Candy at Valu$

candy in valu$

Many people say that going to Valu$ to buy candy will be the cheapest price in Singapore. All brands gather here from Japanese, Thai and others and the price is cheaper 2-3 times than buying in large shopping centers. In addition to sweets and candy, there are also shampoo, cosmetics… You just go to Bugis Street, go to the end of the street will meet the shop, it is easy to find.

candy in valu$

candy in valu$

candy in valu$

candy in valu$

Perfumes and clothing

singapore clothes and perfumes

If traveling to Singapore — the paradise of fashion and cosmetics and not shopping for clothes, there is something wrong.

If you have a lot of money and want to update the fashion trends? Do not hesitate to go to Orchard Road, a chain of shops are waving your wallet.

Orchard Road

orchard road singapore

313@Somerset Mall along Orchard Road5

313@Somerset Mall along Orchard Road2

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If not much money, let’s go to the Bugis area or the basements of the shopping malls or shopping centers: perfume is cheaper than in Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries from $S20 to $S30 and the products are authentic or genuine, you should not worry about the counterfeit goods. The price of clothing is also very pleasant, normally will be cheaper than 50%.

basements shopping
Singapore basement shopping. Credit image: things to buy in singapore for tourists blog.
BUGIS Street MARKET Junction – One of the best shopping places in Singapore

bugis street

bugis street 2
Bugis street shop

More hardcore, for those who want to find the floor price even under the floor of the brands, let’s go to Jurong East area. The area is quite far from the center, but traveling in Singapore is super convenient, with a straight line subway straight from the center to there which normally takes about 40-50 minutes. Although it is far away, but this area gather the outlet shopping malls of so many brands, if almost items in the stores of the center sold out but in this area maybe still available.

Jurong East Shopping Mall
Jurong East Shopping Mall.Credit image: things to buy in singapore for tourists blog.
Jurong East shop
Jurong East shop

Design fashion

Cineleisure Orchard

If you want to choose some design clothes that is strange, a bit teenager, but the price is still OK, let’s check it out the are of Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, 8 Grange Road Singapore 239695. People often come here for watching the film but not anyone know this area has a lot of good things: From shoes, clothes to handmade items can be found here, especially there are many shops for men, or ladies want to buy items for their boyfriends, do not forget this area.

Cineleisure Orchard
Cineleisure Orchard. Picture: best things to buy in singapore blog.

Cineleisure Orchard

Laksa paste

curry laksa paste
Curry Laksa paste

This is the main ingredient to make the famous Laksa noodles in Singapore, Malaysia or Indonesia! Laksa noodle is a mixed of noodles, fish balls, some seafood, bean sprouts chopped, curry and spicy coconut milk. The taste of this dish is similar to the Vietnamese beef noodle soup but it will be more intense thanks to this kind of paste.

laksa noodles
Laksa noodles

Batik silk

Batik silk. Credit image: things to buy in singapore for tourists blog.

It is a mistake if you visit Singapore and skip the Toko Aljunied shop, especially when the shop is one of the rare boutiques in Singapore that sells clothes made from Batik fabrics (Batik silk). This is a long-standing shop of an Indian family and of course you will find it right on the Arabic Quarter. In addition to Batik fabrics, the shop also sell variety traditional Peranaka’s people costumes and Indonesian; even cheap perfumes. The salesman here is also very enthusiastic and open, why not visit once?

5dqey-toko-aljunied-t4 arab street

5dqey-toko-aljunied-t4 arab street

5dqey-toko-aljunied-t4 arab street

5dqey-toko-aljunied-t4 arab street

5dqey-toko-aljunied-t4 arab street

5dqey-toko-aljunied-t4 arab street

Toko Aljunied
Address: 91 Arab St, Singapore 199787
Opening hours: 10:30AM–7PM
Phone: +65 6294 6897

Tiger Balm

tiger balm

This product is very popular in Singapore and has a very modern packaging, plus the ability to treat back pain, rheumatism, relieve aches, this item deserves to be in your luggage? The price is $2 – $5.

tiger balm

Bak Kwa

Fragrance Foodstuff singapore Credit image: things to buy in singapore for tourists blog.
Credit image: things to buy in singapore for tourists blog.

