How to get there: Take the same train then get off at Houtong station.

Shifen – Taipei: You ask locals the way to bus stop and take the bus No. 15 to Taipei (Walk for about 10 – 15 minutes). Take the bus for about 15 minutes to MRT Muzha station. It is easy from Muzha to take the MRT to downtown Taipei.

Taipei MRT Muzha Station
Taipei MRT Muzha Station where you can take MRT to Taipei center.

Refer to some day tours to Jiufen, Shifen from Taipei. The tours depart from Taipei and back during the day, pick up and drop off, easy and convenient for large groups and do not get familiar with transport in Taiwan.

Raohe Night Market

Raohe St. Night Market, Taipei
Raohe St. Night Market, Taipei

If you’re still fine, then return to Taipei at the night, you can drop by the Raohe Night Market, the most famous night market in Taipei for a variety of snacks, from Jipai (Taiwanese fried chicken), stinky tofu, grilled beef, Chinese four herbs soup, bubble milk tea, juice, coriander ice cream, … nothing that Raohe does not has. If you are a night market fan, you cannot ignore RAOHE.

beef grilled raohe-night-market2
Grilled beef at Raohe night market
Grilled king oyster mushrooms in the Raohe Night Market
Grilled king oyster mushrooms
Raohe Night Market
Raohe Night Market food vendor
fengjia night market taichung (1)
Incredible smell stinky tofu, must eat in Taiwan

Refer to Tours & Sightseeing in Taipei here.

Address: Raohe Street, Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 105
Hours: 4PM–12AM
Phone: +886 2 2763 5733
Getting there: MRT SONGSHAN, Exit 5

What to do in Taiwan for 7 days — Day 3:Taipei – Yangmingshan National Park – Taipei

  • 6am: To Yangmingshan National Park
  • 2pm: Back to Taipei.
  • Night at Taipei

Yangmingshan National Park is a natural park located in the largest volcanic and hot spring area in Taipei. As a large park, cool climate all year round, flower gardens, beautiful meadows all year round, you will have a great time exploring this national park such as seeing nature, grassland, flower fields, bathing in hot springs..

Yangmingshan National Park (1)

Yangmingshan National Park (1)

You can visit Yangmingshan National Park at any time of the year, if you come in the spring from February to April and in the fall from September to November, the cool weather is a good time. At this time you can enjoy the blooming flowers and the beautiful scenery of the park.

Yangmingshan hot springs
Hot spring bath

Yangmingshan National Park, Taipei (4)

Yangmingshan autum leaves1
Yangmingshan National Park in Taipei
Spring | taiwan travel itinerary 7 days

Refer to Yangmingshan National Park & Hot Springs Tour.

Getting to Yangmingshan National Park: From MRT Jiantan station, Exit 1, walk to the left-hand bus stop, take the bus R5 or S5/S17 to Yangmingshan Bus Station, get off here, there is a shuttle bus of this area, stop at each point (can be used the Easy Card), or you buy a ticket for NT$60 ($1.96), which can be used for both departure and return.

Or you can book the shuttle bus service from Klook to get to Yangmingshan: Yangmingshan Shuttle Bus from Ximen.

Taiwan trip itinerary 7 days — Day 3: Taipei – Taichung – Cingjing farm – Taichung – Chiayi

  • 8am: Check out. Take the HSR train from Taipei to Taichung.
  • 9:35am: You can depart from Taichung Gancheng Station or HSR Taichung Station or Puli Station to take the bus to Songgang (Cingjing Farm), it takes about 2 hours 10 minutes, the price is NT$230 ($7.51).
  • 11:35am: Arrival at Cingjing farm.
  • 4pm: Return to HSR Taichung Station. Take the train to Chiayi.
  • Check in: GUANKO HOTEL. A top rated 4-star hotel with room rates from $62/night (You can check rates, reviews and book on or

Cingjing Farm

Cingjing Farm (1)

This is a vast steppe with smooth lush grass fields, lined with flocks of white sheep running around the windmills are extremely lovely and peaceful images that you can easily encounter when coming Cingjing farm. In addition, Cingjing is located at an altitude of 1,700m above sea level so the weather here is extremely pleasant, the day is cool and begins to a bit cold at night. That is why people also call Cingjing Farm is Taiwan’s miniature Switzerland.

