rindsrouladen famous dishes in Germany you can't miss
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Germany is not only famous for its beer but also for its white asparagus dish, sweet rote grutze fruit jam or soft Pretzel cake.

1. Schnitzel

schnitzel what to eat in Germany travel
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If you want to eat something for fun, let choose schnitzel which is made from small pieces of bread and dried meat. The meat used in this dish is pork or chicken, but veal is the most popular.

2. Kartoffelsalat

kartoffelsalat Germany travel guides
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Also called as potato salad which is easy for digestion. Unlike the American, the German mix salad with vinegar and soy mustard sauce.

3. Frittatensuppe

Frittatensuppe foods in Germany
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Frittatensuppe is a kind of beef cooked with the “noodles” which are cut from pancakes.

4. Pretzel

pretzel Germany travel tips
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Sold in bakeries all over Germany, pretzel (or bretzel) is a perfect tasty snack. These snack are soft inside and crispy outside, as opposed to cakes in America.

5. Schwarzwalder kirschtorte

Schwarzwälder kirschtorte Germany things to eat
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Schwarzwalder kirschtorte is one of the most elaborate cakes in Germany. The name means Black Forest. This cake is made from chocolate, cream, buttermilk and cherry.

6. Sparel

sparel delicious food in Germany
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From April to the end of June in Germany, you will have a chance to enjoy sparel dish (asparagus). White asparagus is a type of vegetable that German favors to the “obsessive” level.


rindsrouladen famous dishes in Germany you can't miss
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A dish made from beef which is popular all over Germany is rindsrouladen, consisting of thin steak covered with salt pork and onions, sometimes added with epickles. Rotkohl (braised red cabbage) is also served as a component of this dish.

8. Rote grutze

Rote grütze dishes you should try in Germany
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Rote grutze is a jam made from berries like blueberries, raspberries or strawberries. It is usually served with vanilla sauce or yogurt.

9. Kaiserschmarm

kaiserschmarm what to eat in Germany
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Well-known in both Germany and Austria, kaiserschmarm is a kind of pancake chopped with caramel, served with sugar and fruit jam.

10. Doner kebab

doner kebab 10 famous foods in Germany
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Although originated from Turkey, doner kebab is also a popular street food in Germany. This cake includes a pita (Arabic bread) rolled with meat, vegetables and many kinds of sauces.


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