Bak Kwa is a popular dish in Singapore which is often used as a gift for Lunar New Year. This Chinese-style cuisine is usually made from chicken, beef or thinly sliced dried pork. If you want to buy Bak Kwa as a gift, you can go to the Fragrance Foodstuff shop because it is the first place to sell Bak Kwa with many different flavors such as: Bak Kwa Honey, Bak Kwa Chicken or even Bak Kwa Crocodile, …

Fragrance Foodstuff singapore

Fragrance Foodstuff singapore

Fragrance Foodstuff singapore Picture: best things to buy in singapore blog.
Picture: best things to buy in singapore blog.

Fragrance Foodstuff singapore

Fragrance Foodstuff
Address: 60 Woodlands Terrace, Singapore 738466
Phone: +65 6257 8608
Opening hours: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Merlion gifts

singapore merlion gift 2
Credit image: things to buy in singapore for tourists blog.

This gift is very familiar, but do not miss this lion in your gift basket. If you feel the keychains or T-shirts printed in the shape of Merlion “as old as the earth”, then there are many other cute version of lions are waiting for you to buy. You not only just have a beautiful gift but quite unique! Merlion sea lion image has become a iconic of Singapore, so if you visit Singapore then at least you must have a this souvenir item. You can buy it anywhere in the souvenir shops of Singapore.

singapore merlion gift 2
The Merlion keychains. Credit image: things to buy in singapore for tourists blog.

singapore merlion gift 2


arab street shopping singapore
Kampong Glam street

There is a little decorations paradise beautiful, unique, strange in the heart of Singapore. Let’s go to the Arab Street (very close to the Bugis area, so super convenient traveling), you will discover a wide range of craft design items such as: handbags, jewelry, shoes, carpets and lamps in Greek, India style. Prices are not expensive, but you have to bargain if you want to have a reasonably priced item because they specialize in selling to tourists.

A carpet shop in Arab Street
A carpet shop in Arab Street

arab street shopping singapore

arab street shopping singapore Credit image: things to buy in singapore for tourists blog.
Credit image: things to buy in singapore for tourists blog.

Singapore shopping tips: Things to know before going shopping, especially during the SALE season

Before you get lost in the ocean of SALE items, brands, or a lot of other good things, we give you a few tips.

  • Singapore has two main SALES promotion seasons are: the summer, from May to July, and normally at the Christmas season at the end of the year. In addition, there is a big SALES is Black Friday’s week. The prices of these items such as clothing, cosmetics, shoes are very cheap, even sometimes you find the price of some items reduced up to 90%. However, say that but now we see Singapore SALES promotion in all year round and month, just SALES promotion more or less.
  • Except for Mustafa center, which is open all night long for shoppers who do not watch the clock, other shopping centers open between from 10am to 9pm.
  • As a shopping paradise and to serve the “gods”, so most of the shops in Singapore accept payment by debit / visa / master card.
    To get a tax refund, you will need to purchase a product with an invoice over $S100, and be allowed to combine three invoices in the same store to get enough minimum amount is refundable. Take the bill to the airport for a tax refund. Great, good items for bring back to home and get back money, nothing more happy.
  • The purchased item can be returned within 3 days with conditions that they has been fully unmarked, accompanied by the invoices for purchase. However, some small stores sometimes will not be reimbursed, so make sure you ask in advance.
  • For SALES season in Singapore, the type of SALES are very diverse. However, do not let the letter SALES distract you. If you see the table SALE*, remember to read all the text on this table, because the * sign is the SALES product with conditions. For example, a few items when you buy the first item, the second item will be purchased for 50%, the third item 70% reduction, or who lucky enough to go to the Black Friday week — SALES week fierce in Singapore, you can buy at unbelievable bargain such as when buy the first item, the next item will be purchased with price of 1S $ for example.
  • Especially, where to write a 6% TAX REFUND is to buy immediately without thinking, tourists buy at here will be tax refunded up to 7%. However, most of them are only 6% refundable because stores also include service charges. Read more: How to get tax FREE shopping in Singapore?
  • Before buying items, especially in the SALES season you will usually not be tax refunded, but there will also be some special cases like Uniqlo for example, every invoice over $S100 is refundable, regardless of SALES or not. It is important to understand that before you buy, remember ask the staffs in advance!
Marina Bay Area Singapore from above.

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