Cingjing Farm (1)

Cingjing Farm (1)
| taiwan travel itinerary 7 days
Cingjing Farm (1)
| taiwan travel itinerary 7 days

Cingjing Farm (1)

Cingjing Farm (1)

Cingjing Farm (1)

Cingjing Farm (1)
| taiwan itinerary 7 days

How to get there: The best and most convenient way is book day tour from Klook: Cingjing Farm and Puli Day Tour or Cingjing Farm and Hehuan Mountain/Puli One Day Tour.

7 days in Taiwan — Day 5: Chiayi – Alishan – Taichung

  • 8am: Arrive at Alishan from Chiayi Bus Station (or choose a 1-day tour to Alishan from Klook or KKday)
  • Sightseeing: Alishan Forest Recreation Area, Alishan Sisters Ponds, Alishan Sacred Tree.
    4pm: Return to Taichung.
  • Check in at: 53 HOTEL. A top rated 4-star hotel with room rates from $40/night (You can check rates, reviews and book on or
  • Night: Playing at Fengjia night market


alishan (1)

Currently, to getting to Alishan, the only way is getting to Chiayi town. Then from Chiayi station, you buy bus tickets in front of the station to go to the Alishan Forest Recreation Area with a fare of NT$230 ($7,51)/one way. Every 45 minutes there will be a bus ride to the top of Alishan.

Zhu Shan peak, Alishan
1Alishan Forest Railway taiwan (3)
So deep at Alishan Forest Railway Station.

Alishan is located in the middle the east of Taiwan, stretching across four towns: Fanlu, Zhuqi, Mishan and Alishan; has a total area of 41.520 ha, located on 18 hills. 5 scenes you should not miss when you come here are splendid sunrise views, floating white clouds, beautiful cypress forests, fragrant cherry bushes and unique Z-shaped tracks in the forest.

Alishan in the summer
Alishan, Taiwan: Alishan Mountain Tea Plantations
Alishan Mountain Tea Plantations

In addition, visitors can visit the indigenous people with their unique cultural experiences.

Admission ticket to the Alishan Forest Recreation Area is TWD150 ($4.9). After 2 hours drive from Chiayi town, the bus will drop you at the downtown area in front of 7 Eleven convenience store. You can go in to buy a bus ticket for the your return way. Opposite the convenience store is the tourist information center. You can get a free sightseeing map and send free your luggage here.

Explore the mountains and plateau as Yang Ming Shan, Alishan is a very beloved activity when traveling Taiwan
alishan (1)
| taiwan 7 days 6 nights itinerary

alishan (1)

alishan (1)
| taiwan 7 days 6 nights itinerary

You should go to the central train station to enjoy the Alishan mountain landscape. Alishan has 3 train routes from the central station. It is best to combine the train ride and walk in the forest, among the green cherry forests in the summer and colorful flowers in the spring.

alishan (1)
| 7 days in taiwan

alishan (1)

Alishan Forest Railway taiwan (1)

alishan cherry blossoms
Alishan cherry blossoms, Taiwan
alishan (1)
Alishan station

From the central station I bought a TWD 100 ($3.26) train ticket to the Sacred Tree area with old trees that are up to 3000 years old. From this area, you will visit the Tse Yung temple with unique architecture. Please pray for your health as native and sometimes hear the crackling firecrackers wishing the luck of the Taiwanese.


Tse Yung temple

Every visitor to Alishan should has at least a short journey by train to watch the sunrise at Zhu shan. The viewing time of the morning sunrise depends on the season of the year. For example, on June 22, the exact time is 5am from the northernmost point of Alishan, and on December 22 it is 7am at the southernmost point.

