Taipei 101 at night

Having a climate that is suitable for all tourists, not too cold like the temperate countries of the North. A destination has been exploited by many airlines, helping you to move easily and is a culturally oriental rich land and many interesting places such as the magnificent of Taipei 101 Tower, the mysterious and ancient villages of Jiufen and Shifen, the peaceful of Taichung… All of these things put Taiwan on the bucket list of many young people as the destination for abroad trips.

Elephant Mountain
Taipei city view from Elephant Mountain
Sisi Nan Cun
Sisi South Village
Jiufen taipei taiwan (1)
Jiufen Ancient Village

Taiwanese people are friendly, with diverse cuisines, moving between region is convenient, harmony in four seasons with attractive things and a very affordable living standard compared to Korea or Japan, making Taiwan is one of the favorite places for many tourists all over the world. Regardless of any tourist types (budget, well-off…), you have the opportunity to explore Taiwan once. And the most searched name in all itineraries is Taipei. What’s this city has that attracts people who have never been there and hold on to the people who have visited? Let’s find out with Living Nomads!

Raohe st. night market
Raohe St. Night Market, Taipei
Raohe Night Market
Street food in Taipei

What to do in Taipei 101? What is hot in Taipei 101 that attracts a large number of visitors to Taiwan?

So, what to do in Taipei 101? Let’s check out our Taipei 101 blog with the fullest Taipei 101 guide to discover one of the most famous symbols of Taipei in particular and Taiwan in general to find out the answer from how to get there, how to spend a day in Taipei 101 (Taipei 101 in a day, Taipei 101 in one day, 24 hours in Taipei 101), what to do in Taipei 101, what to eat as below.

taipei 101
Taipei City and outstanding Taipei 101 Tower | taipei 101 guide
taipei 101 observatory
View from Taipei 101 observatory

The first question on the journey to find the answer are things you have to prepare before going to Taipei?

The things you need is as follows:

Taiwan Visa. Visa to Taiwan today is very easy to own. If you have ever traveled internationally in developed countries like England, Australia, USA, Japan… you will be exempted from entry visa to Taiwan. If you have never been to these countries, you will need to apply for a visa or seek help from travel agencies.


Internet connection. This is almost too familiar with travelers who often traveling abroad. But those who have never gone often missed. To make sure to connect to the network to help you feel secure when abroad, and convenient to go online and search information… You can get a 4G sim card for the smoothy journey at home or Taiwanese airports, Klook will supports delivery to the your home. Link to book here: [10% Off + 1 Extra Free Day] 4G SIM Card (TW Airport Pick Up) for Taiwan from Chunghwa Telecom.

Transportation: To traveling between famous tourist destinations in Taiwan, do you have a solution? Possessing 3 golden destinations including Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung with hundreds of kilometers distance, you will have to fly domestically or take a taxi at a big cost. Instead, traveling by HSR high speed train is a more affordable option with a very affordable price, buy 1 get 1 free. Link to book tickets here: [Sale – Taiwan Food Promo] Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) Discounted Ticket from Taipei.

Taiwan High Speed Rail 700T
Taiwan High Speed Rail HSR 700T

The second answer is on how to getting to Taipei 101?

Taipei 101 (1)
| what to do in taipei 101

When the MRT system has crept into the network below the economic capital of the dragon of Asia, you don’t need to pay too much for a taxi to make sure you get where you want to go, the subway is the economical option, both fast and convenient. You can take any MRT train line, but choose to stop at World Trade Center station, the exit at Exit 1. Exit from the train station steps and you have already check-in Taipei 101 tower. Link to book [Sale – Taiwan Food Promo] Taipei 101 Observatory Priority Pass Ticket.

Overlooking a hundred kilometers from Taipei 101 | what to do in taipei 101
taipei 101
| what to do in taipei 101
taipei 101 at sunset
Stunning sunset over Taipei 101 seen from Xiangshan Mount. | what to do in taipei 101
Taipei 101 at night
Taipei 101 seen from Elephant Mount at night | what to do in taipei 101

Taipei 101 guide: What does Taipei 101 means?

Taipei 101

With a total height exceeding 500 meters, the Taipei 101 tower has been named as the highest building in the world for 6 consecutive years. Until 2010, this building ceded the “throne” for the Khalifa tower in Dubai. This is the pride of the land of the dragon, the architectural block covered in blue, consisting of 8 blocks, each block has 8-storey means a lot of success. The building possesses an environmentally friendly system of insulation, water filtration and the title of the greenest building on the planet. When stepping inside Taipei 101, you will not feel stuffy but always feel comfortable like standing in the wind outside.

Taipei has never cooled in the minds of international tourists | what to do in taipei 101

Taipei 101 blog: What to do in Taipei 101? It’s not boring when playing inside Taipei 101, right?

