kobe wagyu
Kobe wagyu or Kobe beef. The most most expensive beef in the world.

In order to have a good meat dish and most expensive in the world, these Kobe cows have cared like kings and princesses since they were born newly. Now, let’s discover the “Kings and Princesses” life of Kobe Cows which create the most expensive beef in the world, is called Kobe Wagyu.

1. The World’s most expensive beef

Kobe Wagyu kobe-beef-luxury-life-things-to-eat-in-kobe-japan
Kobe Wagyu

kobe beef kobe wagyu (3)

Price for per kilogram of meat under a pound of (about 0,454kg) Kobe beef up to 300 USD (over 6 million).

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Kobe Wagyu

Kobe beef is the world-renowned beef and a cuisine has a large brand of Kobe City, a region of Kinki, Japan. Meet the requirement of a rigorous selection process with sophisticated breeding, Kobe beef Kobe becomes the most expensive beef type of planet. Price for per kilogram of meat under a pound (about 0,454kg) , kind of this premium meat is more than 300 USD (over 6 million), special types have price more than 1000 USD (over 22 million).

Kobe Wagyu

Having many rumors that farmers are even massage and let they listen to music so Kobe beef can be delicious and more fragrant, take care of them like emperors. For that reason, only billionaire or rich people can afford to enjoy. So is it weird rumors is true or not?

2. Kobe beef (Kobe Wagyu) – Typical beef of Japan

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Kobe Cows which create Kobe Wagyu meat

Kobe cow, which is a kind of Tajima-ushi cow, a special breed of Kobe region, Japan. During years 1600-1860, Kobe cow are feed for making pull and server for Japanese agriculture and prohibited all acts of slaughter for meat. After the reforms of Emperor Meiji, Kobe cow is slaughtered for meat and more widely used.

Kobe Cows which create Kobe Wagyu meat
Kobe cows in farm Ueda-san

Because the terrain is divided up, Kobe cow is fed separately from other kinds. Time is the pass, the separation makes Kobe cow gradually bring more specific genes, leading to their meat flavor is unique and completely different than other types of beef.

3. Kingly life of Kobe cow

Kobe Wagyu kobe-beef-earing-stamped1
Kobe Cows which create Kobe Wagyu meat

These baby calfs are marked on the ear carefully and have the birth certificate separately.


Kobe cows from 8-10 months will be weaned and transferred to centralized farms for fattening. Each farm has an only 10-15 cow and few calfs every year to ensure the care of each calf better. At the farm, the calfs are ear stamped Kobe carefully and birth certificate in order to prove their genuine origin.

Kobe Wagyu kobe-beef-luxury-life-farm-breeding-japan4
Kobe Cows which create Kobe Wagyu meat

Not just “kick up a walk” in the meadow near the house… “Emperors” cows are also served scrumptious dishes.


Kobe Cows which create Kobe Wagyu meat


The grass and cereals also have the origin in the city of Kobe

At this stage of fattening, Kobe cow is cared strict by a rigorous process. Not just “kick up a walk” in the meadow near the house, “emperors” cows are also served scrumptious dishes like tender rice, fresh grass, grains and drinking water is extremely pure.



On summer days, the hot weather makes the Kobe “kings and princesses” tired, get bored eating. Consequently, farmers often give them a beer or sake wine to tickle the taste buds and promote digestion.

4. Caring about the soul

Kobe Cows which create Kobe Wagyu meat. The Tajima-ushi cows will have listened to classical music to keep the soul always comfortable.

If this is the first time you visit Kobe cow farms, make sure you will be very surprised with the extremely happy life of them. The cow of Tajima-ushi cows will be listening to classical music and talking, to keep the soul always comfortable. It is believed that the good mood will make beef more delicious and fresh.


Massage technique helps to balance the body’s fat, always ensure in level 35%

Massage for a cow is one of the fussy breeding techniques. Depending on the growth stage, the “kings” will be massaged by a different way, by a broom straw or by hand. This technique helps to balance the cow body’s fat, always guaranteed at 35%. Also, sometimes they are also washed with wines to help relax muscles, skin, chestnut fresh, positive impact on the process of creating meat.

5. Genuine Kobe beef

Each year, only 3,000 Kobe cows are butchered and the process must be carried out in the livestock sector.


Statistics show that every year have only 3000 Kobe cows are butchered and this process must be done immediately in the breeding sector. Then going through the censorship and mass stamped by the Japanese specialized authorities. High-quality meat must meet the requirements for the quality of meat and fat rate of meat. Because of bringing their unique genetic and they have separate breeding , spanking, so the prices will remain at the level of “excessively”.


Kobe beef fat has a lower melting point than other beef, so if cooked too long at too high a temperature, it will flow out easily. The Kobe steak feeling in the mouth is really an excellent dining experience. Kobe beef is not only the dream of the world’s most renowned chefs but also food represents “class” of the rich.

Kobe Wagyu
Kobe wagyu teppanyaki
Kobe wagyu teppanyaki

Kobe wagyu teppanyaki

Kobe wagyu teppanyaki

Kobe wagyu teppanyaki

Kobe wagyu teppanyaki
Kobe wagyu grilled

Now, we invite you to see the process which a Japanese chef cooks Kobe beef dish (Kobe beef teppanyaki Steak)

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