Magical sunrise at Zhu Shan peak
Zhu Shan peak

The train journey to Chushan lasted for 30 minutes with TWD 100 ticket. The suitable time to depart before sunrise is about 45 minutes. Remember, whenever you visit Alishan, the weather is always cold at dawn, so have to wear a scarf and wear warm before visiting.

Stunning sunrise

Finally you can visit the Alishan Sisters Ponds. Two ponds are very beautiful and quiet.

sisters pond alishan (1)
Sisters ponds

Refer to day tours to Alishan

Fengjia night market

Fengjia night market
Bustling and vibrant of Fengjia night market in Taichung.

Fengjia Night Market is Taichung‘s most famous tourist attraction at night, the market runs deep into every corner from the main gate to Feng Chia University. Open 7 days a week, from late afternoon to midnight, the atmosphere of Fengjia Night Market is always bustling with delicious dishes thanks to the talented hands of the sellers, along with a variety of great food. Typical examples are stinky tofu and spicy duck head, bubble milk tea, fish cakes..

fengjia night market (1)

fengjia night market (1)
| what to do in taiwan for 7 days
tiger sugar fengjia night market
Bubble milk tea, must drink in Taiwan.
stinky tofu fengjia night market must eat,taichung fengjia night market,what to eat at fengjia night market
Stinky tofu, must eat in Taiwan.

Address: Wenhua Road, Xitun District, Taichung City, Taiwan 407
Hours: 4PM–2AM
Phone: +886 4 2451 5940

Taiwan travel itinerary 7 days — Day 6: Taichung – Sun Moon Lake – Taichung

  • 8am: Take a 1-day tour from Taichung to Sun Moon Lake or take the bus.
  • 6pm: Return to Taichung or maybe earlier to go to Rainbow Village
  • Going to Yi Zhong Jie night market
  • Overnight in Taichung.

Sun Moon Lake

sun moon lake itinerary sun moon lake blog sun moon lake day trip (1)

Sun Moon Lake is the most famous lake in Taiwan. At sunset, the lake surface will become twinkle and the mountains behind will also flush, extremely magical. If you come here, you can cycling on the one of the most beautiful bike routes in the world around the lake or take a cable car (NT$300 for 30 minutes) across the lake to enjoy the panoramic view of Sun Moon lake. The blue lake is surrounded by the mountains, and the feeling is quite wonderful.

Morning Glow at Sun Moon Lake
Morning Glow at Sun Moon Lake | what to do in taiwan for 7 days
sun moon lake itinerary sun moon lake blog sun moon lake day trip (1)

Buses often park in the southeast of the lake, where there are piers, hotels, restaurants and some shopping malls. Upon arrival at the bus stop, you will immediately be invited by some boat tour sellers on Sun Moon Lake for 250 TWD. The total time of boat tour is about 3 hours, and visit 3 main spots along the lake. There are also many travel agencies that sell tickets to sightseeing trips by boat at similar prices.

Major bicycle maker Merida held a cycling race at Sun Moon Lake, attracting some 1000 entrants
Cycling around Sun Moon Lake | what to do in taiwan for 7 days

sun moon lake taichung,best places to visit in taichung (1)

The boat will take you from Yidashao wharf, then stop at Harbor Yacht. You can strolling in this area for 40 minutes. Visit the temple located on the hill facing the lake, see the traditional music peformances of the locals … Then you come to the pier to wait for the boat pick up and continue to visit at the second stop is Syuanguang. This is a small town with many shops selling tea, souvenirs, hotels, dining areas and a cable car system to cross the mountain to help visitors have a panoramic view of Sun Moon lake from above.

inside sun moon lake wen wu temple1
Wenwu Temple
Syuanguang Temple
Syuanguang Temple
The Sun Moon Lake Ropeway
Cable car

Getting Sun Moon Lake: From Taichung, You can depart from Gancheng station, Taiway train station or HSR Taichung station, catch shuttle bus to Sun Moon lake. Bus cost is NT$190 ($6.02)/one way, every 25 minutes/trip, travel time more than 2 hours.

