Singapore is one of Asia’s top destinations, with a perfect combination of modern urban, nature, cuisine and culture.

The Singapore National Botanic Gardens are about 740,000 m 2 in size with a variety of flora, are popular destination receiving 4.4 million visitors annually.

national park Singapore
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The Singapore National Botanic Gardens has a small tropical rain forest of around six hectares in size, which is older than the gardens themselves. Singapore is one of the only two major cities with a tropical rainforest within its city limits, the other being Tijuca Forest in Rio de Janeiro. The staff said that this rain forest was millions of years old, reminded of these trees once covered Lion Island.

premival rain forest singapore
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Changi Airport, the gateway to Singapore, has been rated as the best airport in the world for many consecutive years, with strong infrastructure investment and excellent quality of service.

Changi airport singapore travel guide
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Gardens by the Bay is one of the largest garden projects of its kind in the world. Ultimately, the site will total 101 hectares comprising three distinct gardens – Bay South, Bay East, and Bay Central. Located on reclaimed land in Singapore’s new downtown at Marina Bay, the site will provide a unique leisure destination for local and international visitors.

Gardens by the Bay - symbol of singapore tourist attractions
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Gardens by the Bay Area has become one of the iconic images of Singapore, with unique steep architecture garden. “Gardens by the Bay provides a unique green space and horticulture-themed leisure destination in the heart of the new downtown at Marina Bay, for everyone to enjoy and cherish. It has been an incredible journey for our horticultural and development staff to bring the gardens to life. This place looks like a city of the future when the natural and urban projects are combined sustainable perfectly.

Singapore at night.
Singapore at night: brilliant, gorgeous and vibrant. Photo: Thousandwonders.
swimming pool in marina bay sands hotel- singapore
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Rooftop pool in Marina Bay Sands hotel offers travelers a unique and unforgettable experience.

famous route in singapore travel guide
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Orchard route is a well know route for shopping in Singapore, with numerous major fashion brands in the world. However, this route still remains two large trees lines along the route.

suspension bridge in sentosa, singapore tourist destinations
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A suspension bridge in Sentosa Island. The name Sentosa translates as “peace and tranquility” in Malay, is a fantastic entertainment resort for families.

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Singapore people is famous for their hospitality, open-minded and always willing to help tourists.

impressive marina bay sands hotel, singapore things to do
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Marina Bay Sands hotel with the unique and impressive design.

singapore cuisine things to do
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Singapore owns a rich cuisine absorbing the essence of many parts of the world. Sidewalk dishes here are very tasty at reasonable prices.

festivals in singapore travel guide
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Being a cross-cultural area, Singapore has many festivals throughout the year, create a jubilant atmosphere.

crab with chilli sauce, singapore cuisine things to do
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Coming to Lion Island, you can not ignore the compelling crab with spicy sauce. This dish is not only famous in Singapore but also has become popular in many countries around the world.

chiken rice singapore foods guide
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Chicken rice is not only cheap but also delicious so it is an ideal choice when coming to Singapore.