You cannot say that you have been to Singapore if you haven’t shopped! Considered as “shopping paradise”, Singapore is veritably no shortage of unique souvenirs created by the creative designers that you have purchased as a gift after your trip. These are 5 places to buy uniquely Singapore gifts for tourists.


Gallery & Co is the new flagship of the National Museum of Singapore and is known as one of the best museum shops in the world. Flagships are the stores which transmit images, attract attention to brand and help them assert rank standing out from other competitors.


On the left is a tote bag printed with durian logo and kopi coffee on the right. Guests can buy two items at Gallery & Co.


Apart from these two gifts, things with dragon symbol are one of the souvenirs sold in many shops in the Nation Museum of Singapore.


In Good Company (IGC): The first store of this chain is located in the center of Orchard shopping city.


Plain Vanilla coffee at the IGC is famous for all kinds of cupcakes.


One of four founders of the IGC, Sven Tan shared that the purpose of these store is to help visitors have both of comfortable shopping places and where to stop for a short during a trip.


Supermama is the store system of Edwin Low and Meiling Lee. They have decided to give up their current job and opened the first store in 4 years ago.


Unlike Singapore icon, the Merlion stuffed animals are decoratively cute gift designed by Supermama.


Edwin Low said that he wanted to design products that reflect Singapore’s past. Singapore has more than 700 years of history and he wanted to convey to visitors through his innovative products.


SPUR Hauswerks, shops began to open in 2011 and three years later it has occupied a large space in Ochard shopping street.


Indri Tulusan and Aiden Hopfer – the founder of SPUR Hauswerks share a passion in common that is desire to create locally unique designs


Books Actually – In a special decade, this bookstore has created space and become an ideal destination for book lovers in Singapore.


The owner of Books Actually describes it as “the place where people can come as if they are coming home”

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