The shuttle bus to Sun Moon Lake
The shuttle bus to Sun Moon Lake

Refer to day tours and tranfser services to Sun Moon Lake

Rainbow Village

rainbow village taichung (1)

This is an old small village with walls are painted by an old veteran to keep the village from clearing. At first, not many people knew the village, but since the students from nearby universities discovered it and came to take pictures, the village became surprisingly popular.

Rainbow Village (彩虹眷村) in TaiChung, more than just a splatter of colours
| taiwan itinerary 7 days
Rainbow village (Caihongjuan village)
Rainbow village (Caihongjuan village)

How to get there: Go to Taichung train station, go to the opposite side to get to Taichung Bus Station, then take bus No. 27 to Lingdong Technological University, it takes 50 minutes.

Or go to Taichung Station and take the TRA train to Xinwuri Station, then you take the bus No. 56 to Rainbow Village. The bus will stop right at the outside, whenever going back, go backwards.


Miyahara 2

After return from Rainbow Village to Taichung Train Station, you can walk out to Miyahara (Address: No. 20, Zhongshan Road, Central District, Taichung City, Taiwan 400 / Hours: 10AM–10PM) (locals called Gongyuanyanke), which is a 20 minute walk from Taichung train station. This area specializes in selling all kinds of biscuits, or cakes served with tea, and chocolate, ice cream, the 2nd floor has a delicious sweet shop, the price is a bit high but worth a try, on the ground floor there is also a very cute and crowded ice cream shop.

Miyahara Ice Cream
Where to eat in Taichung Taiwanese Ice-cream at Miyahara (1)
| taichung best eats

YiZhong night market

Taichung best night market Yizhong Night Market (3)

Is a vibrant night market more than 5 km from the central station. Taichung has no subway system, you can take the bus number 34 or 25 to reach this famous night market located next to National Taichung University of Science and Technology.

Taichung best night market Yizhong Night Market (3)
Hot and delicious shuijiao
Taichung best night market Yizhong Night Market (3)
Shoes store

The market becomes extremely bustling and lively when the night falls, when thousands of people gather here, stroll around the shops, stalls, shopping and enjoying their favorite food. Yi Zhong Jie Night Market usually opens at 5pm and close at 1am, so you will be very comfortable and control the time when you want to come here to explore.

Taichung best night market Yizhong Night Market (3)

Address: Yizhong Street, North District, Taichung City, Taiwan 404
Hours: 5pm–1am

Taiwan itinerary 7 days — Day 7: Taichung – Kaohsiung

Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum

Fo Guang Shan Buddha Temple
Fo Guang Shan Buddha Temple

This famous temple complex is not to be missed place when visiting Kaohsiung, which is home to the tallest Buddha statue in the world. From the gate, you will be overwhelmed by the ‘splendor’ and massive of this 100-hectare Buddhist work, in the middle is a 108m high bronze Buddha statue, flanked by 8 stupas. Fo Guang Shan is a place to store many gold-plated Buddha statues and 100.000 copies of the Heart Sutra by hundreds of people who copied their hands from many places.

fo guang shan buddha museum, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

fo guang shan

fo guang shan buddha temple
Fo guang shan buddha temple at night

Address: No. 1, Tongling Road, Dashu District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 84049
Hours: 9AM–8PM / Tuesday: Closed
Phone: +886 7 656 3033#4000

Refer to day tours to Fo Guang Shan and Cheng Ching Lake and Kaohsiung Attractions

The Dome of Light (MRT Formosa Boulevard Station) – Siziwan Bay

The Dome of Light

Formosa Boulevard MRT Station

This is the most beautiful MRT station in Kaohsiung (R10 Fomosa Boulevard), which is considered the center of the city. The dome of the station is designed in a sky dome with the history of human evolution. From here you can transfer the train to Siziwan which is on the coast of Kaohsiung. From Siziwan, you can take a ferry to Cijin Island.

