machu pichu

Peru – The beautiful country is famous not only because it is known to be home to the Inca trails or Mecca mysterious sanctuary, but also by the extremely wild beauty which is “heaven” for tourists who love adventure and explore the land of mystery. Find out 7 reasons why you should visit Peru at least once in a lifetime.

Ruins of Pre-Columbian era

machu pichu
Machu Pichu

Ancient citadel of Machu Picchu is not the only ancient ruins of Peru. Tourists will have more choices in Cusco the ancient capital of the Inca Empire, and the neighboring cities also have ancient monuments worth visiting. Some other notable relics are the mysterious Nazca lines, Saqsaywaman relics near Cusco, the Massive Moche around Trujillo, the ancient tombs near Chiclayo and Kuelap fortress near Chachapoyas.

Unique cuisine

peruvian cuisine

Peruvian cuisine is more widely known in the world. Here, visitors can enjoy a variety of local specialties, from seafood salad ceviche, alpaca meat, grilled cuy and other snacks attractions such as juanes, tamales and humitas. For more courageous visitors, you can try dishes such as roasted ant or larva.

Geographic diversity

nature of peru

Peru has three main areas are the coast, highlands and jungle. A bus can take you from deserts to Andes mountains, before going down Amazon jungle. Here, visitors can go deep into the forest, or take a ferry to Brazil.

Paradise for hikers

hiking in peru

Areas with different terrain of Peru provides the opportunity to experience for both experienced climbers and casual. Tourists have many routes to choose from, with the difficulty and the time difference. Some popular routes include the Inca road to Machu Picchu, the uplinks Andes from Huaraz, downlinks to Colca Canyon near Arequipa or multiple day trips in the Amazon jungle.

Impressive cultural festivals

peru festival

Peruvian people are more lively festivals and colorful year-round. In Semana Santa festival, the week leading up to the Easter, the religious activities take place in the city with many unique traditions. In addition, the region of Cusco also has Inti Raymi festival of the Incas on 24/6, the best time to visit Peru and Machu Picchu. And do not forget Peru’s Independence Day on 28/7.


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With 8 national parks, 8 national nature reserves and other protected areas, visitors can admire the rich of flora and fauna of this country. You can get to the Manu National Park, the largest biosphere reserve in Peru with more than 1.000 species of birds, or the Huascaran National Park, home to the black leopard, jaguar… Also, you can go to Paracas national nature reserve, or explore the huge Titicaca lake.

Adventure & extreme sports

peru coast beach adventure sports

Who love adventure sports games will not be bored for a minute in Peru. You can para glide in the coastal cliffs in Lima, sliding on the giant sand dunes near Huacachina, ride in the desert, surfing, hiking in the Cordillera Blanca range or paddle across the river…

Amazing Peruvian hospitality

hospitality peru people

The Peruvian always happy to welcome visitors to their homeland. They love to dance, sing, hardworking, polite, gentle. Many people never out of his city, and are happy to talk to visitors about the region where they live.

Affordable costs

living in peru affdorable costs

Cost of living is relatively easy and there are many different levels, in line with the pockets of tourists. If you prefer backpacking, you can not just spend $ 50 a day. Tourists with more money can experience these resorts and more upscale restaurants without breaking the bank.