Taipei 101
Inside Taipei 101

According to a lot of sharing from Taipei travelers, you should spend the whole afternoon and evening to explore this symbol of Taipei. You like culture, like the old values ​​and are now preserved. Inside the Taipei 101 tower is a marble museum that will take you into the “ancient, old and unique” world.

Modern and airy | taipei 101 guide
Taipei 101, Taiwan
The main hall | taipei 101 guide

If you prefer to sit alone, relax, “chill” in the dreamy city, Starbucks 101 will give you a series of wonderful check-in photos. You need to book in advance and note the time for each visit is only up to 90 minutes!

Starbucks Taipei 101

Do you love to discover delicacies in new lands? Of course, Taipei Tower cannot miss this thing that anyone also loves. Din Tai Fung Restaurant is famous for its dimsum resounding to the mainland of China is always crowded with diners. Changing to Western cuisine, Diamond Tony will be the choice to meet the culinary tastes of the most demanding guests. If you want to witness the traditional cuisine display in front of your eyes, Shin Yeh Dining with over 40 years of bringing millions of delicious meals to Taiwan will satisfy you and fill your hungry stomach with delicious dishes only here.

Din Tai Fung at Taipei 101
Din Tai Fung at Taipei 101
Dimsum is excellent, renowned Asia | taipei 101 guide
Diamond Tony Restaurant

Do you love shopping? Let see! No matter how much you bring, Taipei 101 has many options to meet all your budget needs. Inside the World Trade Center, a number of global cult brands such as Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu and Prada are present. The idyllic areas for you to admire the daily life of the people here are only minutes away from the center. Xinyi Night Market has enough souvenir items for you to bring some Taiwanese culture to your friends.

Lots of brands are waiting for you.

Do you worry about accommodation? Surroundings Taipei 101 there are many hotels for you to choose from mid-range such as Tango Hotel Taipei ( or to high-end like Pacific Business ( or will be the perfect choice for you to lean back after a long day of travel.

Taipei 101 in a day: Welcome the night from Taipei 101 tower

Observatory Taipei 101(1)
Observation desk | taipei 101 guide

During the day was enough, the night at Taipei 101 tower has a great thing that captivates people, that magical thing is a dance of light that catches the eyes of the viewers.

Extremely strong attraction of the building is the observation deck of the tallest building in Taipei and still indifferently ranked in the top 10 in the world. On the 88th and 89th floors, two 360-degree observation decks will give your eyes a panoramic view. With a busy and bustling nightlife, brightly lights up buildings, it will all fit into your eyes. Of course, you have to have a camera ready to capture this moment of memories.

Taipei 101 at night
The Taipei city seen from Taipei 101 Observatory | taipei 101 guide
Taipei 101 (1)
| taipei 101 blog

Even higher, the observation deck on the 91st floor will open in good weather, a rare golden opportunity for you to carefree drop your wings in midair. This is something you cannot miss!

Because sometimes the local people also cannot go to this floor. It will be interesting to zoom in to a distance, watching the development of the Asian dragon.

Taipei 101 blog: A little chill at Taipei 101 tower

It is so gentle, more bustling, more jubilant, experiencing the chill moment in Taiwan for more beautiful in your life. The Il Mercato 101 Wine Bar Cafe is located on the 4th floor and Alchemy Speakeasy will stir up the fun to its climax at the day end of the festival. So you have witnessed almost all the exciting activities of the tallest Taipei 101 tower in Taiwan. Are you ready to come here with us?

Il Mercato 101 Wine Bar Cafe | taipei 101 blog
Alchemy Speakeasy | taipei 101 blog

Taipei 101 guide: Admire the Taipei 101 tower from the outside

taipei 101 seen from elephant mount
| what to do in taipei 101

If you want to admire the night beauty of Taipei 101. You can see the whole building from many spots in Taipei but the most beautiful is from Elephant Mountain. To see Taipei 101 perfectly, you should start to climb up to Elephant Mountain in the afternoon to start watching Taipei in the evening.

taipei 101 taiwan tower (1)
Seen Taipei 101 from bottom. | taipei 101 blog

taipei 101-things to do in taipei2

taipei 101-things to do in taipei1
Taipei city and Taipei 101 seen from Elephant mountain | what to do in taipei 101
Spectacular sunset | what to do in taipei 101
Magical night view of city and Taipei 101 | what to do in taipei 101

Taipei 101 at night

Taipei 101 Observatory-1.1
| what to do in taipei 101
Taipei 101.1jpg
Fireworks | what to do in taipei 101

The dance of light will change continuously on weekdays and the spectacular fireworks display on each occasion will burn a whole sky.

Some best day tours, trips, activities and transfer services, tickets in, to and from Taipei you can refer to

Jiufen taipei taiwan (1)

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