Glass ceiling at Formosa Boulevard Station, Taiwan2
Glass ceiling at Formosa Boulevard Station, Taiwan
Formosa Boulevard MRT-Station Kaohsiung Taiwan
| what to do in taiwan for 7 days

Cijin Island

Cijin Island and windmill 2

The sea on Cijin Island is not ideal for bathing. The streets are also relatively old and not as clean as in the city. Coming to Cijin just to viewing the sea and go to the night food market, sell fresh seafood a lot, the price is also reasonable and there is a menu or a sign. There is an ice cream stall of a Turkish man, his way of scooping ice cream is very unique in the Turkish style so people who come there are often curious to watch.

Cijin Island (1)
| taiwan itinerary 7 days

Cijin Island (1)

cijin island kaohsiung (1)

So many delicious seafood
Cijin Island and windmill

Ruifeng Night Market

Bustling at Ruifeng

Very near MRT Kaohsiung Arena Station (R14) – Exit 1, you walk about 5 minutes to reach. Note that the market is closed on Tuesdays and Thursdays every week. This is the night market has everything, from food and drinks, to clothing, and entertainment. Speaking of food, everything in this market is delicious, but you must try Oyster Omelette, Fried Chicken, Bubble Tea Sandwiches…

ruifeng night market

Bubble tea toast Kaohsiung Ruifeng Night Market
Bubble tea toast at Ruifeng Night Market

Address: 804, Taiwan, Kaohsiung City, Zuoying District, Yucheng Road
Hours: 6PM–12AM/Monday, Wednesday: Closed

Pier 2 Art Center

Pier 2 Art Center-Kaohsiung-taiwan-traveling to Kaohsiung 2 days 1 night

If you do not like to visit Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum or Cijin Island, you can live virtual at Pier 2 Art Center.

This area is located at the MRT orange line, YanChengPu Station (O2) – Exit 1, then you walk by the name of Dayong Road to the south about 5 minutes to reach Pier 2 Art Center.

Pier 2 Art Center-Kaohsiung-taiwan-traveling to Kaohsiung 2 days 1 night5

Pier 2 Art Center-Kaohsiung-taiwan-traveling to Kaohsiung 2 days 1 night4
| 7 days in taiwan

Pier 2 Art Center-Kaohsiung-taiwan-traveling to Kaohsiung 2 days 1 night3

Located in the nostalgic precinct of an abandoned warehouse, Pier 2 Art Center has revived as a rich contemporary art center. Visit the center of this creativity and imagination, where graffiti art blends with modern iron works, sculpture and painting. The area has several warehouses, each of which has a distinctive style and distinct theme.

Pier – 2 Art Center revives the old pier in Kaohsiung, becoming an interesting open art center.
Pier – 2 Art Center revives the old pier in Kaohsiung, becoming an interesting open art center.

Pier 2 Art Center-Kaohsiung-taiwan-traveling to Kaohsiung 2 days 1 night7

It also hosts live shows, like the Point & Wavy Ribbon, right inside the warehouse. Gaming lovers should go to Warehouse 9 to see first-hand the latest tested video games. Have a stylish meal at C3 Warehouse, where many of the artworks are decorated on the walls. Try seafood pizza and Taiwanese beer.

Pier 2 Art Center (1)
| taiwan travel itinerary 7 days

Pier 2 Art Center (1)

Refer to Kaohsiung Popular Sightseeing Private Car Charter.

Address: No. 1, Dayong Road, Yancheng District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 803
Hours: 10AM–8PM
Phone: +886 7 521 4899

taipei hop on hop off bus review

Some best day tours, trips, activities and transfer services, tickets in, to and from Taipei you can refer to

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