amsterdam Central station to Zaanse Schans. Every 15 minutes with a trip with ticket price: €5/way, buying tickets right in the car. Or buy unlimited travel tickets for €10/day. Traveling time: 40 minutes. Website: http://www.bus391.nl/
  • Train: At Amsterdam Central station, you go to the domestic ticketing area (Binnenlandse) to buy train tickets to Zaandijk station – Zaanse Schans. There is a trip every 15 minutes. Ticket price: €6.20 /round-trip. Traveling time: 17 minutes. Check at: http://www.9292.nl/
The train ticket from Amsterdam Centraal station to Zaanse Schans.

Get out of Zaandijk station – Zaanse Schans, you just need follow the instructions or follow the crowds (haha) to get to the Zaanse Schans windmill village.

Lavender flowers on the way to Zaanse Schans Village.
View to Zaanse Schans Village from the bridge.

Right at the entrance of the Zaanse Schans windmill village is an extremely poetic lake with long row of willows trees, water lilies floating on the lake, sometimes you will see lazy mallards swimming around.

If you want to rent a bicycle to cylcing around the village of Zaanse Schans, watching the windmills, you can rent it right at the village gate. Because I chose to walk, so I did not remember how much the bike would rental cost.

A small beautiful garden behind the house. | amsterdam 2 days itinerary
Tada! I have already seen the windmills, haha
Waiting for the right person there – Mallard version =)))))
In addition to bicycles, you can rent a boat to getting around Zaanse Schans village.
Beautiful view of taking a virtual photo to “worshipping” Facebook at Zaanse Schans here.
Windmill in the village of Zaanse Schans.
Windmill village of Zaanse Schans.
To get into this windmill, you need to buy an entry ticket of €4-5/person.

Volendam, Edam & Zaanse Schans Windmill Village Day Tour from Amsterdam

One of the interesting things for me when traveling around the village is the sweet cocoa smell. In Zaanse Schans there are a few shops selling Chocolate, I wonder if they make Chocolate on the spot but the fragrant always spreads throughout the village.

Luckily I am not a Chocolate fan, so how can I resist !!!

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| amsterdam 2 days itinerary

In addition to the mallard, you will see white swans leisurely swimming around the lake in pairs.

Besides the beautiful wooden houses, the small bridges spanning the canals along the village are also the attractions that make the windmill village Zaanse Schans extremely poetic.

Heineken Beer Museum – Heineken Experience

Around 1pm, I take the train back to Amsterdam Centraal, and from there, catch the Tram No. 24 to the Weteringcircuit station. From this station, looking straight you can see Heineken beer museum.

Heineken Museum – Heineken Experience

I did not book a ticket to the Heineken museum before coming here, but bought it at the ticket counter when arrival. Although quite crowded but queuing up to buy tickets very quickly, do not have to wait long.

If you want to buy tickets online, you can buy in advance on the website of Heineken Experience for €16/person.

| what to do in amsterdam in 2 days
Heineken Experience ticket price purchased at the ticket counter: €18/person (July 2020).

Tip: You can get the flyer with attachment discounted coupon for Heineken Experience at the ticket counters/travel agents. For example, on the first day in Amsterdam, we visited a travel agency at Bloemenmarkt Flower Market, and found that the brochure about Heineken Museum with coupon of €3 discount. So we took the flyer with the coupon, so we bought the ticket to the museum only for 15 euros/person. Cheaper to buy tickets online for €1.

The coupon | 2 days in amsterdam
Heineken logos through the ages.

When visiting the Heineken beer museum, you will be introduced to 4 main ingredients to create the special taste of Heineken including: Water, Barley, Hops and most importantly, Heineken’s “A Yeast” yeast.

4 ingredients to make Heineken beer.
Heineken beer tanks.
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In addition to being know of the rigorous brewing process of Heineken, you can also become those brewing ingredients, and experience how it feels to be shaken and brewed in the brewing barrels. This is also a very interesting experience when visiting the Heineken beer museum.

| things to do in amsterdam in 2 days
Create your own Heineken bottle. I have designed a bottle of Heineken beer with my name (Price €8/bottle), quite exciting, haha.
Playing the game with the challenge of pouring beer without flooding :))

Besides the challenging beer pouring game, Heineken also prepares a lot of unique Heineken games and experiences for visitors to participate in, for example: cycling while sing Karaoke, playing football,…

| things to do in amsterdam in 2 days

Around 4pm, I finish visiting Heineken museum. I’m so hungry now so I walk to a famous restaurant nearby Bakers & Roasters for dinner. However, this restaurant is only opened at 5pm so we went to a Vietnamese restaurant FRNZY Amsterdam to eat.

| things to do in amsterdam in 2 days

Address: Stadhouderskade 78, 1072 AE Amsterdam, Netherlands
Hours: 12: 30–7: 30PM

Rijksmuseum National Museum

From Heineken Museum, you only need to walk about 700m to Rijksmuseum. This is the Dutch national museum dedicated to art and history in Amsterdam. The Rijksmuseum Museum was established in The Hague in 1800 and moved to Amsterdam in 1808.

Address: Museumstraat 1, 1071 XX Amsterdam, Netherlands
Admission: 17.50 €/person (Book online here)
Opening hours: 9AM–5PM daily.

The bridge across the river to the Rijksmuseum.
The bike is very cool, very creative =))) You will see many kinds of bikes like this or more specifically when traveling in Amsterdam.
The road passes through the Rijksmuseum.

The book store and cafe inside Rijksmuseum.
Extremely unique and very artistic dome.
The famous “I AMSTERDAM” words – always crowed with tourists climbing to take pictures :)) Mom! Can’t take a minute without people to take a nice picture.

The Rijksmuseum Skip-the-Line Ticket and Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Pass in Amsterdam

Bikes are everywhere

| amsterdam 2 days itinerary

Rijksmuseum’s park area.

Far away is the Van Gogh Museum but closed at 5am so I did not enter.
Rijksmuseum Museum view from the park.

At around 8pm, I catch the train and return to Dam Square to exchange money, have dinner and buy the necessary items because the next day I will fly to Vienna, Austria.

Dam Square Amsterdam at 8:30 pm.
Uber eats.
Eat this french fries again. Haha, delicious could not resist.
Buy this water bottle just because it’s beautiful =))))) and drink in, you is also beautiful =))

Money exchange shop in Amsterdam

Oh my God ! Probably occupational disease! Wherever I go, I always look at the money exchange shops to see where the exchange rates are most beneficial. If you want to find a place to exchange money in Amsterdam with the best and most convenient exchange rate, you should exchange at Pott Change located right in Dam Square.

Pott Change – The good shop for money exchange in Amsterdam.

Although the currency exchange at Pott Change is slightly lower than that at Merson Paris, but compared to the money exchange shops in the surrounding area, Pott Change is the best rate.

Address: Damrak 95 BG, 1012 LP Amsterdam, Netherlands
Hours: 9:30AM–8:15PM
Url: https://www.pottchange.com/en/

At around 11pm, I returned to the hotel to pack the luggage for the next day to fly to Vienna, Austria. Preparing for the journey to discover a new country. Happy traveling!!

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