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A cruise is sure to be a new and distinctive experience. It will help you release all that stress that comes from too many procedures and luggage transportations when traveling by plane or rail. To enjoy a perfect cruise, the 5 following recommendations should be taken into consideration.

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1. Choosing a suitable sea route, ship, and cabin

Are you traveling to natural beach paradises such as Phuket (Thailand) and Jeju Island (Korea), bustling cities such as Tokyo, or splendid European landscapes such as romantic France, picturesque Italy, and ancient Spain? After you select your favorite destination, it is necessary to choose a suitable ship to enjoy a perfect experience. If Disney Dream (Disney Cruise) is suitable for families with kids and Orion Expedition is an option for adventurers, Royal Caribbean attracts high-income passengers with its high-end services. On board cruises such as Regent Seven Seas, you will be served when you book a Suite room. Celebrity and Costa Cruises offer spa cabins.

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If you have a chance to choose, you should take a cabin on the upper floors on the front side of the ship. These locations will not be swung much by strong waves and winds. Depending on your demand, you can stay in a cabin for a reasonable price.

Not simply an alternative way to travel, a five-star cruise is also a “mobile entertaining city amidst the ocean.” Luxurious conveniences on the cruise are included in the price. You can stay at classy rooms such as well-appointed Interior room, Promenade looking to the Royal promenade, Ocean View with a window to the sea or Balcony room with a private balcony to view the ocean.

2. Fly-Cruise Tour and first-class services on international sea routes

Most cruises, which provide international itineraries, combine with air carriers to offer a new type of tourism: fly-cruise tour. This is a harmonious combination of airplane and cruise in a tour. From Vietnam, tourists will travel to an Asian country by airplane to start a long cruise and enjoy five-star services as well as discover different cultures at every destination.

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The price often includes air tickets, airport fee, surcharge, transportation to the wharf, package program on the cruise, sightseeing fee, food, and beverage, checked baggage and travel insurance.

With special cruises, the price will exclude air tickets. However, you can also buy a promotional ticket at their partner air carriers. When you book a tour, remember to ask for detailed information about free transportation to the wharf. If that, you only need to travel to the gathering place and then go on board your cruise.

3. Notice before going on board: Health & Visa

When you decide to take a cruise, you should be advised about your health. It is wise to understand risks when you travel to different countries. A common combatant of seasickness is having a cup of hot ginger tea or green tea. In addition, there is an abundance of medicines made for such purposes.

Some countries on your itinerary require a visa. Tour operators may assist you when applying for a travel visa. You can also apply yourself at the consulate of the country that you will visit.

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Bring necessary documents when you go on board: Boarding Pass Passport with a validity of at least 6 months, 3-5 copies of your passport, and two small passport-sized photos. Whenever you get off the cruise, bring the copies of your passport.

4. Experience free services on board the cruise

The cruise prices always include onboard services, transportation during the tour on the ground, food and beverage such as tea, coffee, milk or fruit juice. In addition, Eurasian culinary world, from buffet to set menus, fast food to light meals, will satisfy even the toughest. However, remember to go to the right restaurant because you will have to pay for your meals in some restaurants on board the cruise. Some cruise tours also include tickets for a BBQ party or music show on the beach.

The cruise may also surprise you with an array of activities, including outdoor swimming pools, challenging games or indoor recreational space with ice-skating, sports dancing, gym, yoga, and boxing.

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While adults can relax in enormous libraries on the cruise, their kids can enjoy their own world to improve their intelligence and movement ability. Activities include an ocean adventure, fashion designing, and game workshops. If you like casinos, you can try your luck by games of poker or slot machines.

In addition, international cruises also own fashion stores of famous brand names such as Guess, Coach, Fossil and Chanel that are ideal for shopaholics. Particularly, all products on board are duty-free. In sale-off season, these stores attract a large number of guests.

5. Discover fantastic entertainment paradises

When the ship moors, it is wise to search for information of the wharf and destination to enjoy the best time on the ground. Especially, when you travel by sea route and anchor in different countries around the world, you will have a chance to visit off-the-beaten-track sites such as pristine Langkawi island in Malaysia, serene Mallorca island in Spain and Sapporo city in Japan, all difficult locations for tourists to visit by airway. You are advised to take notice of the arrival and departure times of your cruise to get on board in time. To be safe, return to the ship an hour before your departure.

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With a cruise around the world, you will realize that the joy of tourism is not only visiting famous sites but also enjoying every moment on board your journey. Instead of being tired during hours of air travel, you can enjoy the journey and take part in many exciting and classy activities on a cruise.